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12th Season of Nature Lectures

All public lectures are curated by Sonoma Birding in Sonoma CA. Lectures are co-sponsored with
Sonoma County Regional Parks and presented at the Veteran’s Memorial Building
126 First Street West, Sonoma, CA. 95476. (Free Parking) At door -

Keith Hnasen
Thursday, Oct. 22 - 7:00-8:30PM
Birds of the Sierra Nevada and Carbon Free Birding
Keith Hansen - Artist
Hansen is among the finest bird artists in the western United States who actually celebrated a "Carbon Free Year" of birding. The wildlife artist has dedicated his life to the "inspirational and accurate portrayal of birds," and recently finished illustrating his 13th book on birds. "I'm into the migration; the fact is that birds have their sleeping bag, their fork, their knife their spoon, their suitcase packed at all times and they can just open their wings and go to Guatemala or fly to Hawaii."
Thursday, Nov. 19th - 7:00 - 8:30PM
The American Badger in Sonoma Valley
Susan Kirk - Naturalist
The elusive American Badger in California has been a Special Status animal, a California Species of Concern, since 1987. Badger’s ability to sustain and biodiversity are significantly threatened in Sonoma County and in California. Much misinformation and misunderstanding about American Badger exist with the public and in the biological and regulatory communities. Bay Area. Susan will share 15 years of expertise about the badger's life cycle, seasonal behaviors, cultural myths, and important information for preserving habitat and wildlife movement areas.
10th Annual Sonoma Valley Audubon CBC
Friday - December 26, 2014 - Dawn to Dusk.
Celebrate Sonoma's Good Nature! Great birding in Sonoma Valley for the 115th CBC. All levels of birders are welcomed!
For information and sign up contact - Eugene and Nancy Hunn -
Special Recognition:
John Muir Award
John Muir Association Conservation Award
April 2014 - Darren Peterie and Tom Rusert, co-founders of Sonoma Birding based in Sonoma CA, received the 36th annual John Muir "Conservationists of the Year" Award. The award was presented at the 100th Anniversary celebration of both Muir's birthday & his enduring legacy. In the history of public wilderness preservation, Muir's achievements are unmatched. He was the founder of the Sierra Club in 1892 and "Father of our National Parks". The conservation awards were presented at the John Muir National Historic Site in Martinez, California.

Sonoma Valley Sun
Sonoma Index-Tribune
2014 Events of Interest:
Plaza Map Self Guided Tree Tour
New 2014 Self-Guided Tree Tour of the Historic Sonoma Plaza
The map and tour was first created in 2008 by Tom Rusert of Sonoma Birding as a "outdoor classroom" for community education. The walking tour highlights the abundance of unique trees in this arboretum that represent a wide range of countries. Historic monuments are highlighted and a list of some of the amazing urban birds recorded in this habitat is included. Special thanks to Scott Summers, cartographer and designer and Carolina Kestel designer. The tour map is also available at Sonoma Valley Visitors Bureau on the plaza.
How to Start Your Own “Christmas Bird Count For Kids”  (CBC4Kids)
Join the movement across North America!
In the USA -  Here is the
Playbook to guide you.  Assistance - USA CBC4Kids email contact
In Canada - Bird Studies Canada Information -
http://birdscanada.org/volunteer/cbc4kids/  Assistance - education@birdscanada.org  Social Media - Group Facebook: click here - Twitter: #CBC4Kids
The "CBC4Kids" is featured in the 2014 ABA - Birder's Guide to Conservation and Community.
Birds in flight
113th Audubon Christmas Bird Count - Sonoma Valley - 2012 Results

Here are the results by area for Sonoma Valley. This year we have two birds never recorded in the eight year event: the Eastern Phoebe and the Red-naped Sapsucker. Rare bird forms will be submitted to National Audubon. - Unofficial Results

In Flight
Birding Hotspots in Sonoma Valley and Surrounds
A great variety for all levels of birders with driving directions and helpful descriptions...all within 30 minutes of the historic Sonoma Plaza. Birding Maps

Binocular Boot Camp was a Success @ North Bay Science Fair
Sonoma Birding's hands-on binocular boot camp hosted over 260 youngsters plus their parents, helping to “unleash the inner citizen scientist”. Parents and kids were taught basic binocular skills so they could enjoy bird watching and the more adventurous sport of birding. Many were preparing for the upcoming Christmas Bird Count for Kids (CBC4Kids) offered in the Bay Area.
Binocular Tests
Binocular Tests
Binocular Tests

Burrowing Owl
Burrowing Owl Installation Project
Sonoma Birding, Sonoma Land Trust and USF&W Service partnered to install three new burrowing owl artificial habitats at the SLT Bay Center. There are a total of 10 dual entry units installed at Sears Point in Southern Sonoma. The objective for Sonoma Valley and surronds is to expand a sustainable and safe wintering habitat for the BUOW. Press articles on past installation in Sonoma Valley - 1st Article, 2nd Article

Sonoma Birding
Sonoma Birding was founded in 2004 in Sonoma Valley, CA. as a volunteer "citizen science" based conservation organization that has established sustainable bird and nature related activities and programs for all ages through a variety of partnerships in the United States and Canada. Sonoma Birding is a Non-profit 501c 3, Tax ID # 94-2524840. A project of Inquiring Systems, Inc (ISI) CA.

We welcome tax deductible contributions. Send to Sonoma Birding, P.O. Box 1621, Sonoma, CA 95476