Audubon 114th SV-CBC
General Information

Celebrating Sonoma’s Good Nature!
Next Event - TBD 2015

Tabulation Celebration is at the SONOMA COMMUNITY CENTER - TBD.

Over 450 individual birders have joined us over the years on the Sonoma Valley Christmas Bird Count. We have a lot of fun! Everyone is most welcomed to bird with us and they come from Sacramento to San Jose. The Annual Audubon CBC in the spectacular Sonoma Valley & Petaluma is just above SF Bay and is ranked among the best in the United States every year. Sonoma Birding is not a bird club or chapter. This birding circle has a great deal of diversity but much private land and large parts of it is open to hunting. Unlike many CBC’s this is considered an “inland count” which means it does not include the ocean or bay directly. There are three CBC’s in Sonoma County. Madrone Audubon Chapter and Redwood Regional Ornithological Society have been offering this event for over 40 years in Sonoma County.....and nearby Napa and Marin Audubon Chapters for over 60 years.

Nearly 200 species have been recorded by 25 or more "working teams" in the 24 hour “Count Day” on assigned routes lead by experienced birders. Lots of new and rare birds have been discovered over the past several years in Sonoma Valley for the first time. At the dinner a large screen with computer entry is displayed in real time for all to critique. This is unique to Sonoma Valley’s CBC. The data becomes part of a national census that rolls up to National Audubon. We have a lot of fun and appreciate the great “citizen science” effort that it takes annually.

Separately, a very special
CBC 4 Kids (ages 8-15) pioneered here in Sonoma Valley, is now springing up in the US and Canada.