Sonoma Birding - Official Birding Circle Maps

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Sonoma Valley CBC Area Maps of the Official Birding Circle
Each of these spectacular Areas listed below make up the puzzle pieces of the 15 mile diameter official CBC birding circle assigned to us by National Audubon. The circle cover approx. 177 square miles. There are 2,100 circles in America, Canada and Mexico. In California there approximately 120 circles.

Choose any Area Map from our CBC circle... download and zoom in!

The Center of the Sonoma Valley Circle in near Arnold Drive and Orange St.

Latitude / Longitude) 38.293098 and 122.503698

Adobe Area (Western Slope of Sonoma Mountain)

Glen Ellen

Highlands (Area above the town of Sonoma)

Napa Ridge (Mayacamas Mt. Range)

Petaluma Wetlands - Tolay Lake Region Park



Trinity- Cavedale Area