Blackbird Symbolism and Meaning (Totem, Spirits, and Omens)

Blackbird Symbolism and Spiritual Meaning

Endemic to Europe, North Africa, and parts of Asiatic Russia, the blackbirds or the “Eurasian Blackbirds” are a species of medium-sized true thrushes.

These birds are well-recognized for their melodious voice and sweet songs. But what do they represent in the world of symbolism? Let’s find out.

Blackbirds are symbolic of intelligence, mystery, and darkness. These nocturnal birds might appear common at first glance, but there’s more to them than meets the eye. Their spirit believes in keeping their innermost personality hidden from the outer world so that no one can use it against them.

Are you curious about the symbolism of the blackbirds? Or did these little thrushes come to your dream recently? Whatever your queries are, they will be clarified in this article.

This article will explore blackbird symbolism, the significance of their spirit animal and totem, and the interpretations of their dreams.


Blackbird symbolism

While most of you might have a basic idea about what blackbirds are, you must take a deeper look at their personality and traits to learn about their symbolism.

First and foremost, the blackbirds are symbolic of intelligence. Despite belonging to the thrush family, their intelligence quotient is similar to that of the corvids.

Their extraordinarily sharp mind has fascinated many scientists and biologists of the world. Some ornithologists even rank them right up there with the crows and ravens.

Blackbirds also symbolize mystery and deception. Although they’ve been named “blackbird,” these thrushes are not truly black.

In fact, the adult males have dark brown plumage, while the females and juveniles sport a duller shade of brown.

However, as the sunlight falls on them, they appear somewhat black to a spectator.

The same can be said about their spirits. They believe in keeping their truest identity concealed, as their mystery provides them an edge.

Lastly, these birds are symbolic of darkness. The darkness of their symbolism can be reflected in both their appearance as well as their nocturnal nature.

The blackbirds are most active during the nighttime, which indicates that they can draw from the element of darkness.


What does it mean to dream of Blackbirds?

While songbirds like cardinals, mockingbirds, and sparrows are the frequent visitors of many people’s dreams, it is not every day that you dream of a blackbird.

If a blackbird has appeared in your dream, you might have reasons to worry. Dreaming of these birds is not a good sign, as their dreams are generally symbolic of worries in your waking life.

However, not all blackbird dreams mean the same thing. The details that might seem minor to you can change the entire interpretation of the dream.

Let’s explore some common blackbird dreams and learn what they could be telling you.

Dreaming of a blackbird perched on your window is symbolic of a prolonged problem in your life. Perhaps something in your life has been bothering you for quite some time now, but you can’t seem to get rid of it.

Your dream is a sign that this particular problem is not going away anytime soon; you might have to struggle with them for quite a while.

However, this doesn’t mean that you should lose hope. Be consistent in your efforts at finding a solution, and you will the results sooner or later.

Did the blackbird in your dream land on your palm? The bird is trying to tell you that the future holds the ill-health of a loved one.

Someone in your family, or a close friend, might soon be in a road accident or suffer from a terrible disease. However, there might still be time for you to avoid it. Ask after the health of your loved ones and tell them to be careful.

To dream of a large flock of blackbirds signifies several important changes in your waking life. Such a dream warns of the looming phase of transformation in your future.

However, these changes are not necessarily bad for you. Your approach towards them is what everything depends on.

If you see yourself feeding a blackbird in your dream, it signifies your inability to participate in, or pay attention to, gossips.

You’re someone who doesn’t like to chat unnecessarily and has a no-nonsense attitude, particularly in your work circle, which is a good thing.

However, if you dream of someone else feeding a blackbird, it is a prediction that someone will spread false rumors about you in the near future.

And your decision of paying no attention to it will weigh heavily on you since it will only encourage gossip. Perhaps it would be better to simply clarify things with others this time.

A blackbird in a cage has a significant symbolism in your dream. This dream is symbolic of the imprisonment of your soul.

Perhaps you have done something wrong in the past, and its memories have been haunting you ever since. The caged blackbird in your dream tells you that confrontation is the only way to get rid of these feelings.

If you dream of yourself purchasing a caged blackbird indicates that you’re trying to keep someone in your life forcefully, even though the person has no intentions of staying.

Although you care for this person deeply and want them to be a part of your life, you must accept that if they’re not happy about it, the whole thing becomes pointless.

If you see yourself selling a caged blackbird in your dream, it is a sign that you will soon be criticized openly for the decisions you’ve made.

Perhaps your loved ones warned you against something, but you did it anyway and are now suffering.

Under such circumstances, lashing out at them is not going to help you. Instead, you must acknowledge your mistake in front of them; that’s the safest way of letting it go.

Did someone gift you a caged blackbird in your dream? Such a dream is symbolic of the confusion in your love life.

Perhaps your partner or love interest is sending across mixed signals, and you’re having trouble deciphering them properly.

Instead of beating around the bush, you must confront them about it honestly and talk things out.

However, if you’re gifting a caged blackbird to someone in your dream, it means that your feelings towards this person have changed with time, but you’re afraid to acknowledge it.

If you dream of a blackbird flying out of a cage, it’s a sign that you must not give up hope.

While you might not be able to see the results of your efforts right now, you are closer to success than you think. Don’t give up now, or it will all be for nothing.

On the other hand, if you let the blackbird out of its cage, it indicates that you’re ready to transform your life.

This is the phase you will choose to leave the job that doesn’t suit your skillset, cut off the people who are not making you happy, and pursue what truly inspires you to be better.

Dreaming of catching a blackbird is symbolic of your practical personality. The dream indicates that you’re the kind of person who has a logical approach towards everything in life and doesn’t dwell on unnecessary things.

A dead blackbird in your dream has a positive interpretation. The death of the bird is symbolic of the end of all your ongoing troubles.

It also indicates that your future will be peaceful and happy. And if you see yourself killing the blackbird in your dream, it means that you yourself will solve all your problems soon.


Blackbird symbolism in different cultures

Because of the mysterious nature of the blackbirds, they don’t have a universal symbolism. Different cultures and mythologies around the world have perceived them differently.

In the Bible

In the Bible, these birds have been presented in a negative representation. The Bible believed that these birds had acted as the messengers of Satan himself back in time.

Satan had sent the blackbirds to Earth to tempt humans with worldly pleasures and desires and corrupt them. It was Satan’s way of defeating God and his intentions for humankind.

Since then, the blackbirds are associated with the attributes of evil and darkness.

In the ancient Egyptian culture

In contrast to the Bible, the ancient Egyptians kept the blackbirds in high regard. To these people, they were sacred and symbolized rebirth.

Because they returned from the near-death circumstances after every winter, the blackbirds were associated with the cycle of life and death that humans went through.

In Asian cultures

Because the blackbirds are found in parts of the Asian subcontinent, the Asian mythologies and cultures also mention these birds.

To the Chinese, blackbirds are symbolic of good fortune and abundance. It is why they paint the picture of these birds on the front of their houses at every New Years’ celebration to invite prosperity in their lives.

In Japanese folklore, the blackbirds are considered the celestial messengers that guide the soul of dead humans toward Heaven.

In some traditional Japanese tales, the blackbirds are also used to symbolize their creator deity, Izanagi.


The representation of blackbirds in Literature and Art

The blackbirds have such a prominent symbolism that even the field of Literature isn’t untouched by them. In fact, their mention in the literary world is quite ancient. Read all about it below:

In the Aberdeen Bestiary

The blackbirds are mentioned in an ancient bestiary (a documentary of sorts that displays the details of different animals of the time) book, called “Aberdeen Bestiary.”

In this 12th-century documentary, the blackbirds have been portrayed in a negative light. Their spirit is associated with those blinded by the world’s carnal pleasures and cannot see beyond it.

The book also mentions that if a blackbird is adorned with white plumage, they symbolize purity and sacredness.

In the song by the Beatles

As all of you must already know, the Beatles are an English Rock Band. The band produced a song named “blackbird” in 1968, part of their album known as “The White Album.

In the song, the blackbird was symbolic of the ongoing struggle of the African Americans for their civil rights in America. The song had deep-rooted political connotations in its time.

Blackbird totem

The blackbird totem will come into your life when you have a talent but are unaware of utilizing it.

It is often seen in the world that gifted people are far too innocent to understand the ways of the world, which is how all their gifts end up being wasted.

The totem of blackbirds is resourceful and clever. Once it has decided to guide you, it will teach all you need to learn to let the world discover your talent.

Their totem will stop at nothing until they make you successful.

The blackbird totem can also approach you when you’re too honest and upfront in life. While honesty is a good policy, showing all your cards is not the way to win the game.

Sometimes, you have to keep some things to yourself to maintain the mystery. Giving up all your secrets can make you lose all your charm. Everybody is attracted to an intriguing person; complexity excites people.

The blackbird totem is highly territorial and protects everything it loves fiercely. You can also call upon it when something you hold dear is being threatened; they will teach you how to protect it.

Lastly, the blackbird totem will visit you when you are surrounded by negativity but aren’t strong enough to fight it or walk away.

While some people believe these birds to be representative of negative feelings, their totem dislikes negativity and will always stay away from those who spread it.

You can borrow the strength you need to distance yourself from the negative and pursue positive thoughts and feelings from their totem.


Blackbird spirit animal

Are you someone who isn’t afraid of standing up for themselves and speaking up against something they don’t believe in? The blackbird spirit is governing your soul.

The blackbird-spirited people have a limitless source of strength. Although these birds might be tiny, you shouldn’t mistake their size for a sign of weakness.

They are stronger than most birds their size and can take them down in no time. Similarly, their spirits have an inner strength that can make them endure any adversity and come back stronger.

Blackbird-spirited people are also always careful about their words. They understand fully well that words are the most powerful weapons and should be used with caution.

Your words will leave a mark on everyone you’ve ever met in life; it’s nothing less than a legacy.

If you have these people around you, you will notice how they happen to say just the right thing at the right time and always get an edge because of it.

In their workplace, everyone has mixed feelings about the blackbird-spirited people. Some are totally smitten by them, while others treat them warily since they cannot quite figure these people out.

While these people are not too hardworking or ambitious, they’re good at their jobs and keep growing steadily in their careers. They have a pleasant rapport with their bosses and superiors, everyone that can impact their work life.

However, to their colleagues, these people are often a mystery. They make only the necessary social gestures and mostly keep to themselves.

If you’re a close friend of a blackbird-spirited person, you will get to see a whole other side of their personality. If they really think of you as a friend, they will be their funniest, most carefree selves around you.

As friends, these people are helpful and compassionate. They might not have a lot of time to spare with their friends, but whenever they meet you, they’ll devote all their attention to you.

As a lover, the blackbird-spirited people are not everybody’s cup of tea. They might come on a little too strong, which often scares their prospective partners.

At the beginning of your relationship with these people, you’re bound to feel exhausted. It is because they won’t start trusting your right away, and their behavior and attitude towards you might seem like mixed signals.

However, once you power through that phase, you’ve got yourself a keeper. These people are loyal to a fault.

They’re also very protective of the people they love, which might be a problem for some people, but in the end, they’re worth it.



In this article, we discussed the symbolism of blackbirds in the spiritual world. We also talked about the dream interpretation of these birds and their significance in different mythologies and cultures.

We learned that blackbirds are mysterious and nocturnal but also intelligent and clever.

And while these birds are often viewed with negativity, their totem, on the contrary, dislikes negativity and the people who spread it.

The spirited blackbird people are careful with their words, mysterious to most people, but they are the most carefree and lovable version of themselves with their friends.