200+ Cute Names For Blue Birds

Cute and Funny Blue Bird Names

As a pet owner, you always want your pet to have the best life. And having a cute nickname makes it better. Letting your pet have a cute name is a great way of showing you care.

One of my favorite pets is the Blue Budgie Parrot, which I named Daisy. This article is about cute names for blue colored birds such as parrots, cockatoos, and lovebirds. These funny names will make you laugh when shouting them out during playtime with your beloved best friend.

One of the best things about being newly proclaimed parents to a blue-colored bird is choosing a name for it. If you think picking names for birds is a piece of cake—think again!

Finding the right name for your feathery friend is important because it gives it a unique identity and character. Also, many people believe that it’s the easiest way to bond with your bird.

Word of caution: While you must get acquainted with your blue colored bird and then decide on a name that echoes its persona, always dodge names that are difficult to call out—don’t settle on a tongue twister! As you get habitual to your chosen name, it becomes more meaningful to your pet. In fact, studying your bird’s behavior is a fantastic source of inspiration to seek new ideas.

So, without any further ado let’s jump onto the list of over 200 cute and quirky names that will fit your bird almost like a second skin! Who knows? You might discover the one that clicks with the new members of your family in an instant!

Popular Names For Blue Birds

Bird owners are passionate about the names they select. From movie characters to food items and celebrity monikers, you can name your pet after some of the most popular things and people out there!

Therefore, we have surveyed a gamut of options that’ll help you seal the deal. Have a look:

  1. Rio – Titled after the animated film Rio
  2. Scuttle – Named after a seagull from The Little Mermaid
  3. Hedwig – Harry’s snowy owl in the Harry Potter series
  4. Donald – The most quintessential bird character created by Walt Disney
  5. Zazu – Named after The Lion King’s red-billed hornbill
  6. Tweety – Perhaps Warner Bros’ most iconic bird character!
  7. Kevin – Named after a gigantic South American waterfowl from the movie Up
  8. Blu – A domesticated bird from the Rio franchise
  9. Louie – Donald Duck’s nephew!
  10. Dewey Duck – One of the major characters from DuckTales
  11. Iago – A scarlet macaw as Aladdin’s secondary antagonist
  12. Daisy Duck – Donald Duck’s girlfriend from Micky Mouse Clubhouse
  13. McQuack – A duck pilot from DuckTales
  14. Flit – An eccentric hummingbird from Disney’s 1995 production, Pocahontas
  15. Diablo – Maleficent’s pet raven from Sleeping Beauty
  16. Ludwig Von Drake – Walt Disney’s admired anthropomorphic duck
  17. Sheldon – A chick egg in Garfield and Friends
  18. Dodo – A fictional character from Lewis Carroll’s Alice In Wonderland
  19. Drake Mallard – Disney’s St. Canard’s alter-ego
  20. Heckle – A black-feathered magpie from Heckle and Jeckle
  21. Thundra – Named after a phoenix in Aladdin
  22. Plucky – From the series Tiny Toon Adventures: How I Spent My Vacation
  23. Henry – Enola Holmes’ newest sensation!
  24. Pingu – The clumsy baby penguin from “Pingu,” a children’s television series
  25. Louis – The protagonist in E.B. White’s The Trumpet of the Swan
  26. Beaky Buzzard – Named after a character in the animated cartoon series, Looney Tunes: Back in Action
  27. Waddlesworth – A parrot in 102 Dalmatians
  28. Bertie – Tuca and Bertie’s famous cartoon character
  29. Tuca – Another character from the show Tuca and Bertie
  30. Radon – The mighty flying reptile from Rodan
  31. Shirley McLoon – Named after a female waterfowl from Tiny Toon Adventures
  32. Dinky – 1939’s popular Terrytoons’ cartoon character
  33. Roly-Poly – From the world of Roald Dahl’s books
  34. Looney Bird – The infamous Billy Bob’s sidekick
  35. Melissa – A character from the Baby Looney Tunes Show
  36. Jonathan – Named after Richard Bach’s character in Jonathan Livingston Seagull
  37. Isabeau – The Red-tailed hawk from Ladyhawke
  38. Max – Named after Elizabeth Taylor’s Yellow-nape Amazon
  39. Paulie – A disobedient parrot in a movie with the same name
  40. Margalo – From the Stuart Little movie.
  41. Kes – A pet falcon from 1969’s Kes
  42. Dahl – Kennedy family’s household pet in the television soap opera, Neighbours
  43. Polly – Named after Martha Washington’s pet parrot
  44. Bluebell – One of John F. Kennedy’s pair of parakeets
  45. Marybelle – the other bird from the pair of John F. Kennedy’s parakeets
  46. Kiwi – A fruit with an intriguing taste and appearance. Also, a flightless bird species from New Zealand


Quirky Names For Blue Birds

Birds are always seen demonstrating their chirpy and carefree selves. They’re always on the move to draw our attention towards their goofiness. That’s why their buoyant disposition calls for picking a name that defines their true identity and adds more sparkle to it!

From famous personality knockoffs to distinctive tags, there are an array of options to choose from. So, here are a few quirky and hysterical names for blue birds that’ll crack you up in a moment!

  1. Bam boo
  2. Pikachu
  3. Shrek
  4. Button
  5. Spock
  6. Uncle Frank
  7. Billy
  8. Meryl Cheep
  9. Hooty
  10. Yakky
  11. Bougie
  12. Pipsqueak
  13. Hubba-Bubba
  14. Joey
  15. Kanye
  16. Chick Jagger
  17. J Lo
  18. Hobnob
  19. Mr. Bean
  20. Crackers
  21. Hugsy
  22. Penny
  23. Giggsy
  24. Poopy
  25. Dikkie
  26. Pika-boo
  27. Teepee
  28. Alfie
  29. Nibbles
  30. Yoda
  31. Piggy
  32. Pebble
  33. Zizzi
  34. Lychee


Color Specific Names For Blue Birds

Another great way to choose a name for your feathered friend is to target the hues of its body. Blue-colored birds are one of the fascinating raptors across the world and are distinguished from other species due to their incomparable charm.

Their vibrant azure bodies mirror the shades of the sky, leaving their pet owners and visitors simply spellbound. While researching, we even stumbled across a set of finches named Mrs. White and Mr. Red!

So, here is a list of the most striking names for blue-colored birds that’ll be a great addition to your range of options!

  1. Azure – Derived from the Spanish origin. Translates into “sky blue.”
  2. Celeste – Named after the Latin word Céleste, meaning heavenly.
  3. Sapphire – An English version of the Hebrew name, translating into a “gem.”
  4. Aqua – Embodies sea-blue color and vast oceanic waves.
  5. Blue – A quite literal name for your blue-colored bird.
  6. Teal – Named after a stunning bluish-green color.
  7. Kai – A Hawaiian name that translates into “sea.”
  8. Bluebell – The name of a delicate flower occurring from American origin.
  9. Azura – A female Spanish name that means sky blue.
  10. Blueberry – A popular fruit that also means “Gift of God” in English.
  11. Oceane – A sophisticated French name that translates into the “ocean.”
  12. Sprinkle – The act of splashing of water, used to address a pet with a joyous character.
  13. Luna – A Latin name that means the Moon.
  14. Cobalt – Originates from the German word “Cobald,” which means Goblin.
  15. Midnight – An atypical name to describe your unique bird.
  16. Berry – A small fruit of English origin. Can be used to name a tiny bird.
  17. Bluford – A distinctive name for an unidentified place.
  18. River – Means a stream of water that drifts into the sea.
  19. Misty – From the Old English Origin. Translates into “mist.”
  20. Lagoon – An Italian word that means a lake or pond.
  21. Bay – A feminine, Old French name with the meaning “berry.”
  22. Chip – A friendly name for bird pets.
  23. Rocky – A great name if your blue-hued friend is a fighter!
  24. Indigo – A feminine name of Indian origin that translates into “Indian dye.”
  25. Skye – A nature-inspired name that’s similar to the sky.
  26. Frosty – Well-suited for a cool and funky bird.
  27. Shiny – A name for a bird that represents ecstasy.
  28. Bloo – Poised and spontaneous.
  29. Starry – A pet’s name with a gleaming personality.
  30. Judi – A Hebrew name for someone who is “praised.”
  31. Petunia – A lovely trumpet-shaped flower for a beautiful bird.
  32. Ciara – Means “dark-haired” in Irish.
  33. Jasmine – “God’s Gift” in Persian.
  34. Jay – A male Sanskrit name that translates into “victory.”
  35. Drizzle – Represents lightly-falling rain.
  36. Livia – A Latin word that means “life.”
  37. Moana – Signifies a wide, blue expanse of the ocean.
  38. Saphira – A Latin, Hebrew, and Greek name that means “blue.”
  39. Midnight – Synonymous with the deep cobalt color of the night sky.
  40. Abigail – A Hebrew name with intense female-power behind it.
  41. Floaty – A breezy name to lovingly call out your pet.
  42. Royale – Translates into “Regal” for your royal bird!
  43. Turquoise – Originates from the French expression “Turkish stone.”
  44. Bisman – Denotes something with a deep blue or blackish body.
  45. Clodwal – Used to address someone with an icy cold persona.
  46. Marlais – Belongs to the Welsh origin. Translates into “blue color.”
  47. Linnaeus – A bird named after a blue-toned flower.
  48. Okeley – A quaint variation of the blue sapphire.
  49. Viorel – A title with a phonetic glamour that translates into the bluebell flower.
  50. Claramay – A beautiful blend of blue and pink.
  51. Sini – A poetic denotation of the blue color.
  52. Lapis – Taken from the dazzling blue metamorphic rock, Lapis Lazuli


Male Blue Bird Names

After spending days choosing the ideal name for your blue bird, the last thing you want is for it to be of the opposite gender. Even in real life, you may have come across male birds with girl-like names, such as Bobbi, which makes no sense!

Mistaking a name for the wrong gendered pet is not just a major faux pas among pet parents, but it also fails to speak for your bird’s identity. Here is a list of some endearing male names for blue birds to help you make the right choice:

  1. Benny
  2. Barney
  3. Castor
  4. Dali
  5. Echo
  6. Coco
  7. Fernando
  8. Greyson
  9. Harry
  10. Taz
  11. Rusty
  12. Sooty
  13. Toby
  14. Vincent
  15. Orville
  16. Ross
  17. Oscar
  18. Roco
  19. Monty
  20. Lester
  21. Merlin
  22. Kirby
  23. Jack
  24. Harry
  25. Blueson
  26. Frank
  27. Charlie
  28. Buddy
  29. Castor
  30. Olive
  31. Dave
  32. Ringo
  33. Scooty
  34. Tyson
  35. Sweep
  36. Whiskey


Female Blue Bird Names

Female birds zealously dance into the wind, sing pleasantly, and create their own new language. Although they are less flashier than their male counterparts, there’s a spark in them that birders and owners simply can’t get enough of. Here, we have the greatest female names for blue birds to help you decide which one you should go for.

From exploring flower names to those of Disney princesses, you can seek inspiration from a boundless range of things around. Have a look:

  1. Coral
  2. Ariel
  3. Starlight
  4. Willow
  5. Ivy
  6. Nova
  7. Iris
  8. Loona
  9. Daisy
  10. Ella
  11. Georgette
  12. Lia
  13. Kiara
  14. Garnet
  15. Kiki
  16. Nell
  17. Star
  18. Ash
  19. Cherub
  20. Hattie
  21. Marie
  22. Jessica
  23. Mia
  24. Tiana
  25. Tiffany
  26. Peaches
  27. Eve
  28. Juliet
  29. Grace
  30. Mindy
  31. Demi
  32. Nora
  33. Ruth
  34. Sage
  35. Lana


Blue Bird Names Inspired From Foods

If you are a big-time foodie, you may thoroughly cherish naming your dearest pet bird after food! From Peach to Pepper, there are various fun choices to pick a name from. We have listed a few for you:

  1. Cocoa
  2. Honey
  3. Muffin
  4. Peanut
  5. Sugar
  6. Taco
  7. Nugget
  8. Crispy
  9. Plum
  10. Cocktail
  11. Coconut


Conclusion: Cute and Funny Blue Bird Names

As a pet owner, choosing a name for your mesmerizing blue colored bird is certainly a huge responsibility on your shoulders. That’s exactly why we’ve come to your rescue with this article to save you some extra hours and help you pick the best name for your beloved! A name is something that will stay with your bird forever. It’ll not just define its breathtaking color, but also help you establish a magical equation with your pet.

We hope you now are well equipped and confidently ready to select your favorite name. There’s one thing that every bird parent should remember, though.

If you’ve adopted a Hyacinth Macaw or other bird species that talk and know their name, don’t attempt to change it. While it won’t impart any major harm, it’ll definitely end up confusing them. Or, your bird may simply not pay heed to the name you’ve chosen and refer to itself with its original name! In essence, pick a name that you love calling out and the one they love hearing.

Happy naming!


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