Bluebird Symbolism and Spiritual Meaning

Bluebird Symbolism and Spiritual Meaning

The Bluebird is a uniquely attractive bird. Its feathers and coloration are gorgeous, while its song is melodious and pleasant to the ear. In the avian world, these birds might not be well recognized, but they have a strong and positive symbolism in the spiritual world. It has featured some important symbolism among many religious groups. So, what do bluebirds symbolizes or represents? Let’s find out.

The bluebird is a symbol of hope, love, and renewal and is also a part of many Native American legends.   The Bluebird is actually a bird that symbolizes the essence of life and beauty. Dreaming of bluebirds often represents happiness, joy, fulfillment, hope, prosperity, and good luck. A bluebird flying around the house is a sign that someone will bring news of a promotion or raise at work.

In this article, we will learn about the symbolism and spiritual meaning of the bluebirds in detail, their significance in Christianity, as well as Native American and Far Eastern cultures, the interpretations of their dreams and encounters, and the essence of their totem and spirit animal.


Bluebird Symbolism and Spiritual Meaning

The bluebirds’ most significant symbolism is associated with their wings’ color; blue is symbolic of peace and contentment, and so are these birds. According to the Mystics, blue was the color of innocence, honesty, and purity.

Bluebirds are also symbolic of joy and happiness; their spirits firmly believe in spreading joy everywhere they go.
Because the bluebirds have a melodious voice, they’re symbolic of music and passion. They have a positive spirit and keep the negative energies at bay.

Even in the harshest climates, when they have a scarcity of food, these birds still manage to sing cheerfully. It is a sign that you should never lose faith, even in your darkest hours. You must hold on to the belief that in the end, it will all be alright.

Bluebirds also stand for the inner child in all of us. They remind us that while the world might be a cruel place, you should never lose your kindness and innocence because these are the traits that make you a better person.


Bluebird Totem

The bluebird totem enters your life when you are in the process of sacrificing everything that brings you joy in order to achieve something.

Their totem is here to tell you that your happiness should be your first priority and is a price too high to pay for achieving any goal or milestone. Because once you give it up, no matter how huge your achievements are, you will end up leading a joyless life, and that certainly defeats the purpose, doesn’t it?

The whole point of working hard and making sacrifices is to earn something that brings you joy in the end, and that’s what their totems teach you.

If you’re wealthy but are hesitant to share your wealth with your family or friends in their times of need, the bluebird totem comes to you as a warning, reminding you that the key to prosperity is to share what you have with others; those who are unwilling to help others end up becoming misers.

The bluebird totem also comes to you when you’re blind to someone’s feelings for you. There might be someone who admires you from afar but is too nervous about approaching you, and you’re oblivious to it.


Bluebird Symbolism in Christianity

In Christianity, the bluebirds have a sacred symbolism. They’re considered to be angels in disguise, flying down the Earth as messengers from the world of the Gods. It is believed that our guardian angels send down these birds in order to deliver important messages to us.

Therefore, when a bluebird appears in front of us, we should open our hearts and minds to their spirit and allow them to impart to us the wisdom that they’ve been trusted with. Alternatively, it is also believed that these angelic birds can come to us when we are lonely and need the warmth of someone’s company.


Dreaming of Bluebirds

If you encounter a little thrush with blue and rose beige plumage in your sleep, a bluebird has been visiting you in your dreams. Known for being the angelic messengers on Earth, these birds always have a spiritual purpose behind appearing in your dreams.

Let’s take a look at some of the common bluebird dreams and see what they could mean for you:

A bluebird feeding on a worm

Dreaming of a bluebird feeding on a worm has a positive interpretation. Such a dream is a sign that you are about to find huge success in your professional life.

A bluebird’s feather

If you find a single bluebird feather in your dream, but the bird to whom it belongs can’t be spotted, it is not a good sign. Such a dream warns you not to take your wealth for granted. Perhaps you might lose a substantial amount of it in the near future.

A bluebird talking to you

Dreaming of a bluebird talking to you is symbolic of your loneliness. Such a dream indicates that you might have been out of a relationship or a marriage recently, because of which you feel like there’s a void left in your life.

A dead bluebird

If you encounter a dead bluebird in your dream, it has a negative interpretation. Such a dream suggests that you would soon have to do something bad, and you will end up losing your innocence in the process.

A flock of bluebirds

If you see a flock of bluebirds in your dream, it indicates that you will soon find an opportunity to see all of your family members at one place; perhaps at someone’s wedding. And if all these birds are flying in the sky, it is a sign that you will enjoy yourself thoroughly in the event.

A sleeping bluebird

Dreaming of a sleeping bluebird suggests that you have a tendency to compare yourself with someone else constantly, and this habit has undermined your self-confidence a great deal. Your dream is a sign that you should not be so hard on yourself.


Bluebird Symbolism in the Far Eastern Culture

Although bluebirds have no extraordinary symbolism in most of the Far Eastern countries, in Korea and China, these birds are held in high regard and represent strong spiritual meanings.

In Korea

The Koreans perceive the bluebirds as sacred messengers, just like the Christians. They believe that these little birds are the messengers sent by God to report to him about the happenings of our world.

Since He is too busy to come down and keep an eye on us Himself, He uses these birdies as His little messengers. Moreover, if you have lost a loved one, these birds can also bring you messages from your beloved departed from the other world.

In China

The bluebirds have two distinct symbols in China. The first symbolism is associated with Xi Wangmu, the queen Goddess in the West. Xi Wangmu was the supposed protector of single women, nuns, and priestesses.

Thus, if a bluebird was consistently following a girl, it was believed that the girl was in the protection of Xi Wangmu. The second one belongs to the Shang Dynasty (1766-1122 BC), where they stood as a symbol of wisdom and enlightenment.


Bluebird Spirit Animal

If you know someone who believes in making everybody feel comfortable, that person is guided by the spirits of the bluebirds. Guided by the friendly and welcoming spirits of bluebirds, these people are warm and amicable and are loved in their neighborhood for these qualities.

You can always find them participating actively in all the events of your society or community. These people are extremely outgoing and sociable and have huge social circles. Even at home, they prefer to live in joint families rather than nuclear ones.

Such people are not very career-oriented; their one true goal is leading a happy and satisfying life. Therefore, while they’re not lousy at work, they’re also not too concerned about workplace competition. As long as they’re earning enough to live comfortably, they’re content.

Being in love with the bluebird-spirited people is magical; they’re romantic, passionate, and would spoil you with their love and attention. They’re generous and affectionate and are willing to go out of their way for your happiness.

They’re also faithful and committed; you will never have to worry about anything with them. If you’ve found such a person, you should never let them go, because they’re one-in-a-lifetime kind of people.


When can you call upon the Bluebird spirit animal?

The genial spirits of bluebirds can make even the dullest moments of your life seem merry. You should call upon them for guidance when you’ve been low for quite some time and have exhausted every attempt at cheering yourself up.

Their spirit will bring a refreshing breeze into your life, filling your life with joy, laughter, and happiness.
The bluebird spirits can also help you when you want to express your feelings to someone you love but lack the courage.

Not all of us can be brave in love, but if the bluebirds’ outgoing spirits are watching over you, you can overcome all your awkwardness and approach the person directly and fearlessly. The bluebirds know that the more you think about it, the tougher it will seem. Therefore, they will motivate you to be spontaneous in these matters.

Have you had a falling out with your parents? Or did a heated argument with a friend compel you to part ways with them? Being on bad terms with your family members or friends is the worst thing, but it is inevitable at times. If you can’t think of a way to reach out to them and try to mend things, the bluebird spirits can help you with it.


Bluebird Symbolism in the Native American culture

The Native Americans adored Nature and all its blessings to mankind, including birds and animals. If you begin to explore the legends and folktales of different Native American tribes, you will find them filled with the mentions of several birds and animals. Bluebirds are one of these birds.

Let’s take a look at how some of these tribes perceived them:

The Pima

Formerly referred to as the “River People”, the Pima is a group of Native Americans who reside in parts of Arizona’s central and southern parts. The people of this group consider the bluebird to be symbolic of growth and transition.

There is popular folklore among them, which talks about an ugly bird that lived near their tribe a long time ago. The bird was devastated about the way she looked and wished desperately for a miracle that would transform her into something less horrifying.

Then, one day she found a hidden lake. It was widely believed that the water of this lake would transform anyone into their best version. However, some also said that the water of the lake was poisonous, which is why everyone stayed away from it.

The bluebird knew it was a huge gamble; if the rumors about the water being poisonous were true, she would lose her life. But she was not faint at heart. Bravely, she flew right into the lake without caring about the consequences. The lake’s spirit was surprised by the bird’s courage and transformed her into a magnificent bluebird.

In some versions of the lore, it is also said that the bird looked exactly the same after taking a dip in the lake. But her perspective towards herself had changed; she embraced herself with all her flaws.

The Cochiti

The people of the Cochiti tribe believed bluebirds to be closely associated with the sun. This is because every morning, these birds woke the people of the tribe early enough to witness the beauty of the rising sun. There are also stories about two bluebirds being the contributors to the creation of the rainbow.

The Navajo and Iroquois tribes

To the tribesmen of the Navajo and Iroquois, the bluebirds symbolize good fortune, fertility, and prosperity. These birds were often seen during the spring season and were, thus, associated with growth and new beginnings.


When does a Bluebird appear in your life?

Did you recently see a bluebird out of nowhere? Was it a mere coincidence, or could there be a deeper meaning to it?

We’ve already talked about how these little birdies are believed to be the messengers of God in many cultures. In that respect, if these messengers have crossed your path, there has to be a spiritual purpose behind it. Perhaps your spiritual guides are trying to send you a message. But what could it be? There could be several possibilities behind the appearance of bluebirds in your life, and we are going to explore some of them here.

If you’ve been struggling with your work or your relationship in the last few months, the bluebird sighting is symbolic of an end to all your troubles. The spirit of the bluebird is here to take away all your sufferings and bless you with peace and tranquility.

If you see a bluebird’s feather in your house, it is a sign that the solution to all your problems has been right in front of your eyes all this time, but you’ve chosen to ignore it. You should try to assess everything from a fresh perspective and see if you can find something new.

If a bluebird is perched on a tree but flies away as soon as it sees you, it suggests that you don’t appreciate the things you have enough, always running after something bigger and better. But if you’re not grateful for the things that you have, you might end up losing them as well.

Sometimes, bluebirds also appear in your life when you’re lonely. Their spirit enters your life to remind you that you are not alone and that their angelic spirits are right beside you, keeping you company.


Conclusion: Bluebird Symbolism and Spiritual Meaning

While most of the birds are symbolic of freedom, the bluebirds are symbolic of being grounded. These birds do not seek to explore the world; they’d rather spend their entire lifespan being happily cooped up in a place, surrounded by their loved ones.

We can learn from their spirits and totems that ambitions are not everything; the people who are content with lesser are much happier than those who have larger-than-life dreams. If we truly want to live a full life, we should prioritize our happiness over everything else.


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