200+ Cute Names For Pet Cockatoo

Cockatoo Names

With an aura that is just as flashy and zestful as their crest, the cockatoos trace their way among some of the most popular creatures of the bird universe, and understandably so! Although these birds belong to the Cacatuidae family and are largely known for the exquisite fan of feathers that are positioned over their heads, there is a deluge of ways in which the cockatoos fascinate all the bird lovers around.

These birds are characterized by the harsh and loud vocalizations that they tactfully employ to perform various tasks, some of which are indicating distinct moods, recognizing ones of their own kind, establishing solidarity with their flock, and even signaling danger.

Luckily, these intelligent, energetic, and fun-loving birds make excellent companions, provided their rather complex requirements and needs are satisfactorily met. A well socialized and raised cockatoo makes an amazing pet and also induces bouts of laughter with its mischievous and comical shenanigans.

Typically, the playfully silly cockatoos are lauded for their extremely affectionate nature. So, if you have always wanted a cuddly pet that keeps hovering over you for a lovable canoodling session, then these creatures will be the perfect addition to your family.

The fact that these birds love capturing everyone’s attention adds perfectly with their easygoing disposition of allowing almost every visitor to pet them! What more could a bird aficionado want?

If you have recently become a pet parent to a wonderful cockatoo, you must be in search of an amazing name to call it. This is why this article will acquaint you with some of the most adorable titles to address your beloved bird.

Brace yourselves to explore some of the greatest name recommendations that will make your name-finding expedition a lot more fun, and a lot less troublesome!


Cute Cockatoo Names

How often do you stumble across a bird that voluntarily shows up to cuddle with you, has a brain of its own (and makes use of it), and is super fun to be around? Well, your pet cockatoo is your all-in-one package of entertainment, and deserves a cute endearment that resonates with the heaps of joys that it radiates!

Below, we have listed some of the most fulfilling name suggestions for you to pick from that will melt your heart in an instant. Have a look:

  1. Teddie – This is a delightful name for your pet cockatoo, especially because it bears a loving, cuddly nature.
  2. Lovey 
  3. Taco – Food-inspired names always make the best ones!
  4. Sugarplum 
  5. Tabasco – A sweet and feisty moniker for a pet cockatoo with a temper.
  6. Sweetpea 
  7. Angel 
  8. Sunshine – Use this name for a pet cockatoo that never fails to light up your life.
  9. Strutter
  10. Strawberry
  11. Berry 
  12. Button – A great name for a pet bird that’s undeniably cute as a button!
  13. Sunny 
  14. Starlight – In case you are a sucker for mystic names, just like we are.
  15. Booboo 
  16. Starburst – A cheerful bird like a cockatoo surely deserves this endearment.
  17. Angie
  18. Squawker – Pick this name for your cockatoo in case you want to document its highly talkative demeanor.
  19. Maple
  20. Snuggles – Again, an affectionate name for an affectionate bird!
  21. Dewey
  22. Snickers
  23. Skittles
  24. Rambo
  25. Sable 
  26. Ruffles
  27. Rainbow – Use this title for a pet cockatoo that adds colors to your life.
  28. Pumpkin – A darling name that looks adorable on both; humans and pet birds alike.
  29. Puffy
  30. Plucky
  31. Cute Bean 
  32. Aldo 
  33. Peppy – We love this moniker for a pet bird that’s always lively to be around.


Funny Cockatoo Names

You are probably living under a rock if you have not yet watched one of those hilarious cockatoo psycho bird or war dance videos! With their crazy and delinquent frolics, these birds make the most hilarious pets ever.

They love to sing, and once you develop a close bond with them, these smarties will try to repeat anything they hear to add a humorous element to your dull day!

While most of the species ultimately learn to talk, their most likable quality is the “cousin it” sound to their voice that lends bouts of whim whenever they speak.

Simply put, be prepared to be entertained and amused by your pet cockatoo, and meanwhile, have a look at some of the funniest name recommendations that you can choose from.

  1. Megabyte
  2. Flappy 
  3. Jell-O – A silly name for your loving pet cockatoo.
  4. Crackers 
  5. Jalapeno 
  6. Honkers – Pick this whimsical title for a pet cockatoo that just doesn’t stop talking.
  7. Preener 
  8. Cookie – Indeed, the perfect blend of cute and funny.
  9. Birdie 
  10. Giggles – Because that’s what your flying friend is adept at inducing!
  11. Flyer
  12. Fruit Loop 
  13. Hugger
  14. Doodles 
  15. Scratchy 
  16. Dumbnut – Your cockatoo ain’t no dumb bird, but this name will sure add a funny element to its identity!
  17. Chatterbox
  18. Feathers – A punny name as you go literal with this option.
  19. Clicky
  20. Chirper 
  21. Boomerang – A name that funnily testifies to your cockatoo’s habit of imitating whatever you say.
  22. Bobo – Because we are suckers for silly-sounding names!
  23. Ozzie – Because a Z in your birdie’s name adds a stylish edge to it!
  24. Momo 
  25. Pepper 
  26. Noodle 
  27. Brainy
  28. Mr. O’Toole


Black Cockatoo Names

Truth be told, black-colored birds are so mesmerizing to look at that they deserve special attention! Their glossy, dark plumage is their most distinguishable characteristic, and despite all their spunk, they are as cuddly and soft-hearted as their colorful companions.

If you happen to own one of these pitch-dark beauties, then you are most certainly familiar with what a treat they are to the eyes.

Here are some of the best name suggestions, each of which will act as an embellish to the identity of your bewitching pet cockatoo. Have a look:

  1. Eve 
  2. Cobb 
  3. Sabrina 
  4. Magic 
  5. Dusk – A beautiful name that is used to describe the darker phase of twilight, and is ideal for a black-colored cockatoo.
  6. Trinity
  7. Lexi 
  8. Storm
  9. Black Betty – We love this name for an all-black cockatoo.
  10. Orla 
  11. Lucifer – A lighthearted title for a pet with mischievously devilish instincts.
  12. Pearl – This breathtaking name will wonderfully contrast on a black-toned cockatoo.
  13. Dark
  14. Vega
  15. Tyler – Pick this name for a pet cockatoo that bears a fairly intimidating personality.
  16. Clara
  17. Leila
  18. Enigma 
  19. Espresso – A great option to choose if you can’t live without both; your black cockatoo, and your morning cup of joe!
  20. Thunder
  21. Blackjack 
  22. Batman – Your pet cockatoo will be honored to bear this wonderful name!
  23. Mamba
  24. Noir – This name carries such sheer suave to it.
  25. Spooky
  26. Eclipse
  27. Blake
  28. Abbi
  29. Jinx
  30. Colby
  31. Speckle
  32. Evie
  33. Ash 
  34. Maleficent 
  35. Mystica 
  36. Mystique – Quite an impressionable French name that translates into “air of mystery.”
  37. Ingrid 
  38. Boris 
  39. Shadow 


Female Cockatoo Names

Both the female and male cockatoos are quite similar in terms of appearance, but there are a handful of differences you can consider to distinguish between the two genders. For starters, their eyes do all the talking! The brown-toned iris of the females contrasts from that of the male species’ black, or dark brown eyes.

However, you can only spot this difference when your pet reaches adulthood, because all their younglings usually bear brown eyes. Furthermore, the female cockatoos are also identified by their horn-colored or white beak.

If you have recently welcomed a female friend to your home, then here are some of the most fitting endearments that will certainly be a delight for you and your pet alike!

  1. Lulu – Because we are suckers for such silly and sweet names.
  2. Grace – Pick this title for a pet cockatoo that’s always poised and proper with her ways.
  3. Kim 
  4. Kathy
  5. Donna 
  6. Rosie 
  7. Jenny – Indeed a playful name for a female pet cockatoo that’s always in high spirits.
  8. Esther
  9. Mavis 
  10. Dianna
  11. Camilla
  12. Marilyn – A great name to pick for a bird that captures your heart with its beauty.
  13. Duchess – Because your dear pet is worth being treated like royalty!
  14. Queenie
  15. Granny – Use this moniker for a pet cockatoo that’s clearly an old soul.
  16. Belle
  17. Joy – A heartwarming name for a flying friend that brings oodles of joy to your life.
  18. Hope
  19. Faith 
  20. Beaky
  21. Peggy
  22. Poppy
  23. Nancy 
  24. Bonnie – An amazing name for a female cockatoo that’s the Bonnie to your Clyde!
  25. Sam  
  26. Alice
  27. Blanche
  28. Hanna 
  29. Kiki – There’s nothing wrong with adding a humorous and fun element to your pet’s identity!


Male Cockatoo Names

Make provisions; you are about to witness some crazy gentleman energy with the arrival of your male pet cockatoo! Despite the fact that there is not much of a difference between the behavior of males and females, there is one fact about this gender that you must know.

As soon as male cockatoos reach the adult stage, they lasciviously begin mating with different objects at your home or their female counterparts. Ofttimes, their endeavor to indulge in reproduction can be quite annoying, but keeping them distracted is a great way to get rid of this tendency.

Perky, mighty, and virtuous, you can scroll through some of the finest names that we have in store for your darling cockatoo:

  1. Wyatt
  2. Pilot
  3. Ted – Because your pet cockatoo loves canoodling with you.
  4. Griffin
  5. Jasper
  6. Rocky
  7. Noah 
  8. Jet 
  9. Pheonix – Quite a powerful name for a pet cockatoo with a dynamic personality.
  10. Noah 
  11. Rio 
  12. Pax
  13. Charlie
  14. Ozzie 
  15. Fable
  16. Sterling
  17. Clive
  18. Shadow
  19. Lark
  20. Hercules – Use this name for a male cockatoo with looks that can kill!
  21. Jack
  22. Barry
  23. Duke
  24. Grayson 
  25. Naughty – A great name to choose for a pet bird that loves pulling pranks on you.


Rose-Breasted Cockatoo Names

Friendly, wise, and easy to be around, the Rose-breasted Cockatoo, also known as the Galah cockatoo holds a wonderful reputation for being quite an affectionate pet!

Although these sensitive creatures aren’t much of cuddlers, yet they are mostly accustomed to handling. With an entire pool of love that they throw onto their pet owners, in return, these birds demand a significant amount of interaction and attention in return.

Our one (and only) advice for dealing with the Rose-breasted Cockatoos would be to show your love and attentiveness towards these bundles of joy, otherwise, they have a tendency of falling into depression or channel their destructive mode if they feel ignored for too long!

Here are some of the best names we have compiled for this species:

  1. Noisy
  2. Pinky
  3. Pinky Poo 
  4. Rose
  5. Flusher
  6. Salmon 
  7. Screechy – A name inspired by your pet’s habit of screeching whenever it is excited, scared, or needs your attention!
  8. Whistler
  9. Bolder 
  10. Mr. Grey 
  11. Chitter-Chatter 
  12. Free Bird – Because these birds tend to require a lot more space for their size.
  13. Stormie
  14. Ashen
  15. Silver
  16. Pal – We love this name for these cockatoos, considering how these intelligent birds love interacting with humans!
  17. Pretty
  18. Cheesecake
  19. Pearla
  20. Ruby
  21. Quartz
  22. Leapy 


Goffin Cockatoo Names

Thanks to their friendly and sociable demeanor, bringing a Goffin cockatoo to your home almost feels like chilling with a friend! These energetic birds are inquisitive and playful by nature and in spite of their relatively smaller profile, bear a larger-than-life personality that pet owners cherish.

No pet-human relationship is complete without a daily dose of entertainment, and the Goffin cockatoos wholeheartedly fulfill this duty by showcasing their mischievous manners! Also, don’t be amazed if your cockatoo manages to unlock the latch of the cage once it observes you doing it, because this bird is an excellent learner.

Below, we have handpicked some of the most well-suited monikers for these beauties, so have a look:

  1. Brat – Yes, your Goffin cockatoo loves getting spoilt with heaps of love and affection!
  2. Flossie
  3. Zena 
  4. Diana
  5. Tango
  6. Whitney
  7. Siera
  8. Pretzel
  9. Mumbles
  10. Miss Pretty – A name that does justice to the beautiful plumage of your pet Goffin cockatoo.
  11. Larry
  12. Honey
  13. Dotty
  14. Chico 


Australian Cockatoo Names

The Australian territory houses a whopping number of around 14 species of cockatoos. While most of them predominantly bear a white plumage, you can even spot other species, such as the red-crested Gang-gang Cockatoo, the bold-toned Carnaby’s Black Cockatoo, and more!

If you happen to be pet parents to any one of these stellar Aussie inhabitants, then here are a few names on our list that you can choose from.

  1. Nigel 
  2. Hootie 
  3. Jiggy
  4. Rowan 
  5. Maple
  6. Sassy
  7. Olive
  8. Cory
  9. Noelle
  10. Mojo 
  11. Fiona
  12. Billy


Have You Found The One Yet?

Cockatoos are among some of the most admired and petted comrades of the bird universe. A word of caution though, these flying marvels are known for their expeditious mood swings—one moment your pet will be shrieking and wailing its lungs out, and next thing you know, it’ll jump onto you for a doting bear hug!

While cockatoos keep you on your toes with their mischievous streak of comedy, their everlasting affection will make you wonder how you ever lived without them! We hope that our roundup of over 200 names has helped you find the one that strikes a chord with both, you and your pet alike.

If you’re still in a fix, then a great way to decide would be to filter out your top contenders and pick a name that your cockatoo best responds to.

Happy naming!

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