300+ Adorable Names For Your Pet Duck

Duck Names

With their lovable quacks and whimsical guise, ducks are some of the most enjoyable pets ever and truly are a backyard joy. Unlike many other birds, they are wonderfully inexpensive, and training them feels like a walk in the park! In fact, once you start indulging in a splish-splash with your duckies, they will leave you in awe of their antics in no time.

However, these birds would sure like to wander in your patio and your heart, but strictly not your home, because ducks are not used to inhabit an indoor lifestyle.

So, if you do not want to become a cruel duck parent and throw them as much happiness as they offer to you, the best thing you can do for them is to put up a terrific outdoor space (and a pond if you’re feeling extra generous!), where they can waddle as they please.

Whether you are getting a single duck to add to your flock or an entire army, you will require a fitting name that does justice to these quackers.

This is why, in this article, we have brainstormed over 300 adorable monikers for your pet, so that you can quickly choose the one that best describes your duck’s personality, and get quacking! Cute, funny, silly, or witty, there’s a treasure-full of names waiting to steer you in the right direction.

So, let’s get going!


Cute Duck Names

If you are suckers for cute animals just like us, then you’ve made the right decision by welcome a duck to your family! These endearing animals brim with delight and become friends with you in no time.

So, you need a cute name that’s as lovable as their fuzzy personalities. Food, flowers, colors, and quirky names, we have taken inspiration from a kaleidoscope of things to name your cute little friend. Have a look:

  1. Ducky – Obviously, the most commonly-used and adorable name for your pet duck.
  2. Apricot
  3. Fluffers 
  4. Plucky 
  5. Quackers – Use this name for a duck that keeps quackin’ all day long.
  6. Pebble
  7. Nibbles 
  8. Marshmellow – In case you’re obsessed with the all-white profile of your duckling.
  9. Squeekie
  10. Nimble 
  11. Flora 
  12. Munchkin 
  13. Lychee 
  14. Puddles
  15. Hubba Bubba – A pair of great names that you can use if you happen to be a proud parent to two duckies!
  16. Sugar 
  17. Lucky
  18. Ruffles 
  19. Wellie 
  20. Cookie
  21. Squirt
  22. Marvel 
  23. Pixie 
  24. Waddle 
  25. Doll 
  26. Qua Qua 
  27. Bagel
  28. Candy 
  29. Berry
  30. Paddles
  31. Splish 
  32. Lil Fluffer – A charming name for a small-sized bundle of joy!
  33. Splasher 
  34. Sparkles
  35. Rainbow – Because these birds add a whole lot of merriment with their escapades.
  36. Walnut 


Funny Duck Names

There is something about finding the right title for your pet duck that opens the gateway to a pool of giggle-inducing and laughable name options. From their hysterical strutting and honking to their chuckle-worthy larks, we have some of the punniest and funniest names to get you quacked up! Have a look:

  1. Billy – What’s funnier than giving your duck a name that’s culled from its body part?
  2. Quackie Chan 
  3. Quackerz 
  4. Quackerjack 
  5. David Peckham – Use this punny name if you’re a big-time football fanatic!
  6. Ben Affpeck 
  7. Michael Duckson – A pretty comical name for a duck that’s no less than a pop star!
  8. Selena Gomeggz – Taking our punny name game to the next level, aren’t we?
  9. Ducksauce 
  10. Quacktain America – In case you would like to believe that your little duckie can save the world.
  11. Ugly Duckling – A very mean, but hilarious name to use for a bird that would probably hate you if it were a human!
  12. Jennifer Lopegg 
  13. Leonaro Duckaprio 
  14. Quackquaman 
  15. Pecking 
  16. Quack Attac 
  17. Duckard 
  18. Crispy
  19. Fingerchips 
  20. Quackpot
  21. Quackula – Use this name for a pretty scary-looking duck.
  22. James Pond 
  23. Fuzzer 
  24. Quack n Cheese 
  25. Sir Quacks a Lot 
  26. Ducky Duck 
  27. Duckbeak 
  28. Dudley 
  29. Dumbdrum – This is a whimsical name for a pet duck that’s a bit of a klutz.
  30. Looney
  31. Hotwings 
  32. Quackhead 
  33. Nutquacker 
  34. Eggspresso 


Female Duck Names

Don’t misinterpret their gentility for docility. Female ducks are characterized by their dull, brown-colored plumage, and showcase their competence by camouflaging themselves and their duckling to defend themselves against enemies and predators.

These magnificent creatures are also a marvel to look at as they gracefully waddle across your backyard. Fabulous, feminine, and feisty, listed below are some of the most appropriate name options for your gal pal. So, have a look:

  1. Snowflake – Use this name for a white-colored pet duck.
  2. Daisy
  3. Amber 
  4. Ernie 
  5. Jade 
  6. Emma 
  7. Lily 
  8. Lyra 
  9. Eva 
  10. Wyn
  11. Lucy
  12. Esther 
  13. Janice 
  14. Monica 
  15. Petunia 
  16. Flora – We love this name for a very elegant-looking duck.
  17. Wynx – If your pet duck is a big-time baddie!
  18. Tulip 
  19. Harper 
  20. Orchid 
  21. Fiona 
  22. Selene 
  23. Fiona 
  24. Ezzy
  25. Alice 
  26. Becky – This is a spunky moniker for a fierce-looking pet duck.
  27. Cleopatra – In case your pet duck loves to be treated like royalty.
  28. Rach 
  29. Lilac 
  30. Kat 
  31. Opal 
  32. Willow 
  33. Macy
  34. Thelma – An appropriate name that would perfectly suit a duck that’s clearly an old-soul.
  35. Nikki 
  36. Linda 
  37. Heidi 
  38. Dixie 
  39. Zoey 
  40. Belle – A gorgeous name for a beautiful duck that you simply cannot stop admiring!


Male Duck Names

If there is one thing that your ducky does the best, it is effortlessly being a globule of joy! Whether your male pet duck is a macho man, a cuddly little boy, or fashions the best of both worlds, we have some of the most awesome names that might just be the ticket for your pet duck.

From masculine to mischievous, you are sure to find a title that mirrors your duck’s personality. Have a look:

  1. Max 
  2. Taco 
  3. Jasper 
  4. Tom 
  5. Sunny – This is a marvelous name for a duck with a jovial personality.
  6. Jason
  7. Otis 
  8. Sammy
  9. Marley
  10. Baxter
  11. Adam 
  12. Greg 
  13. Hunter – Use this name for a pet duck that intimidates you with its serious-looking expressions.
  14. Charles – Indeed a sophisticated name for a male diva!
  15. Ben 
  16. Duncan 
  17. Joey 
  18. Chuck 
  19. Ian 
  20. Stefan 
  21. Dan – A short, sweet, and simple title to use for a duck with a high-spirited nature.
  22. Mark 
  23. William 
  24. Karl 
  25. Buddy – Because your pet duck is undoubtedly the best friend you’ll ever have!
  26. Liam 
  27. Riley 
  28. Brady 
  29. Chris 
  30. Jackson 
  31. Gilbert 
  32. Mike 
  33. George 
  34. Frank 
  35. Diesel – Pick this moniker to funnily call out a male pet duck that leaves you stupefied with its energy.
  36. Bruno 
  37. Jhon 
  38. Vin 
  39. Zach 
  40. Drake 
  41. Lincoln
  42. Alfie 
  43. Louis 
  44. Liam 
  45. Elijah 


Baby Duck Names

Is there anything more adorable than a baby duckling? Probably not! These miniature-sized oodles of delight melt our hearts and souls with their mischievous larks. Furry and fluffy, we are sure that their tuneful quacks make you want to get more ducklings to your backyard.

Whether you are seeking a moniker for a single baby duck, a pair of siblings, or an entire brood, each of these name options listed below is sure to fit your pet like a glove! Take a look:

  1. Blinkers 
  2. Momo 
  3. Pac 
  4. Tiki 
  5. Clumsy
  6. Honeyboo 
  7. Plum 
  8. Baby Boo 
  9. Baby Dee
  10. Trix 
  11. Angel 
  12. Teeny Weenie 
  13. WeeWee
  14. Pippy
  15. Flit 
  16. Frodo 
  17. Dodo 
  18. Rio
  19. Boo-Daa
  20. Meaky
  21. Peanut 
  22. Capsule 
  23. Rocket 
  24. Uno 
  25. Pingo 
  26. Doechi
  27. Ava 
  28. Mia 
  29. Bae 
  30. Dwarfie 
  31. Doodie 
  32. Lilo
  33. Miley
  34. Moe 
  35. Suds 
  36. Gem 


Disney-Inspired Names For Ducks

Ducks have dominated the silver screen and the Disney universe for as long as we can remember. In fact, there is a part of us that believes the millennial obsession with adorable duckies began when we first enjoyed watching Donald Duck on the television!

If this reminds you of your childhood, then you can certainly walk down memory lane by scrolling through some of the most evergreen Disney animated duck characters, and even picking one of these for your beloved pet. Here are the options:

  1. Donald Duck – The most popular Disney duck there will ever be!
  2. Louie
  3. Dewey
  4. Huey 
  5. Daisy Duck 
  6. Elviry Grandma Duck 
  7. Moby Duck 
  8. Dickie Duck 
  9. Katie Mallard
  10. Gladstone 
  11. Donna 
  12. Daffy 
  13. Louie 
  14. Fethry Duck 
  15. Dimwitty – Pick this name for an adorable duck, that’s unfortunately, a bit of a klutz.
  16. Dudly 
  17. Psyduck
  18. Yabba


Clever Names For Ducks

Perhaps your sweet little duck is a secretly clever little creature that knows how to capture your heart with its playful larks! Truth be told, ducks are impeccably intelligent and tactful birds, which is why they respond to your commands so well.

In fact, an interesting thing to know about your pet is that it is even adept at playing with toys, and even asking for cuddles like other pets, provided you spare the time to work it out with your duck.

Scroll through some of the wittiest and heartwarming names that we have listed below for your feathered brainiac!

  1. Clever Cob 
  2. Sir Duckalot 
  3. Witty D 
  4. Mr. Presiduck 
  5. Quack-it-all 
  6. Queen of Quacks 
  7. Quackjack 
  8. Quackbert Einstein 
  9. Isaac Quackton 
  10. Duck Vader
  11. Peeplette
  12. Yoo Hoo 
  13. Billsworth
  14. Quacker Hacker
  15. Sir Quacks a Lot
  16. Miss Beaklie 
  17. Paddlesworth 
  18. Nutquacker
  19. Duckasaurus


Silly Names For Ducks

When you come to think of it, ducks are pretty goofy creatures, weird but a always pleasure to watch! Unlike other pets, your duckie can manage the right balance between looking cutely wacky without throwing an impression that it is a dumbnut.

If you are down for some fun, then have a look at some of the silliest names for your pet that are sure to amuse you, your friends, and your family!

  1. Seducktive
  2. Ducktape
  3. DuckBuck 
  4. Webster
  5. Webbed-a-Leg 
  6. Webby-Two-Shoes 
  7. Hot Wings
  8. Chicken
  9. Mother Ducker
  10. Mr. Beakley 
  11. Quackbury
  12. Quacksburgh
  13. Quackula
  14. Quack Efron 
  15. Quackrojack 
  16. Duckmuck 
  17. Plucky Ducky 
  18. Bill-Doe 
  19. Dotty
  20. Patches
  21. Snoopy
  22. Smudger
  23. Suds
  24. Ziggy
  25. Duckfie
  26. Wiggle Waggle 
  27. Hubba Bubba


Yellow Duck Names

Yellow-colored ducks are admired for their vibrantly-hued bills and a quaint whistling noise. These merry creatures are so adorable that they almost make you want to squish your pet with a bucketful of snuggles and kisses.

Listed below are some of the most ideal name options for your yellow pet duck that will beautifully describe its stark appearance and eccentric profile. Have a look:

  1. Sunny
  2. Waffle
  3. Caramel
  4. Tumbleweed
  5. Trifle
  6. Sunshine
  7. Sunflower
  8. Marigold 
  9. Latte
  10. Goldie 
  11. Goldilocks – Use this name for a pet duck that stunningly sparkles under the sunrays!
  12. Fawn 
  13. Corny
  14. Cheerio
  15. Buttery
  16. Alphonso 
  17. Cookie
  18. Bagel 
  19. Apricot
  20. Amber
  21. Lemon 
  22. Zesty – Pick this nickname if your pet duck never fails to snap with a sarcastic expression!


Mallard Duck Names

The iridescent green head and gold-toned bill of the mallard duck are quite a common sight to many spectators across the globe, and especially the Northern hemisphere. If you are looking for a name that echoes these endearing birds in the most ingenious ways, then look no further than this list:

  1. Mally
  2. Millard the Mallard 
  3. Malladuck 
  4. Sage
  5. Gosalyn Mallard 
  6. Abby
  7. Melody 
  8. Riley 
  9. Snapper
  10. Bubbly
  11. Drake Mallard

Rubber Duck Names

Anybody adult who claims that chilling with a rubber duck is only meant for children is clearly not living life king size! If you are obsessed with the delinquent horseplay of your pet quacker and intend to befriend a tinier-looking friend that doesn’t quack or grunt, then you’d love the company of a rubber duck.

Below, we have some epic name suggestions in case you’re looking to find the right title for your toy pet:

  1. Marsha 
  2. Snickers
  3. Rebecca
  4. Rowdie 
  5. Jep 
  6. Willie 
  7. Will the Bill 
  8. Hubert
  9. Poodle 
  10. Dio 
  11. Pecan
  12. Lemonade 


Cartoon-Inspired Names For Ducks

There was a time when Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon used to brim with awesome duck characters, and luckily enough, they have managed to retain their popularity even today. These popular names would help you keep a check on your feathery friend, especially if you’re looking after an entire flock of troublemakers! So, you can consider the following fictional duck names:

  1. Daphne Duck 
  2. Ferdinand
  3. Ming Ming Duckling
  4. Della 
  5. Scrooge McDuck 
  6. Jemima Puddle-Duck – That’s quite a mouthful!
  7. Howard 
  8. Pato 
  9. Ludwig Von Drake
  10. Betina Beakley


It’s Time To Get Quacking!

Choosing the perfect moniker for your duck(s) or duckling might leave you ‘webbed’ with confusion, but we hope that our roundup of over 300 names for your pet duck has helped you reach the name that best suits its identity.

Whether you have a knack for popular names or a crazily personalized title that’s a newcomer amid the classics, there is an umbrella of options to pick from! Always remember that even though raising these waterfowl is a trouble-free job, your duck needs your love, affection, and the company of other duckies.

With the right care, these cuties make awesome pets! Regardless of the name you ultimately decide, your duck will unquestionably be an electrifying addition to your squad!

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