300+ Cool Names For Your Pet Falcon

Falcon Names

The quintessential predators of the avian universe, falcons are characterized by their innate ability to swiftly identify, pursue, and kill their prey. Ever so generously, they have not just offered their name to one of the most sought-after Marvel heroes, but they also become our companions while we count on them as stupendous hunting consorts.

It’s true! Since the Renaissance, falcons have been employed for falconry, a practice that involves training these marvels to hunt little birds and animals.

Falcons are lauded for their precise vision, which is apparently eight times more advanced than that of humans. It equips them with more effective motor skills, allowing them to spot their prey from even two miles away.

In the case of these majestic birds, evolution has worked like a charm on their eyes to turn it into their most powerful asset. Did you know that falcons bear an additional, partly translucent eyelid that shifts from side to side? Additionally, they also boast a ridge that acts as a cool shade to the eyes during hot sunny days!

Amidst all their glory, it is important to mention that while a single falcon pet might not harm you, an aggressive group might sure do. These hawks feature a knife-like beak that is sharp enough to easily tear apart the spinal cord of their prey.

However, if you are a trained falconer or endeavoring to be one, your experience with these creatures will be nothing short of an adventure! If you have recently welcomed a falcon at your place, you must be in search of a fitting name that mirrors these mighty birds of prey.

This is why, in this article, we have lined up over 300 cool names that are sure to fit your pet’s personality like a glove!


Cool Falcon Names

With their incredibly strong profiles, praiseworthy flying capabilities, and exemplary agility, falcons are undoubtedly some of the coolest creatures of the bird world.

These instinctive birds weaponize each of their attributes to successfully take down their prey, as gigantic as 6 times their own size! We’d rather call them “perfectionists,” considering they like to ace their hunting like a pro and kill with precision as they break the backs of their victims.

If you are in search of a cool title that describes your pet warriors, then you would love the options we have listed below for you. Take a look:

  1. Champ – Pick this name in case you are a proud pet parent to an assiduous falcon.
  2. Polo
  3. Scuffy
  4. Jackpot – A marvelous title for a pet falcon that stands no competition.
  5. Olympia
  6. Casino – Use this name in case you yourself are a bit of a gambler.
  7. Bolt – A name that is inspired by your pet falcon’s avian instincts.
  8. Fleetwood
  9. Poker
  10. Amazon – A popular title that seems like a fitting option for a pet falcon, owing to its resourceful demeanor.
  11. Prima Donna – A cool name that belongs to a falcon that loves catching all the attention to itself.
  12. Mars
  13. Tropicana
  14. Helene – This is a dazzling title that bears a Greek origin and translates into “shining light.”
  15. Amber
  16. Sasha – A delightful endearment for a pet falcon that exudes a dash of spunk in her attitude.
  17. Boss – Use this name for a falcon that absolutely loves asserting its share of authority over others.
  18. Loki – You would love this name for your pet in case you happen to be a Marvel enthusiast.
  19. Gladiator 
  20. Orion – A glorifying name for a falcon that is culled from the popular constellation, meaning “limit.” Since Orion was a skilled hunter according to Greek mythology, this name works like a charm on your pet predator!
  21. Vixen 
  22. Champion 
  23. Atlas
  24. Sheba – A spectacular Hebrew title that translates into “promise.”
  25. Bingo 
  26. Thor – Because falcons are just as strong as your favorite superheroes!
  27. Tazz
  28. Justice 
  29. Reed – X-Men fans, where are you at?
  30. Rhodes 
  31. Lana
  32. Hunter – An ideal nickname for falcons, because this is what they are the most skilled at.
  33. Trapper 


Female Falcon Names

Essentially, female falcons are much bolder and larger in size than their male counterparts. In fact, these starlets are majorly reared while picking a falcon for falconry.

These unconventional features already set them apart from other types of female bird species, which are traditionally duller-looking, and bear the responsibility of parenting their younglings. If the falcon that you own is actually a girl, then you are in luck!

Below, we have listed some of the best titles for your birdie, so have a look:

  1. Luna 
  2. Babygirl – A sweet name for a female falcon that is close to your heart.
  3. Talia – Because your fiery pet falcon needs a name that suits her personality.
  4. Natasha 
  5. Tuna 
  6. Millie
  7. Beyonce – Use this name for a pet falcon that is no less than a diva.
  8. Lolo
  9. Jewel – A gorgeous title for a bird that means the world to you.
  10. Becky – A cute name for a lady falcon that features a surprisingly whimsical personality.
  11. Lorde
  12. Peaches – An informal name to address a falcon that shares a special bond with you.
  13. Oreo
  14. Cece – This name is the perfect blend of smart and sassy!
  15. Koko
  16. Daisy – Pick this title for a female falcon that looks as gorgeous as a daisy.
  17. Jane
  18. Millers
  19. Esther
  20. Wonder Woman – Because your fierce lady can do it all!
  21. Delilah 
  22. Mercy
  23. London – We love this unique name for your pet falcon.
  24. Briee
  25. Sage – A name that is loved for the pleasant-sounding ring to it.
  26. Sweet Pea – Use this name for a falcon that carries a very affectionate nature.
  27. Lily
  28. Jacqueline – This is an appropriate name for a powerful pet that likes to make a statement.
  29. Princess – Pick this beautiful name in case you absolutely love pampering your gal pal!
  30. Ruby
  31. Kimberly 
  32. Duchess – A regal title for a pet falcon that deserves to be treated like royalty!
  33. Baby – Quite a traditional, yet evergreen name to offer your female falcon.
  34. Betty
  35. Valerie 
  36. Karen
  37. Kiara – If we had to pick an endearment that’s the perfect concoction of glamorous and feminine, it would be this one!
  38. Cindy
  39. Margaret – This name for your pet falcon might be an oldie, but it is sure a goodie!
  40. Angel – Use this title for a bird that serves as a wonderful companion in your life.
  41. Maize 
  42. Emma 
  43. Roxana 
  44. Elizabeth


Male Falcon Names

If you happen to own a pet falcon, then you must be familiar with its dynamic and versatile nature. The traditional name to address a male falcon is Tiercel.

These robust creatures are characterized by their black-colored napes and crowns, in addition to a helmet-like wedge that is positioned towards their upper bodies.

Usually, a male falcon weighs up to 800 grams and boasts a range of gorgeous, blue-toned rings around its eyes.

Scroll through some of the most sought-after name recommendations that we have listed below for your bird:

  1. Rambo – A masculine title for a pet falcon that is exceptionally tough and aggressive in nature.
  2. Fal 
  3. Maverick
  4. Ty – In case you have a thing for short names.
  5. Sparky
  6. Barack 
  7. Romeo – Pick this moniker for a falcon with provocative instincts.
  8. Dwayne
  9. Charlie – A feel-good name that looks lovely on a well-mannered falcon.
  10. Pete
  11. Chipper
  12. Max
  13. Georgy
  14. Rusty – Use this name for a falcon that’s truly an old soul.
  15. Jett
  16. Arthur
  17. Miller 
  18. Beau – Because we simply adore a falcon’s personable aura!
  19. Mac 
  20. Nigel
  21. Sunny – This is a marvelous name for a bird that adds sunshine to your life.
  22. Lark 
  23. James
  24. Scott 
  25. Rax – A title that is meant for quite an intimidating-looking pet falcon.
  26. Joey 
  27. Houdini 
  28. Hoit 
  29. Jay 
  30. Phil 
  31. Drake
  32. Jinx
  33. Fire – Because falcons tend to be really aggressive in nature.
  34. Pheonix 
  35. Draco 
  36. Adam 
  37. Barney – A pleasant name that’s meant for
  38. Griffin
  39. Willie
  40. Liam
  41. Jasper 


Funny Falcon Names

Despite the powerful aura that they proudly radiate, there is something unexplainably funny about pet falcons. Maybe, the fact that that they are wildly capable of ripping our flesh apart if we pester them, yet they choose to flash their composed selves is what leaves us in awe, every single time!

Below, you will find a pool of comical nicknames for your pet bird that are sure to get you up and cracking, so have a look:

  1. Tweety – A sweet-sounding name for a friendly pet falcon.
  2. Puddles
  3. The Godfeather – Use this title to call out a falcon that thinks of himself as the alpha.
  4. Meryl Cheep 
  5. Flappers
  6. Feather Graham 
  7. Fal Pal – A funny and whimsical name to pick for a pet falcon that’s also your best pal.
  8. Edie Falcon 
  9. David Peckham – A witty wordplay on the popular sportsman, David Beckham.
  10. Stephen Wing – We love this punny name for a falcon that acts as a bit of a nerd.
  11. Beaky – This is a hilarious title that’s inspired by the powerful beak of your falcon.
  12. Justice Beak
  13. Poppy
  14. Birdie
  15. Flossy
  16. Ozzie
  17. Spooky 
  18. Zippy
  19. Baldy – Because they seem bald to us!
  20. Coco 
  21. Berry
  22. Sundae 
  23. Cocktail 
  24. Bubba – A loving and funny way to address a pet birdie that you are protective of.
  25. Mr. Matey 
  26. Chatterbox 
  27. Rainbow
  28. Lil Birdie 
  29. Porkie
  30. Dancer – This is a chuckle-worthy title to pick for a bird that’s a born entertainer.
  31. Plucky 
  32. Marshmallow 
  33. Coconut 
  34. Nibble
  35. Chow Chow 
  36. Superman – Because your falcon loves to flaunt its avian capabilities!
  37. Hercules


Famous Falcon Names

Being pet parents to a unique bird also means that you need a famous name for it. Whether you have a penchant for a well-received title that has aged like fine wine through the years or a moniker that’s inspired by your favorite celebrity or TV show, you’ve got endless options to choose from our round-up below. Have a look:

  1. Wiser
  2. Rio 
  3. Otis 
  4. Brad Pitt 
  5. Hootie
  6. Falcon – What better than calling your dear bird using its own original name?
  7. Dr. Blinky
  8. Buck
  9. Hayabusa
  10. Dwyane Falcon 
  11. Kevin 
  12. Tim Cook 
  13. Falco 
  14. Silver
  15. Kojiro 
  16. Astarte
  17. Ossie
  18. Jen 
  19. Shimshek
  20. Howland – This name is culled from the popular daily comic strip, Pogo.
  21. Tobias
  22. Tawny
  23. Jon Snow 
  24. Katy Perry 
  25. Streak
  26. Holly
  27. Hedwig – A wonderful choice for your pet bird in case you happen to be a proud Potterhead!
  28. Leonardo diCaprio
  29. Tom 
  30. Frightful 
  31. Freddie
  32. Redwing
  33. Farsight – This famous name is inspired by The Last Battle, which is C.S. Lewis’ High Fantasy Battle. An excellent option for falcons, owing to their precise eyesight.
  34. Justin Bieber 
  35. Chill
  36. Kai 
  37. Archimedes 


Arabic Falcon Names

Arabic names are appreciated across the globe for their unparalleled beauty and rich cadence that almost feels like a gush of fresh breeze!

If you are planning to get one for your beloved pet, then you’re in luck because below, we have quoted some of the most breathtaking title recommendations to choose from.

So, let’s get started:

  1. Salem
  2. Usman 
  3. Rahat
  4. Nadia – Quite a delicate name that translates into “dew.”
  5. Taimoor 
  6. Leila 
  7. Kabir
  8. Kamal
  9. Sahil 
  10. Waahid 
  11. Qaabil 
  12. Iyaan 
  13. Ubaid 
  14. Hadi
  15. Mahmood 
  16. Dounia – A name with a philosophical connotation for your pet falcon, meaning “The World.”
  17. Karim
  18. Salman 
  19. Zain 
  20. Dalia
  21. Sami 
  22. Wasim 
  23. Sadiq – This is quite a sought-after name in the Arabic culture, that translates into “trustworthy,” and “honest.”
  24. Taheer 
  25. Amal 
  26. Aya
  27. Galib 
  28. Qasim 
  29. Naem 
  30. Laziz 
  31. Vaahid
  32. Kaliph
  33. Taj – A wonderful name for a royal bird. It translates into “authority,” or “crown.”
  34. Zehaan 
  35. Zahir
  36. Mehfooz 
  37. Yakub
  38. Saif
  39. Rafeeq


Cute Falcon Names

To the world, falcons might be potentially murderous creatures, but to you, they are nothing short of your babies! If looking at your pet bird brings a warm smile to your face, then finding an adorable name that mirrors their presence in your life might just be the ticket for you.

Below, we have listed some of the most aww-inducing options, so brace yourselves!

  1. Blueberry
  2. Darling – In case you are one of those overly-obsessed parents to your bird.
  3. Manchow 
  4. Pika
  5. Pearl – A name for a falcon that’s as special and rare as a pearl.
  6. Handsome
  7. Malibu
  8. Wiggles
  9. Happy
  10. Fickle
  11. Dimple
  12. Birdie Birdie
  13. Martini 
  14. Pixie
  15. Vanilla
  16. Cookie
  17. Oatmeal 
  18. Taco 
  19. Rue
  20. Feathers – What better way to come up with a name than to seek inspiration from your pet’s body parts!
  21. Mr. Squeakers
  22. Penny
  23. Confetti 
  24. Tootsie
  25. Boho
  26. River
  27. Faith 
  28. Timber 
  29. Lola 
  30. Flower
  31. Dream 
  32. Koko 


Badass Falcon Names

From your falcon’s aerodynamic prowess to the fact that these stylish fliers are the only animals across the UAE that are permitted to be flown around in an aircraft (that too only in the first class and business seats, please!), everything about these creatures screams a whole lot of badassery and verve!

So, here are a few equally spunky name options to get you started:

  1. Wingo Star
  2. Fiona 
  3. Ace
  4. Mountain 
  5. Thunder – Quite a powerful name for a fierce falcon.
  6. Skyscraper 
  7. Asteroid 
  8. Opal 
  9. Jet
  10. Clayton 
  11. Bratz 
  12. Captain – Use this peppy name for a pet falcon that loves leading the group.
  13. Aurora
  14. Shea 
  15. Marlow 
  16. Jax 
  17. Pecan 
  18. Hor 
  19. Justice Beak 
  20. Moonshine
  21. Teal 
  22. Jazz 
  23. Roxanne
  24. Topaz 
  25. Cloe
  26. Kris 
  27. Krystle
  28. Mojo 
  29. Louis 
  30. Spark 
  31. Skye
  32. Indigo 
  33. Mars 
  34. Cleo 
  35. Jasper
  36. Hank
  37. Rider
  38. Karl 


Final Takeaways

This was all about over 300 awesome names for your pet falcon. These creatures usually tend to live up to 13 years and even longer in some cases. This means that your bird is going to stay with you for a long time, so make sure that you choose a special title that works for both of you.

We hope that our recommendations have helped you pick a unique name for your feathered friend! Lastly, if there’s another great suggestion in your mind that you think is worth sharing with other pet parents, then be a sport and make sure to share it with us.

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