Falcon Symbolism and Meaning (Totem, Spirit and Omens)

Falcon Symbolism

This article discusses the major themes associated with the symbolism and spiritual meaning of falcons. The falcon is a bird of prey that has been revered in many human civilizations across the world. They have often been used for hunting. They are intelligent birds, but can sometimes be fierce and cruel. There are many spiritual meanings associated with these birds, each depending on the environment in which it lives or the relationship between it and other animals.

Falcons are known for their formidable speed and strength, sharp eyesight, lethal nature, and deadly hunting skills. To us, falcons symbolize ambition and aspiration, superiority and dominance, freedom and victory. It represents the fight against our fears as well as a metaphor for clear vision. In some cultures, they are associated with the sun and stand for its light and positive energy. Many communities also believe them to be the deity of warfare.

Below, we will discuss the falcon’s symbolism and spiritual meaning, their dream interpretation, the traits of their spirit animals and totems, and the meaning of their tattoos in detail.


Falcon symbolism and spiritual meaning

Many people associate falcons with their arrogance, egoism, and dominance. However, that’s not all these birds stand for; they’re symbolic of many positive traits as well:

Strength and speed

The falcons are called “birds of prey” for good reasons. These birds have strong feet equipped with sharp talons for killing their prey and a curved, pointy-edged beak to tear out their flesh. Coming to speed, they’re one of the fastest birds in the world. This deadly combination is what makes the falcons such deadly hunters.


The falcons’ love for heights is symbolic of their ambition. In the wild, these birds build their nests on the highest branches of trees or on the edge of cliffs. Even in the urban settlements, they preferably nest on the skyscrapers.

If their nesting habit is any indication, the falcons cannot settle for anything less than the best. Their spirit pushes you to use the best of your potential so that you get everything you deserve.


Both the structure and the functions of a falcon’s eyes are far more superior than ours. Their eyes have two foveae while we have only one; they also have a lot more aqueous humor fluid behind their cornea than we do, which provides them with a much better focusing capacity. The eyesight of a falcon is, therefore, eight times better than that of a human being.

Their exceptional eyesight is the reason why falcons are symbolic of vision. Their spirits are far-sighted and calculative and are, thus, always prepared to face what’s coming. You can never take them by surprise.


With all that strength and speed, falcons are undoubtedly free creatures. They’re dangerous, which is why it is not easy to control them. Moreover, these birds don’t even want to be controlled.

Their spirits value their freedom, above all. They’re not bound to their community and are more of a solitary bird, soaring high in the sky and enjoying the view from above. The falcons, therefore, symbolize freedom to us.


Peregrine Falcon symbolism

Belonging to the same family as the falcons (Falconidae), the Peregrine Falcons are a species of raptors that are known to be the fastest animals on Earth, with their average speed being about 200 miles per hour.

These birds of prey are occasionally called “Peregrine”, and in North America, their historical name was “Duck Hawk”. Peregrines have a bluish-grey head, back, and plumage, with their undersides being white with dark streaks.

The peregrines hold a high status in the world of falconry because they are fast, strong, versatile, can be trained easily, and have great hunting skills. If the peregrine’s spirit enters your life, it is probably to push your limits to make you the best version of yourself.

The peregrine spirits are very picky about choosing the people they guide. They will only choose you if they see the potential of greatness within you. Their spirit will turn your life around. They can’t tolerate mediocrity; whatever you’re doing, you have to be the best at that, and they will help you to reach there.

The peregrine spirits will keep you under their influence until you’ve fulfilled all your larger-than-life dreams and are ready to reap the fruits of your hard work.


Falcon symbolism in the Native American culture

The falcon symbolism is interpreted differently in different Native American tribes and communities. In the Mississippian culture, the falcons were held in high esteem. The people belonging to this culture considered the falcons to be a supernatural deity who had their abode in the Upperworld, just like the Sun, Moon, and Stars.

These birds were., thus, representatives of light and positivity. The Mississippians also believed that the sky was a joining point of the Earth and the Upperworld. And since the falcons soared high in the sky, they were considered to be the messenger of Gods.

The Native American Indians associated the falcons with warfare due to their strong and ruthless personality. The fearless warriors of their community prayed to their spirit with their weapons in hand. Most of their stone tools and weapons bore the falcon symbol as well.


Falcon dream interpretations

Just as the falcons are known to have a strong and dominant spirit, their dreams can have a strong meaning as well. But do all falcon dreams have the same meaning? No. The meaning of a dream can change with its changing details. Following are some of the common falcon dreams, along with their interpretations.

A falcon sitting on your hand

If a falcon is sitting on your hand in your dream, it is a good sign. Such a dream is symbolic of good health. If you or someone close to you is suffering from some kind of sickness or ailment, this dream is a sign that they will recover from it very soon.

Killing a falcon

Killing a falcon doesn’t sound like an appealing prospect. However, if you see yourself doing it in your dream, you’re in luck. Such a dream is symbolic of joy and indicates that you will experience happiness and contentment in the coming months.

Buying a falcon

If you see yourself buying a falcon in your dream, you’re about to get lucky. Such a dream signifies that soon, you will make friends with people who hold a high, authoritative position in society and can help you in your business when you need it.

A dead falcon

Dreaming of a dead falcon is a bad sign. Such a dream foretells that the coming months will be gloomy and depressing for you, and it will all be the consequence of something that you did wrong in the past.

Taming a falcon

If you have wanted to switch jobs for some time, dreaming of taming a falcon is good news for you. This dream suggests that you will soon get the job offer you’ve been waiting for, with a high paying salary and better position. When you get this opportunity, don’t let it go.

Catching a falcon

Dreaming of catching a falcon is a good sign. The falcon in this dream represents an enemy or a ruthless and cunning competitor and wants to take you down at all costs. The dream indicates that you will be able to call them out for their unfair means and punish them in such a way that they will never again try to mess with you.

A hawk and a falcon flying together

If you see both hawk and falcon flying side by side in the sky in your dream, it has a positive interpretation for you. Such a dream indicates that you will make a huge profit in your business. This profit will not only bring you financial gains but will also highlight your business among the competitors.

Eating a falcon’s meat

If, in your dream, you see yourself feeding on a falcon’s meat, it is a good sign. Such a dream suggests that it is time for you to take over the authority of your business. You have learned every lesson you needed to and are now ready to run things by yourself.


Falcon symbolism in astrology

The falcon’s spirits are included in the astrology of the Celts and the Native Americans. Check out what it means to be born under their zodiac:

Falcons in Native American astrology

In Native American astrology, the zodiac of the falcons (or hawks) is the third in serial. The people who are born between September 23rd- October 22nd (in the Southern Hemisphere) and between March 21st- April 19th (in the Northern Hemisphere), are said to be governed by the spirit of the falcons.

The people who belong to this zodiac are generally dominant, authoritative, and have a natural affinity for being a leader. On the other hand, these people lack the virtue of patience and are not known for suffering fools lightly. While they always succeed in their life, being in a relationship with them can be difficult for those who aren’t like them.

Falcons in Celtic astrology

The falcons (or hawks) are placed in the thirteenth position in Celtic astrology. People born between November 25th- December 23rd have these birds as their spirit guides.

They’re instinctively curious, always seeking out opportunities to explore the unknown. These people also have an uncanny vision and are, thus, rarely in trouble.

Their vision also comes in handy in making wise, well-thought decisions. However, they’re very stubborn and can be mean to others if they don’t get their way with things.


Falcon spirit animal

If you are someone who is known for their far-sightedness, the spirit of the falcons is watching over you. Known for being visionary, their spirit has an uncanny ability to assess people and circumstances and predict the future based on it. Some people even call them psychic, but in reality, they just have brilliant deduction skills.

The falcon spirits are used to be on the top, whether it is the sky or their life. Therefore, the people guided by them rarely come second. They’re overachievers, are used to surprising others with their skills from an early age.

As a child, these people might not be very social, but they’re never under-confident. They’re sure of themselves, have quick-learning abilities, and begin envisioning and building their path of life relatively early. If you are a parent to these kids, you will never have to worry about their future; they do plenty of that by themselves.

Another defining attribute of the falcon spirit is their patience. This is why the people under the influence of their spirit will never resort to taking shortcuts. They have full faith in their capabilities and would rather wait for the right opportunity than take hasty steps in life. They’re instinctive leaders and can run their own business much better than working in someone else’s.

In their personal life, these people are selectively interactive and usually avoid attending large gatherings. They don’t fall in love easily; it takes a lot to persuade these people to prefer your company and opinions to their own.

But once they’ve fallen for you, they will make you feel like you’re the only man or woman in the whole world. They won’t be just your lover but also your partner in everything.


Calling to the falcon spirit

If you feel like the falcon could be your spirit animal, you can call on them in your hour of need. But how would you do that? We’ll tell you.

The best way to invoke the spirit of the falcon is during meditation because these spirits will only respond to you if your energy is calm and concentrated. The ideal time for their invocation is after sunset.

When you’re ready to call them, dim the lights of your room, sit in a comfortable position on a mat, and focus on their spirit. Make sure you have no interruption because it disrupts the whole process. Once you feel like they’ve made contact with them, be attentive to them.

Since the falcons can’t talk in your language, they’ll show you their message in the form of visions. Carefully examine all these visions so that you can later decipher what they could mean.


What does a falcon tattoo symbolize?

The falcons have many appreciative traits and qualities, so it is apparent that people would want to get these birds tattooed on their skin. Following are some of the most popular falcon tattoo symbolism:

The Egyptians associated falcons with Ra, their sun god. Therefore, these birds are symbolic of heat, light, and vision, in their tradition. A falcon tattoo could stand for these attributes as well.

The tattoo of a falcon’s head is symbolic of the strength and confidence in solitude. If you’re someone who prefers their own company and is stronger for it, these tattoos are ideal for you.

The Gyrfalcons are the largest as well as the most dangerous falcon species in the world. These falcons are immensely strong and are, therefore, apex predators (with no natural predator). The people who consider themselves to be fearless and undefeatable often get the gyrfalcon tattooed on their bodies. These people will always get their tattoos on their neck or hands, a place where everyone can see them.

The tattoo of a falcon soaring high with its wings spread wide is symbolic of freedom and superiority.

Those who are professional hunters are also more inclined to get falcon tattoos because they admire the hunting skills of these raptors and wish to draw from their energy.


Falcon totem

The falcon totem enters your life when you have lost sight of your goals and have made peace with your current, mediocre lifestyle.

Their totem can’t stand a quitter attitude and take great offense if people don’t utilize their full potential. They live by the principle of leading a grand, remarkable life.

These totems will take away all your fears of hard work, failure, and disappointment and push you to work to the best of your abilities.

Under their influence, you will stop caring for others’ opinions and will focus single-mindedly on achieving your dreams. And if you keep moving ahead like this, you will soon find yourself arriving at the goal you had always dreamt of.


The meaning of a falcon crossing your path

Did you encounter a falcon? Considering the fact that falcon sightings are not an everyday affair, there has to be a strong reason behind their powerful spirits choosing to show themselves to you. But what could this reason be? Let’s find out:

  • If the falcon appears in front of you suddenly, out of nowhere, it is not a good sign. It indicates that their spirits are trying to alert you of something or someone evil in your life.
  • If a falcon flies right over your head, it suggests that they want you to break free of all the shackles that are holding you down. Their spirits have realized that you’ve never known true freedom, and are urging you towards it.
  • If a falcon is staring at you, perched on a tree, it means that they’re criticizing you. You’re perhaps doing something wrong and should right it while you have the chance.


Conclusion: Falcon Symbolism and Spiritual Meaning

Being placed in the most formidable hunter birds (raptors) family, the falcons are a force to reckon with. These birds are powerful, fast, and deadly hunters. Their spirit has vision, victory, success, dominance, leadership, authority, freedom, and superiority.

Whenever the falcons appear anywhere around us, there is always an important message involved. These birds push us to explore our untapped potential and hone our skills until we have mastered them all. To be guided by their spirit means to stay on the top.


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