200+ Funny Bird Names (Hilarious Names For Pet Birds)

One of the most fun things about having pet birds is choosing a name for them. Not only does naming your bird help you bond with it, but it also serves as a playtime activity when training your feathered friend. To give you some inspiration, I’ve created this funny pet bird names list which over 200 funniest bird names ever. Hopefully, one of the below funny bird names will strike your fancy.

There’s no denying the fact that birds are hysterical creatures. From parakeets that are popular for grooving to musical notes to parrots that hilariously imitate human phrases, birds often make quite funny pets. Moreover, the best thing about being in the company of a bird is the unlimited hours of entertainment that it contributes to!

Every pet is equipped with a unique set of personality and characteristics. Since they almost become a family member and stay with you for years to come, it’s important to pick a name that is in sync with your special birdie’s traits and disposition.

In essence, your flying friend deserves a chuckle-worthy moniker that will leave your face brimming with laughter every time you call it out. Therefore, we have handpicked these funny bird names for you to choose from. Have a look!

  1. Barney – An ironically comical name after the huge purple dinosaur character on television. Ideal for a tiny bird.
  2. Bobo – A typically funny name that translates into ‘stammering.’
  3. Birdie Bear – The best name you can give your bird if it reminds you of a cute, little teddy bear.
  4. Matey – Address your feathered friend the Australian way!
  5. Bubble – This title echoes both – fun and distinctiveness.
  6. Clacker – Named after the way your bird produces waggish sounds as it moves around its perch.
  7. Pipsqueak – A funny name for your squeaky little bird.
  8. Sir Chirps a Lot – Use this name if your bird is a noisy companion.
  9. Tiny – Choose this name for a large-sized bird for a comical effect.
  10. Wingman – Go literal with this name if your bird accompanies you everywhere.
  11. Tik-Tok – An onomatopoeic sound, and indeed a funny name.
  12. Pepper – A fun name for a black and white-colored bird.
  13. Quacker – For ducks that keep quacking all day long.
  14. Rihanna – Nothing better than the popular singer as a namesake for your snooty bird.
  15. Trouble – The ideal representation of any bird that lives up to this name.
  16. Cocktail – A punny name, especially if you have a cockatiel.
  17. Avocado – You can name your beloved green-colored bird after another well-loved green fruit.
  18. Chipper – Funnily describe your pet’s attitude.
  19. Bloopers – The perfect moniker for a clumsy bird that leaves you bursting into fits of laughter.
  20. Chatterbox – For a pet bird that simply Doesn’t. Stop. Chattering.
  21. Doodles – Who says a silly name cannot be cute and laughable?
  22. Jelly – There are two things that every birder loves – Jelly, and his birdie!
  23. Loudmouth – A humorous name for your talkative bird.
  24. Nibbles – Pick a name that best describes their favorite activity in the world – eating.
  25. One Eye – Never a dull day with a funny, pirate-named bird around!
  26. Perchy – A jocular way of calling out your bird while it “perches.”
  27. Pompadour – A hysterical name, ideal for pet birds with a crest.
  28. Ruffles – Nothing funnier than naming your friend after potato chips.
  29. Taco – A scrumptious food name is always a great choice.
  30. Trickster – Name your bird after its silly and sneaky ways.
  31. Goof – A name that best describes your goofy pal.
  32. Uncle Quacker – A gigglish moniker for all types of ducks.
  33. Nat – Titled after what birds love to feed on (gnat), this name will make their heads turn.
  34. Lord of the Wings – This name speaks for itself.
  35. Chickpea – A witty title for your pea-sized chick.
  36. Gullfriend – Some humorous wordplay if you happen to own a gull.
  37. Girl Nest Door – A funny name for your female bird.
  38. Angry Bird – A true to nature name, probably if you own a volatile bird like an eagle.
  39. Peewee – Indeed, a rib-tickling title for a diminutive pet bird.
  40. I’m Peck-able – For birds that prefer announcing what they love to do.
  41. Dinky – A cute name for a tiny bird.
  42. Cheepskate – This name echoes bouts of laughter.
  43. YoYo – For pets that keep swindling back and forth like their namesake toy.
  44. Kissy – Pick this name if your bird pecks its way through your cheeks.
  45. Quacky Quick – A fitting title for a duck.
  46. Rascal – Funningly call your bird out by this name.
  47. Lemon – Describe a yellow-colored bird using this moniker.
  48. Sparrowchute – Another great pun-intended name.
  49. Fawkes – Rhymes with the “hawks,” in an eagle.
  50. Croissant – Another French food name for a sophisticated bird.
  51. Rio Di Nero – Synonymous with the metropolitan city, Rio de Janeiro.
  52. Quakie Chan – Jackie Chan, but with a twist!
  53. Pappagallo – Goofy names sound hysterical when pronounced.
  54. Meryl Cheep – Another whimsical twist to a popular celebrity’s’ name.
  55. Billy – A smart wordplay on any pet bird with a “bill.”
  56. Booboo – A silly moniker that translates into “very cute or adorable.”
  57. Clumsy – Describe your gawky bird using this convincing title.
  58. Willie Wagtail – Named after a passerine bird but indeed sounds fun to hear!
  59. Miss Mary Quack – A comical way to address any female waterfowl.
  60. Voldemort – Sarcastically give this bad-guy name to your endearing bird.
  61. Alexa – For a bird that chirps more than this virtual assistant!
  62. Beaker – Because every bird fashions a beak to flaunt.
  63. Godzilla – Another scary, big-bird name that will look funny on a small bird.
  64. Jack Sparrow – Sneering pirate titles make the best names.
  65. Fluffy – Birds aren’t fluffy at all, which makes this moniker all the way more fun.
  66. Pickles – Yet another silly name for a long, green-colored bird.
  67. Waddles – Funnily describe the way birds tend to walk.
  68. Wiggles – A cuddly, chucklesome name you may consider.
  69. Popcorn – Carries a hilarious ring to it.
  70. Pepperoni – A crazy food name to pick for a passionate bird.
  71. Oreo – A comical way to describe any mottled bird.
  72. Croissant – Cutely associate your pet bird with this delightful pastry.


Punny Bird Names

If you are looking for a class-apart name that’s screams “punny” with a touch of pop-culture and knowledge of bird species, we have listed a few names that we’re sure you will be in awe of!

These different-but-farcical names are inspired by your favorite celebrities, characters, and movies, and are fun to call your feathered friend. Have a look:

  1. Tony Quark – A hilarious twist to Tony Stark’s name.
  2. Ace Hentura – If you loved the movie, you’re sure to love this name on your bird.
  3. Finchton Churchill – Probably best if you own a finch.
  4. Duckleberry Finn – A funny name for the avid readers out there. Derived by Mark Twain’s Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.
  5. Wil Tweeton – Star Trek fans, where you at?
  6. Luke Skyquacker – Pick this name for your duck after the Tatooine farmboy from Star Wars.
  7. Kanye Nest – Choose this moniker if your bird just can’t stop “rapping!”
  8. Chandler Wing – Accompanied by a great sense of sarcasm every time you think of Chandler Bing.
  9. Hillary Puff – A bird-related namesake of Hillary Duff.
  10. Goose Springsteen – Name your goose after this iconic singer, but with a twist!
  11. Rachel Preen – Another Friends’ character name.
  12. Godfeather – Make a statement by naming your bird after the legendary movie, The Godfather.
  13. Elon Duck – Nothing better than titling your pet after the richest man on the planet.
  14. Stephen Squaking – Why not name your bird after a genius?
  15. Puff Daddy – Have this American singer as your pet’s namesake.
  16. Buzzard Aldrin – A blend of witty and funny with this living legend’s name.
  17. Duckbill Gates – An laughable name for any duck.
  18. Mark Duckerberg – Another duck name derived by this visionary.
  19. Michael Parakeeton – Have your parakeet enter the room with finesse with this star-studded name.
  20. Osprey Winfrey – A playful variation to Oprah Winfrey’s name.
  21. Monica Geller – For all the Friends’ fans out there, and Monica Geller’s too!
  22. Goose Lee – Best if you own a fiery goose.
  23. Jimmy Tallon – Nothing more comical than naming your bird after this American comedy king.
  24. Donald Stump – Go all political and get a laugh!
  25. Chick Jagger – A fitting name for a tiny bird with some excellent moves.
  26. Leonardo Diquackrio – Name your bird after this Titanic fame.
  27. Quack Efron – A title for a bird with an oomph.
  28. Parrot Hilton – A classy moniker for your pet parrot.
  29. Flight Schrute – Inspired by The Office’s popular character – Dwight Schrute.
  30. Sandra Gullock – A sassy, humorous name for your pet.


More Funny Names for Pet Birds

If conventional names and pop-culture references aren’t your cups of tea, worry not! Here are a few more hilarious names that will get you inspired to choose an appropriate title for your flying friend.

  1. Hummus
  2. Chappy
  3. Maple
  4. Stinker
  5. Meatball
  6. Waffle
  7. Flossie
  8. Rumple
  9. Sponge
  10. Shrimp
  11. Boogie
  12. Marshmallow – This name would fit like second-skin on a white bird.
  13. Joe Birden
  14. Nutella
  15. Chicken Wing
  16. Blabberbeak
  17. Papaya
  18. Bamboo
  19. Captain Cook
  20. Siri – For a chatterbox bird.
  21. Cha Cha
  22. Zesty
  23. Daffy
  24. Flock Hudson
  25. Afro Quack
  26. Ariana Puffington
  27. Chip
  28. Nessie
  29. Hollywood
  30. Clawdia
  31. Bushtit
  32. Cali Gator
  33. Charlie Chiplin
  34. Kakapo
  35. Owlet-Nightjar
  36. Kagu
  37. Hawkward
  38. Pecking Order
  39. Beak-a-boo
  40. Hen Night
  41. Egg-Citing
  42. Jailbird
  43. Lulu
  44. Smoothie
  45. Bee Bop
  46. QuacBeth – Macbeth in the bird-universe.
  47. Crow-y Potter
  48. Ducktor Who
  49. Dewey
  50. Barmy
  51. Jigsaw
  52. Kitkat
  53. Speckles
  54. Couscous
  55. Hannibird
  56. Dumpling
  57. Tiki
  58. Frodo
  59. Bucky
  60. Wasabi – Especially if you own a red-colored bird.
  61. Socks
  62. Banjo
  63. Dollar
  64. Flappy
  65. Terminator
  66. Pumba
  67. Barmy
  68. Birdie Gaga
  69. Ashley Tistail
  70. Molt McCoy
  71. AlexGander Graham Bell
  72. Nougat
  73. Yankie
  74. Burrito – Make your pet’s life spec-taco-lar by gifting this name.
  75. Nacho
  76. Elmo
  77. Pita
  78. Buster
  79. Twinkie
  80. Puma
  81. Facebook
  82. Fishy
  83. Yoda
  84. Spooky – If you happen to own a sinister pet.
  85. Beakman
  86. Big Bill
  87. Pidgey
  88. Mango
  89. Billy
  90. Sally O’Birdie
  91. Goober
  92. Pepsi
  93. Tootie
  94. Quinoa
  95. Tattletale
  96. Penny
  97. Bobbit
  98. Frisbee
  99. Pancake
  100. Button – For a bird that’s cute as a button!
  101. Fowlen Angel
  102. Colloquail
  103. Owlgebra
  104. Gadget
  105. Trifle
  106. Macaroni
  107. Salty
  108. Heather Flocklear
  109. Ozzy
  110. Gaylord


Conclusion: Funny Bird Names

Finally, you are armed with a lot of hilarious names for your bird. While there are a plethora of normal bird names to pick for your pet, we think that the best way to go about naming your newest family member is to choose a funny, giggle-inducing moniker! However, before setting your heart at a title for your bird, ensure to consider some factors, such as its personality and physical characteristics.