Heron Symbolism and Spiritual Meaning (Totem, Spirit, and Omens)

Heron Symbolism and Spiritual Meaning

If you look at a heron for the first time, you will find a curvy-necked bird with long legs and a stocky body. But these birds are so much more than that; they’re skilled fliers and hunters and prefer solitude to large crowds.
Have you ever wondered what significance do these birds have in the world of spiritualism?

Herons are symbolic of balance and stability, self-reliance, tact, wisdom, and knowledge. These birds are perceptive and grounded and have a deep sense of contentment in everything they do. To dream of these birds is often a sign of joy and good fortune.

Can you identify with the spirit of herons and want to explore what it means to be guided by them? Or are you simply curious about how their totem works?

Don’t worry; in this article, we will talk about everything you need to know about heron symbolism, including their dream interpretations, cultural references, spirit animals, totem, and more.


Heron symbolism

Herons are long-necked water birds that are found in the freshwater as well as the coastal areas. There are about 64 different species of these birds in the world, and some of them are also referred to as “bitterns” and “egrets.”

In the world of symbolism, herons are first and foremost symbolic of balance and stability. They’re swift fliers and can do equally well on land as well as in the water.

They can stand on one leg for hours without being tired, which symbolizes their mastery of balance.

And as you already know, it is the balance of the mind that can make the balance of the body possible. And since they’ve attained inner stability, they display it in the physical world as well.

The herons are also symbolic of self-reliance. These birds might be social and connect deeply with their life partners, but their individuality shines the brightest through it all.

Herons hunt for their food alone and are comfortable with living alone for weeks. They’re self-sufficient and wouldn’t need to go to another bird out of necessity. Their self-reliance is a lesson to us all.

If you’ve ever seen a heron in action while they’re hunting, you’d know why they’re symbolic of tact. They’re focused, attentive, and quick to act; when these birds strike, they never miss.

Above all, these birds are also symbolic of wisdom and knowledge. Their keen eyesight, focused consciousness, and ability to fly higher than most birds give them a larger picture and perspective.


What does it mean to dream of Herons?

A heron standing alone with the sun setting in the background is a classic heron dream many people have claimed to have. But did you know that this dream had a negative interpretation?

Such a dream has a lonely symbolism and indicates that your past relationships are haunting you now, stopping you from giving love another chance.

If you’re in a relationship, when you see the dream, it indicates that either you or your partner have been cheating on the other.

And your sleazy actions are soon to be uncovered, leading to the end of your relationship.

To dream of a heron in flight has both positive and negative interpretations. On the one hand, it is symbolic of ill feelings like betrayal and envy within your family.

On the other hand, it could also indicate the arrival of a powerful, influential figure that can make all your troubles disappear.

Was the heron in your dream flying right over your house? Then, your dream is symbolic of your family members’ good health and well-being; you have no reason to worry.

In your dream, was the heron standing on a single leg for a long time? While such a stance is common for the herons, particularly when they hunt, dreaming of it is not a good sign.

Such a dream is suggestive of the various struggles that await on your path. If you hope to succeed in your journey, you must face and overcome these struggles without losing your calm.

Swamps are among the primary habitats of the herons. If you dream of a heron walking in the swamp, it means that soon, you’re going to be the center of petty gossip and squabbles.

And your reaction to these things can instigate them even further, which is why it is best to act indifferent to them.

However, to dream of a heron flying away from the swamp is a lucky dream and foretells of a successful business trip that you’re about to take.

Was the heron in your dream swallowing food? Well, such a dream interprets the emergence of new and strong rivals for you, be it in school or your workplace.

Instead of being intimidated by them, you should focus all your energy on doing your job to the best of your abilities and leave the rest on fate.

Many people also see a heron swaying from side to side in their dream. What could it mean? Well, it could be symbolic of your confusion and inability to decide in your waking life.

If you dream of a heron waiting for a fish to appear, but no fish shows by the end of your dream, it has a negative interpretation.

Such a dream is a sign that you lack the patience and strength that you would need on the path that you’ve chosen. You must either work on your attributes or pick out a different goal for yourself.

Did you dream of a heron crossing your path? This dream is a sign that the present is the luckiest time of your life.

You will soon find yourself surrounded by many wonderful opportunities and will get a chance to work with the best professionals in your field. If you can choose wisely now, you’ll have nothing to worry about for your entire life.

On the other hand, the interpretation of a dead heron dream is exactly the opposite of it. Such a dream is suggestive of the chaos that your future holds. Everything in your life is about to go haywire, and there’s little you can do to change it.

Your best course of action during such a time should be to find consolation and strength in the company of the people that love you.

Moreover, the color of the heron you see in your dream can also affect its interpretation.

For instance, if you dream of a white heron, it is a sign that very soon, you will find yourself in a situation where you would seek the advice or counsel of someone wiser than you.

Their wisdom and knowledge would help you in dealing with your problems.

The appearance of a blue heron in your dream is symbolic of royalty. Such a dream suggests that you’re going to go through a major upliftment in your status and lifestyle.

A move to a different city or a job switch might bring forth this change.

Lastly, if a black heron came to you in your sleep, it has a negative interpretation. Such a dream indicates that your failure of fear is restraining you from acting on all the opportunities that come your way.

If you have no faith in your capabilities, you will never be able to make your life better than it is right now.


Heron symbolism in different cultures and mythologies

Herons are elegant birds that display majesty in everything they do, be it their poised gestures, skilled hunting, or effortless soaring. Similarly, in the spiritual world, these birds are often seen with respect and awe.

Let’s explore how these birds are linked to different symbols and imagery in different cultures and mythologies around the world:

In Christianity

In Christianity, the herons are admired for their patience and contentment. There are many Hymns sung in praise of their gratitude and peaceful nature.

The Christians use these birds as an example to be grateful to have been blessed with this life.
In some stories, these birds are compared even to Jesus himself. Their probing beak appears to be searching for knowledge and wisdom on Earth.

Moreover, the snakes and eels are their primary prey, and these creatures are symbolic of Satan.

In ancient Egypt

The ancient Egyptians considered the double-headed heron to be symbolic of prosperity. The hieroglyph of these birds is also used to represent Ra, the Egyptian God of the Sun.

Additionally, these birds are often portrayed as the Bennu bird– a mythical phoenix-like bird in the ancient Egyptian culture that represented renewal and regeneration.

In the Nordic mythology

In Norse mythology, herons are linked to Frigg, the wife of Odin and the Goddess of the domestic arts.
The queen of all Norse Gods and Goddesses was strange and preferred to spend her time building clouds in her own palace, Fensalir.

Frigg had another superpower: she had the knowledge of the future of every living being, be it a mortal or a god, but she never shared it with another soul.

Impressed by the resilience and restraint of his wife, Odin gave her a spot on his throne, and the two ruled their subjects together.

It is widely believed that Frigg used to wear a crown made of heron’s feathers, which was perceived as the symbol of her silence.

In Greek mythology

Herons have a special place in Greek mythology as well. Their symbols were used in many Greek weddings, as these birds were considered to be the harbingers of peace and happiness in family life.

It was also believed that after a person died, herons were the ones that carried their souls to Heaven.

In some folklores, these birds were also seen acting as the intermediaries of Zeus, carrying his messages from Mount Olympus back to Earth.

In the Celtic religion

The herons are held in high regard in the Celtic culture and symbolize purity and sacredness. Let’s explore the different representations of these birds in their culture:

As the reincarnation of Rhiannon

The Celts believe these birds to be the reincarnation of Rhiannon, the Welsh goddess of horses.

Rhiannon was believed to be quite close to all the birds; in fact, she had her own set of magical birds capable of all sorts of wonders. They could wake someone from the dead, as well as put a living man into the slumber of death.

In some tales, Rhiannon was also declared to be the Goddess of water and lakes. Due to their close association with Rhiannon, herons are also addressed as “the Lady of Lakes” in some parts of Wales and Scotland.

Fun fact: Some people of the Celtic religion also considered Rhiannon to be a powerful witch.

Being named “Creyr”

In some parts of Welsh culture, herons are also named “Creyr,” after the Welsh funerary God himself. It is Creyr who can both give life to humans and take it away.

To be named after Him indicates how powerful a symbol the herons are in this culture. It is because of this reason that you would find heron symbols on the uniform of the Welsh warriors, a sign of protection.

The knotted heron symbol

To the Celts, the knotted herons are a symbol of peace and harmony. Because these birds are believed to have mastered the art of balance, their symbol represents it.

The knotted heron symbol is the European equivalent to the Yin and Yang symbol.

In the Native American culture

There are two ways in which the Native American tribes perceive the herons.

Some tribes (mostly hunters and fishermen) admire these birds for their focus, patience, and resilience. These people are in awe of what a magnificent fisherman the heron is.

They also have a superstition attached to these birds in their tribe: they believe that seeing a heron in the morning is a sign that you’ll catch plenty of fish throughout the day.

On the other hand, some tribes saw these birds as a loner. Despite being monogamous, these birds loved their personal space and were often seen on their own.

In the Japanese culture

In Japan, the herons symbolize peace and longevity. These birds are symbolic of the journey the human soul takes after death: purgatory, followed by rebirth from the water.

The heron’s nest was a popular gift among the Japanese; it symbolized stability in the midst of all the chaos going on in your life.


Heron tattoos: meaning and interpretation

Can you identify with the symbolism of the herons? Well, getting their tattoo is a great way of honoring them.

A tattoo of the double-headed heron might be a great heron tattoo for your body. These birds were symbolic of prosperity and good fortune in ancient Egypt and could bring these attributes into your life.

The imagery of herons standing on a single leg is symbolic of focus, balance, and stability. Their peg-legged stand is actually to preserve their body heat and provide them more warmth.

However, their ability to stand that way for so long is a remarkable feat in itself. If you want to attain that level of focus and balance yourself, these tattoos might be perfect for you.


Heron totem

The heron totem will come to you if you’re a bit of an over-thinker and often tend to get lost in the train of your thoughts.

From their totem, you learn that introspection is essential, but when you practice it, you must never lose control. Their totem believes that nothing productive could ever come from the loss of control.

You might also see a heron totem if you’re too dependent on others. While it is natural to rely on your loved ones and the people you’re close with, losing independence comes with a great price.

The heron totem believes that their independence is their most prized possession, and they’re unwilling to give it up for even the most pleasant experiences in the world.

Are you someone who is so invested in living in the moment that they’ve lost sight of the bigger picture? The heron totem can help you.

Soaring in the heights of the sky, these birds can see much more than the other birds and have clarity in everything they do.

If you want to be more like them, you can draw from their attributes and learn to stabilize your mind enough to attain their level of clarity.

It might not be easy initially, but it’s nothing you can’t achieve with practice and presence of mind.


Heron spirit animal

If you’re someone who is a perfect blend of an introvert and an extrovert, the heron spirits are watching over you.

Guided by the spirit of these solitary birds, these people can fit right in into any social circle but are equally fond of their alone space and time.

Such people that there’s a right time for everything, just like their guardian spirit that prefers to stay alone while hunting but socializes extensively in the mating seasons.

In their workplace, they’re productive while working alone and can perform great as a team player, too. While they’re sure of themselves, they’re not blinded by ego and can recognize when a goal can be achieved by having multiple hands on the deck.

However, at the core of their being, such people are truly independent. They’re so full and content on their own that they hardly care for others’ opinions.

You can also call them a bit unconventional, but these people will spend their life exactly the way they like.

The heron-spirited people are also great judges of opportunities. They might be introspective, but they’re also firm believers in acting quickly. When a sudden circumstance is sprung upon them, they often make the best decision to tackle it.

However, none of their decisions are ever too hasty. Their skill lies in quick thinking when the time demands it. They know when they should hold on and when it is time to act. All that time alone certainly keeps their minds sharp as a knife.

In the end, an essential quality of these people is their contentment. No matter what life has treated them with, you will never find them being dissatisfied with it.

Acceptance comes to them naturally, and while some might think it stops them from pursuing greatness, the peace that comes from acceptance gives true meaning to their life.



An essential message that heron symbolism sends out is that solitude is not necessarily a bad thing. If one can control the direction of their thoughts, they can use their solitary quite productively.

In fact, when practiced properly, solitude can make you more focused, grounded, self-sufficient, and truly independent.

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