Kingfisher Symbolism and Meaning (Totem, Spirit, and Omens)

Kingfisher Symbolism and Spiritual Meaning

Kingfishers are a family of tiny birds that generally have a blue or green plumage with an Orangish breast. There are over 90 kingfisher species in the world, belonging to three separate families. They’re quite popular for their ability to dive underwater. Are you familiar with their significance in the world of symbolism? If not, you’ve arrived at the right place. Let’s find out the spiritual meaning of Kingfishers and their symbolism

Kingfishers are symbolic of freedom, courage, adventure, and balance. They have a free spirit with wanderlust running in their blood. In many cultures, these birds are also associated with fertility and good fortune. Dreaming of these birds is generally a sign of persistence, but their meanings and interpretations can change according to their specific actions in your dream.

In this article, we aim to explore the symbolism of kingfishers in detail, including the importance of their symbolism, interpretations of their dreams, and the significance of their totem and spirit animal.


Kingfisher symbolism

You might be familiar with all the physical and behavioral traits of the kingfishers, but how much do you know about their spirits and what they symbolize? Well, you needn’t worry, because I’m here to enlighten you about the same today.


Did you know that the tiny eyes of kingfishers are capable of zooming in on an object numerous times? These little birds have a keen eye for details, which helps them look for fish from the sky itself.

In the world of spiritualism, it means that these birds have a strong sense of perception and are great judges of both people and circumstances. And those who are blessed with this quality rarely make bad decisions in their life.


Would you expect a bird as small as the kingfishers to be courageous? Perhaps not, since their tiny size makes them vulnerable prey in the avian world.

However, to everybody’s surprise, the kingfishers live a fearless life. They’re not concerned about remaining hidden from their predators and enjoy their lives by exploring large water bodies and hunting exotic marine creatures.

Their spirit teaches us how you don’t always have to be the strongest, smartest, or richest person in a room to be courageous. All you need is a strong heart and the will to go after what you desire without dwelling on its consequences too much.

This lifestyle might seem a little brash to some people, but that’s how they want to live their lives.


Due to their vibrantly colored plumage, the kingfishers have been associated with royalty in various cultures. Because these birds consider themselves as royal and elite, their spirits have a particular taste for pleasure.

They believe that living a life devoid of pleasure is for mediocrity. To them, leading a grand life is not a mere wish; it’s a necessity because they don’t know any other way of living.


If you’re an avid birder, it must be common knowledge for you that when it comes to birds, the males are the ones that possess a brighter, shinier, or more colorful plumage than their female counterparts.

But did you know that among kingfishers, this equation is reversed? In the adults, the females are the brighter ones. In other words, one could also say that the spirit of female kingfishers dominates that of the males, highlighting the symbolism of femininity.


Dreaming of Kingfishers: Meaning and interpretations

If the kingfisher has appeared in your dreams at a time when nothing seems to be going your way, and you feel all out of luck, it’s a sign that your life is about to change for the better very soon.

The kingfisher in your dream is trying to tell you that you should try to use every tool at your disposal to your advantage instead of giving up. Perhaps you might find a way after all.

With that being said, not every kingfisher’s dream has the same meaning. Depending on the action of these birds in your dream, their message can also differ. Can you remember exactly what you saw them doing in your dream?

If you do, take a look at all these common kingfisher dreams and their interpretations, and see if you can find your answer here.

If the kingfisher in your dream was flying over the sea, ocean, or any other water body, it has a positive interpretation. Such a dream is an indication that if you’re planning a trip in the near future, it will turn out to be an unforgettable adventure for you.

If you have no travel plans in the foreseeable future and dreamt of it, the flying bird is symbolic of the pleasant times ahead.

On the other hand, if you dreamt of a kingfisher flying over mountains, we might have bad news for you. Your dream could be trying to warn that the dangers of the past might come back to get you in your present. Stay alert and keep an eye out for anything unusual in the coming weeks.

Did you dream of a kingfisher trying to fly but unable to do so? This dreamt is most commonly a sign of mild illness you might suffer from in a couple of days. If you have something important planned this week, it would be better to postpone those plans for now.

Dreaming of a crowd of kingfishers is a sign that you’re on the verge of making a life-altering decision, either in your personal or professional life. You want to be courageous and take the step forward, but the thought of what you might leave behind is scaring you.

The spirit of kingfishers is trying to tell you that your growth lies in moving forward, not staying stagnant. So, go ahead and take the leap; it will be the best decision you make for yourself.

If you dreamt of yourself stroking a kingfisher, it’s a sign that you have some great ideas and insights but are hesitant about pitching them to your superiors. Well, your dream is trying to tell you that now is the time to act, not to hesitate.

If you can get your ideas heard in the right place, it can take your careers to heights you couldn’t have imagined.

Dreaming of a kingfisher diving into water has a positive interpretation. Such a dream is trying to push you out of your comfort zone and try new, exciting things. Because if you’re too afraid of change, it’ll be the death of your personal growth.

Dreaming of a kingfisher snatching a fish from a water body has a similar interpretation. It’s asking you to grab the opportunity that’s knocking at your door now. Grab it, and then you can figure it out later because you might not find an opportunity like this again in your whole life.

Were you visited by an injured kingfisher in your sleep? Well, your dream is a sign that what you’re going through now is a period of transition, which is why you can’t make sense of most of it.

However, if you choose to be patient through it all, this phase will teach you the most valuable lessons of your life. Hang in there.

Dreaming of a dead kingfisher indicates that you might be a soft person at heart, but the cold exterior you maintain in front of others makes it impossible for others to see your real side. If you keep this up, you’re never going to have anyone who’s truly got your back.


Importance of Kingfishers in different cultures and mythologies

The kingfishers are quite popular among various cultures, religions, and mythologies around the world. Let’s explore how these birds are perceived in the following cultures:

In Christianity

In the bible, it is mentioned that kingfishers were one of the birds on Noah’s ark. In fact, they were the first bird species to fly from the ark and explore the world after the deluge.

Therefore, the Christians believed that the orange shade on their breast had been drawn from the setting sun, and their blue plumage depicted the color of the sky.

In the Irish folklore

The Irish used to believe that although the kingfishers were mortal creatures, in many ways, they’re immortal as well. In their folklore, it’s believed that if you preserve the corpse of a dead kingfisher in a dry place, it will never decay or decompose.

In the Native American culture

In the Native American culture, the kingfishers are seen playing diverse roles in different tribes, including both positive and negative interpretations. In the Makah legends, it’s believed that a man who a thief was turned into a kingfisher as a punishment for his crimes.

On the other hand, people of the Siouan Tribes believe that these birds are symbolic of fertility. In their tribe, sightings of the kingfishers are considered a good fortune.

Among the Northwest Coast Indians, Kingfishers also have positive symbolism. These people believe that these birds are messengers of good news.

In the ancient Greek mythology

Kingfishers have also found their way into Greek mythology. The Greek story that includes these birds revolves around Alcyone and Ceyx. Ceyx, the son of Lucifer, and Alcyone, a Thessalian princess, had fallen in love with each other.

When the two got married, they’d often refer to themselves as Hera and Zeus teasingly, believing that their love was no less grand than the King and Queen of all the Greek gods and goddesses.

Zeus, being the egoistic god that he was, was enraged at the audacity of these lowly creatures to compare themselves to him and his queen. He was of the mind that they deserved to be punished and couldn’t wait to execute this punishment.

When Ceyx was sailing in the sea, Zeus threw his thunderbolt on the poor fellow, taking his life in the process. Unaware of this misfortune, Alcyone was far away on land when Morpheus, the god of dreams, conveyed to her the message of her husband’s terrible death in her sleep.

Consumed by sorrow at Ceyx’s death, Alcyone couldn’t continue to live and drowned herself in the sea as well. Alcyone’s tragic death moved all the gods and goddesses and filled them with pity. They turned these dead lovebirds into kingfishers so that they could spend the rest of their life in the presence of each other’s love.

For this reason, kingfishers are also referred to as “Halcyones” in the Ancient Greek language.


Kingfisher totem

The kingfisher totem will enter your life when you’re unable to balance your personal and professional life and are always exhausted and unhappy as a result.

Their totem will teach you the art of balance and show you how being a workaholic is glorified unnecessarily. If you’re someone who’s always running behind earning more money, in the end, you will never have the opportunity to use all your earnings.

Alternatively, their totem will also approach you when you feel hesitant in trying new things in life. You might have an irrational fear of the unknown, which is holding you back from so many wonderful experiences you’re yet to have.

Under the guidance of their totem, you will learn to let go of this fear and open up to new opportunities.


Kingfisher spirit animal

Are you someone to whom balancing between productivity and pleasure comes naturally? If you are, the spirit of kingfishers is watching over you. The kingfisher-spirited people are hard-working but are not the ones who keep running behind every next opportunity that comes at them.

While these people enjoy luxury and materialistic pleasures, they have never been the ones to be excessively greedy. They’re smart enough to earn to cover all their needs and wants, which is enough to keep them satisfied.

If such a person is a colleague of yours, you’ll observe how they’re fast and efficient with their work but are never too worried about promotions or switching jobs. They’re the true believers of the fact that there’s more to life than work.

Kingfisher-spirited people are also born with an unquenchable wanderlust. They might not be saving a lot for their retirement, but they’ll always save to take at least one exotic trip per year.

They have this instinctive thirst to see new things and visit new places; to them, traveling is the most important experience in life.

In their friend circle, the kingfisher-spirited people are generally the most entertaining ones. They’re funny, witty, and bring life to the whole circle. Furthermore, they’re also the ones that you can always count on in life. They might not stay in touch with you constantly, but whenever you need them, they’ll always be there for you.

As life partners, the kingfisher-spirited people might not be everybody’s cup of tea. Although they’re caring and loyal, they value their personal space far too much.

They’ll spend quality time with you, but will also make time for their friends and encourage you to do the same. If you’re someone who wants their partner’s life to revolve around you, perhaps they’re not right for you.


Kingfisher tattoos: different interpretations

Birds, because of their independent, free spirits, are quite a popular choice in the world of ink. Do you want to get a kingfisher tattoo on your body? Here are some common kingfisher tattoo interpretations that might help you in making your decision.

First and foremost, the spirit of the kingfisher is symbolic of courage. These tiny birds are unafraid when they span the large waterbodies looking for fish to feed on. If you’re someone who wants to be as fearless as these birds, their tattoo on your body can work as a symbol of it.

Kingfishers have also mastered the elements of both water and air. If you’re someone who loves to see the world from a bird’s eye or is keen to explore the underwater world, you can consider getting these birds inked on your body.

With their lifestyle as vibrant as their plumage, kingfishers are the staunch believers of leading a grand life. If you can relate to their ideology, perhaps their tattoos are the right choice for you.



With this, we come to the end of this article. Today, we’ve learned that kingfishers are not only remarkable for their appearance and traits but also for their courageous spirits that can achieve anything they put their minds to.

The spirit of kingfishers has an air of royalty and grandeur around them. These birds have believed in living a lavish life and do not concern themselves with its trivialities. They’re bold and lively and can cheer up their surroundings by their mere presence.

The spirit animal and totem of kingfishers are capable of turning your life completely around. From them, you can learn the way of leading an unforgettable life.

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