Lark Symbolism and Meaning (Totem, Spirit, and Omens)

Lark Symbolism and Spiritual Meaning

Being a tiny icterid bird, the lark is often recognized for its smooth, flute-like voice and melodious songs. However, these little birdies occupy a special place in the world of symbolism.

Larks are symbolic of joy, hope, and laughter. These birds start singing with the sunrise, scattering brightness and warmth in the world with their cheerful songs. However, the crescent present on their breast also connects them to the Moon and, hence, femininity.

In this article, we will explore everything you might want to know about the lark symbolism, including their dream interpretations, totem, and spirit animals.


Lark symbolism

Larks are basically the songbirds of Africa since almost all the lark species are native to the continent. The family of these birds stretches quite long, too, consisting of 21 different genera homing 99 species.

But what do these birds represent in the world of symbolism? That’s what we’re going to talk about in this article.

The larks are first and foremost symbolic of music and art. The larks have inspired many poets, authors, and artists throughout history with their melodious, flute-like voices.

Their ability to sing in flight is astounding to many. They can captivate anyone with their music. From their spirit, you can learn how to win others over with your talent.

Larks are also symbolic of joy and laughter, mostly because of their appearance. The bright yellow underside of these birds stands for a similar brightness and freshness in the world.

Yellow is also the color of the Sun, which is the prime source of heat and light on Earth. In this relation, the larks symbolize warmth and light.

Most of the lark species are primarily ground-foragers. You will often find these birds hopping around on the ground, looking for a seed or cracked corn to feed on. Because their spirit is deeply connected to the Earth element, they also symbolize honesty and humility.

Fun fact: Horsefield’s Bush Lark (Mirafra javanica) and Horned Lark (Eremophila alpestris) are the only two lark species that do not occur in Africa. The former occurs in Australia, while the latter is endemic to North America.


What does it mean to dream of larks?

Because the larks start singing with the first rays of sunshine, dreaming of them often brings you freshness and positivity.

Have you dreamt of a lark and are wondering what it could mean? Well, the details of your dream can change its meaning monumentally.

Today, we’re going to talk about some of the common lark dreams along with their interpretation.

The most common lark dream that many have claimed to have is to see them flying. Such a dream indicates that you’re someone who has always dreamed big in life.

Your goals might seem scary now, but once you fulfill them, they’ll become an inspiration to others. Focus on your dreams and keep working for them.

Was the lark in your dream singing while flying? You’ve gotten lucky. This dream is a sign that you will soon relocate to a different place, be it for work or another reason.

However, the relocation will bring a positive change in your life. You will enjoy your new house and the people living around it.

Did the lark in your dream bump into you while flying? While it might appear disturbing, you have no reason to worry. Your dream is a sign of abundance and good fortune.

To dream of a singing lark is a positive sign as well. This dream indicates that your inner talents or skills will soon be recognized and appreciated by the people around you.

However, if you see a lark feeding on something in your dream, it has a negative interpretation. Such a dream is a sign that you are feeling exhausted with your life currently.

It indicates that you must take a break from the mundane and treat yourself a little. Otherwise, you might soon reach your collapsing point.

If you see a lark falling down from the sky in your dream, it suggests that some people in your friend circle are envious of your success.

These people don’t like others complimenting you and might even try to sabotage your career in the future. You must be cautious about such people.

To dream of a lark being locked up in a cage signifies that you’re so caught up with yourself that you have no time for your loved ones.

And while work is an important part of life, you must not forget that it is merely a part of your life. You can keep your loved ones happy by working out a balance between work and personal life.

Dreaming of an injured or a dead lark has more or less the same interpretation. It is a sign that you’ve stopped taking the initiative in the relationships and friendships that matter to you.

Such a dream also indicates that the people around you are noticing your indifference and are not happy with it. You must change your priorities soon, or you might end up losing them.

However, if you see yourself killing a lark in your dream, it indicates that your careless attitude will lead to arguments with your friends and family.

And you must be prepared to handle things calmly; otherwise, the quarrel will escalate faster than you could’ve imagined.


Lark symbolism in different cultures and mythologies

Larks are generally seen as the harbingers of joy and hope and are quite popular in some cultures of the world. In this section, we will talk about how different cultures, religions, and mythologies perceive these birds.

In the Bible, the larks might not have a significant symbolism, but they’ve still been mentioned at some places. To the Christians, these birds signify honesty and cheerfulness.

Some Christian communities also associate these birds to the Moon due to the moon-like crescent drawn on their breast.

And because the Moon is regarded as a symbol of womanhood in Christianity, the lark symbols and designs also represent femininity.

These birds are also found in the Native American culture. In Lakota mythology, these birds were considered to be the messengers of Okaga (or Itiokaga).

Okaga was one of the directional Gods in the Lakota culture and was the guardian of South Wind, the direction of the Sun. The association of larks with Okaga made them symbolic of warmth and liveliness.

The Sioux people treat the larks with reverence and consider them the emblem of friendship and devotion. Lastly, the Blackfoot people see these birds as the harbingers of peace and harmony.


The representation of Larks in Literature

Religions and mythologies are not the only places where you will find the larks. These birds have left their mark in the literary world as well.

If you’re curious about how they’re perceived in Literature, keep reading.

In the works of Chaucer

Regarded as the mightiest poet of the Middle Ages, Geoffrey Chaucer was both an author and poet of the 14th century.

Like most of the other (known and unknown) authors of his age, Chaucer was also deeply moved by Nature and often employed symbolism from the natural world in his works.

Chaucer’s masterpiece, “The Canterbury Tales,” is a collection of 24 different stories written in a poetic form and compiled together as an anthology.

In “The Knight’s Tale,” one of these stories is where the larks are mentioned.

In the poem, the larks are considered “busy” birds and regarded as the harbingers of the day. Additionally, they’re also praised for their melodious song.

In the works of Shakespeare

In one of Shakespeare’s finest plays, “Romeo and Juliet,” the larks also appear in the third Act. In the scene, Romeo and Juliet have spent their first night together as a married couple after they married in secret.

Romeo hears a lark singing and says it’s time to leave. However, Juliet, not knowing when she’ll see him again, wants him to stay longer, which is why she says the song is of a nightingale.

In this scene, the larks are symbolic of daytime and, hence, the separation of the happy couple.


Lark totem

The lark totem will come to you when you’re tired of working consistently because you do not see the results of your efforts.

While you’re on the verge of losing hope, the totem will lend you its hope to keep you moving on. After all, it’s always the darkest just before the sun shines.

Their totem will sing the song of hope for you, telling you that your worse days are already behind you. And if you hold on for just a little longer, you’ll be rewarded generously.

Lark totem will also come to you when you’re surrounded by negativity. Often, our productivity suffers when we are in the company of people filled with negative thoughts and emotions.

These people have no ambition in life and will often drag you down with them, too. This is why their totem will teach you to get rid of them. You must prioritize your goals if you hope to succeed.

Another reason why the lark totem will approach you is when you have lost touch with your instincts.

You’re so out of touch with your conscience that you’re unable to receive the messages sent to you by the higher powers. Their totem will guide you towards the light of inner wisdom and knowledge.

Under their guidance, you will learn about your soul’s true purpose in this lifetime, which will help you shape your reality accordingly.


Lark spirit animal

Are you the kind of person who believes in the concept of “early to bed, early to rise”? The spirit of larks is watching over you.

Because these birds start singing as soon as the sun rises, the lark-spirited people are their most productive selves early in the morning.

These are not the kind of people that would push their workout to later in the day, no. They usually have a stellar morning routine, starting their day with physical exercise, be it lifting, jogging, or meditation.

These people take time very seriously and are always punctual, no matter what. They’ll often be the first ones to reach the office and will always be dressed immaculately. You’ll never find them running late for things.

The lark-spirited people also believe in a give-and-take relationship. Before they invest their time and effort in something, these people will always think about how it will benefit them.

You can notice them behaving this way in other matters as well. If you praise them someday or pay for their dinner, they’ll find a way to repay for it somehow.

Some people might consider them cunning, but these principles will always help them grow in life. In fact, this trait also makes them more beloved in their friend circle.

One drawback of the lark-spirited people; they are not very trustworthy. They have a skeptical attitude when it comes to trust and will only trust the ones they’re related to with blood.

If you want to earn the trust of these people, you might have to work for years. And even if you manage to make them trust you, your one wrong move will bring to back to square one with them.

When it comes to their love life, the lark-spirited people are not usually too keen on dating in their 20s. Even if they do go out with people, it will hardly amount to something serious.

They’re determined to reach the top of their careers before planning to settle down in their personal lives. In their ideal life partner, these people seek only two qualities: maturity and loyalty.

If they’ve chosen you as a partner, they’ll never give you a reason to worry. They’re loyal, caring, and understanding to a fault.

Living with them is easy as well, since they’re usually well-equipped in all household chores and can help you out in times of emergency.



In this article, we’ve learned that even small birdies like the larks can have strong and inspiring symbolism. Despite their size, they are determined to spread happiness in the world with their sweet songs.

Moreover, singing punctually every morning, the larks also teach us to be consistent in our pursuits.

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