300+ Cute and Funny Pet Macaw Names

Macaw Names

Macaws are large-sized parrots that fit into the “New World” category of the Psittacirofmes order. These vibrantly colored species bear a vivid plumage that is charismatic beyond belief, and this, in combination with their rather loud demeanor makes the macaws hard to miss seeing! Exuberant, entertaining, and enthralling, these flying birds make awesome pets and continue to dazzle all the bird aficionados around.

These gregarious birds usually congregate in groups that range somewhere between 30 to 100 in number. You can hear their unique vocalizations reverberating across your home, which they also use as a way to communicate and to mark their territory.

While macaws don’t actually talk, they are popularly known for their ability to mirror human speech and can be trained to mimic accents and environmental sounds as it is!

Another great thing to know about these birds is that their average lifespan is around 60 years, and some macaws have even lived a hundred years, which means that as pets, they are known to even outlive their owners! So, now it’s crystal clear that with all such laudable attributes, a newly brought macaw is sure to add a myriad of “colors” to your life!

There is no denying the fact that your macaw’s name should be as distinctive as its demeanor, which is why, in this article, we have brainstormed over 300 cute and funny name options for your parrot that remarkably describe this lively creature. From names that show off exactly how bright your pet’s feathers are, comical monikers, and the most unique ones, you get to choose a name that best fits your macaw’s personality.

A great way to begin, however, is to spare some time to analyze and watch out for your friend’s persona. Is your pet a mischievous, noisy birdie? Is it coy or a major screamer? Once you get to know it, you’ll be able to discern its most special traits that would help a fitting title jump into your mind!


Cute Macaw Names

Some parrots are undoubtedly the cutest, that you can clearly see it by the way they talk, they act, and even in their eyes, and macaws are no different! These sociable birds make extremely flamboyant companions and never cease to entertain you with their fun-filled antics.

The loyalty of a macaw is worth mentioning, and needless to say makes it an amazing friend to grow old with. This makes it all the more ideal to choose a captivating name that does justice to the sweetheart your bird is!

Below, we have listed some of the cutest endearments for your colorful macaw, so look no further than this list:

  1. Pepper
  2. Tiki – A cute and silly title for your playful pet.
  3. Mojo
  4. Polly
  5. Rollie-Pollie – Use this delightful name for a pet macaw that’s always in the mood for some groove!
  6. Kio
  7. Huey
  8. Kiki
  9. Angel – Because that’s what our lovely pets are; absolute angels!
  10. Pudding
  11. Hufflepuff
  12. Cuteheart – This is a cute name for a pet macaw that means the world to you.
  13. Muffin
  14. Buddy – In case your flying friend is the best friend you have ever had.
  15. Milady – An adorably sophisticated endearment that you can pick for an elegant-looking pet macaw.
  16. Kiwi – Because you can never go wrong with fruit names!
  17. Sunny
  18. Romeo – This is an excitingly fitting moniker that you can use for a macaw with a flirtatious demeanor!
  19. Cookie
  20. Blueberry
  21. Baby – Your large-sized macaw may probably outgrow your lap, but never your heart.
  22. Sugar – A bird so sweet, you literally want to call it sugar!
  23. Mango
  24. Teddy – Pick this name for a pet you absolutely love squishing with kisses.
  25. Star
  26. Socks
  27. Smiler
  28. Party
  29. Mittens
  30. Melody – In case you want to take your macaw’s noisy personality in a more positive light!
  31. Love
  32. Joy – A charming name for a pet macaw that brings a plethora of joys into your life.
  33. Hymn
  34. Gummy
  35. Cutie
  36. Cotton
  37. Candy – A lovely name to choose if you thoroughly savor the sweet and tangy disposition of your favorite bird!
  38. Beans
  39. Harp
  40. Ray
  41. Rico
  42. Ollie
  43. Ivy
  44. Honey
  45. Booboo – Pick this quirky endearment for an equally quirky pet macaw.


Funny Macaw Names

Once you get to know your pet macaw, you will be in awe of the rowdy, comical creatures they are. These affectionate jesters offer all the loyalty, love, and fun that you can ever anticipate from a pet, as long as you accept them for all their clattering!

You can enjoy these birds for all that they are, and open the gateway to incredible happiness. Another interesting fact about macaws is their acceptance of tangible incentives, like their favorite food, that they happily welcome in exchange for being at their best behavior!

This can serve as a very handy technique because many birders believe that your endeavor to hush a macaw can actually propel it to increase its loud vocalizations.

In essence, your pets are sure to induce bouts of giggles and laughter, so it’s only fair that you get them an equally hilarious name! From punny, to funny, here are some of the best title recommendations that we have lined up for you, so take a look:

  1. Wingston Churchill
  2. Miss Moneypenny
  3. Yacky
  4. Gossip
  5. Wingman
  6. Mack-aww – Pick this comical name for a pet macaw that holds a very affectionate demeanor.
  7. The Godfeather
  8. Paradox – Sometimes, it’s just hard to understand these perplexed bundles of joy.
  9. Steven Spielbird
  10. Stephen Squaking – This seems like a fitting title for pet macaws, considering they are all so witty!
  11. Crackers
  12. Gossipmonger
  13. Skywalker – Because that’s what they do, quite literally!
  14. Loudmouth
  15. Chatterbox
  16. Siri – Use this name for a pet macaw that is a big-time chatterbox and just doesn’t stop talking.
  17. Jinx
  18. Chirpy
  19. Xerox – A name that describes your pet’s tendency to mimic your speech.
  20. Tatertot
  21. Polly Parton – A great name with a funny ring to it for a hyperactive macaw.
  22. Tattletale
  23. Cha Cha
  24. Parrot Top
  25. Parrot Hilton – Use this moniker for a pet macaw that thinks of itself as nothing short of a diva.
  26. Bamboozle
  27. Repeater
  28. Nugget – Because macaws come in all shapes and forms, but there’s a special corner for the tiniest ones!
  29. Gigsy
  30. Jiggy
  31. Hobnob
  32. BamBam
  33. Meryl Cheep – This hysterical name is probably the king of all the funny names!
  34. Marty McFly
  35. Lord Of The WIngs
  36. Flyra Banks
  37. Feather Small
  38. David Peckham – Quite an appropriately lighthearted name to use for a fairly handsome pet macaw.
  39. Cocky
  40. Chandler Wing – Could this name be any funnier?
  41. Beaker
  42. Angry Bird – A title that serves as both; a name and a friendly caution to the visitors at your home!
  43. Freebird
  44. Pollywood
  45. Flapper
  46. Wingo
  47. Plucker
  48. Alexa – Use this humorous moniker for a pet macaw that loves interacting with you.


Female Macaw Names

You must be aware of the fact that macaws are the most vibrant and stunning specimens to look at and there is an entire shebang of stellar attributes that makes the female ones extremely special.

If you own one, then you are probably in search of a gorgeous title that captures not just your heart, but also fits your pet birdie like a second skin.

Whether you have a penchant for flower names, celebrity-inspired endearments, or elegant ones, we have compiled some of the best options for you to choose from. Let us get going!

  1. Chloe – Quite a badass name for a female macaw that leaves you fazed with her spunk.
  2. Simone
  3. Sasha – Yet another spunky name for your pet that clearly tops our list.
  4. Opal
  5. Nina
  6. Noella – This is a French name and translates into “Christmas.”
  7. Lucie
  8. Layla
  9. Minnie – Pick this moniker for an adorable, small-sized pet macaw.
  10. Tootsie
  11. Kelly
  12. Justine – A name that bears Latin roots and translates into “fair,” or “just.”
  13. Tara
  14. Sparkle
  15. Zizzy – Use this feel-good name for a happy-go-lucky pet parrot.
  16. Ivy
  17. Scarlet
  18. Missy – An appropriate name to use if your macaw is a proud little missy!
  19. Pinky
  20. Penny
  21. Dinah
  22. Paisley
  23. Coco
  24. Stella – We love this name for the elegant ring attached to it.
  25. Charlotte
  26. Zoe – Use this delightful title for a young-aged pet macaw.
  27. Aubrey
  28. Skyee
  29. Zola
  30. Erin
  31. Leia
  32. Blondie – A fitting name that you can pick for a crazy little pet macaw!
  33. Ms. Macaw – Because your pet parrot deserves to be treated with respect.
  34. Beauty
  35. Clovia
  36. Harper
  37. Pandora – Use this beautiful name for a pet macaw that means the world to you.
  38. Zazza
  39. Grace – In case your macaw holds a graceful and docile demeanor.
  40. Dusty
  41. Cherry
  42. Buffy
  43. Ava
  44. Twinkle – Indeed a lovable name to pick for a parrot that’s the twinkle of your eyes.
  45. Amelia
  46. Darling – If that’s what your macaw really means to you.
  47. Pearl
  48. Jasmine


Male Macaw Names

Both male and female macaws are almost identical in terms of appearance, but a common differentiating factor between the two is the relatively elongated tail of the males.

Large, boldly colored, and beautiful, it would be safe to say that your boy macaw is the ultimate pet you can ever have. This is why we have collected some of the most handsome names to the most playful ones so that you can pick the best jewel from our treasure for your favorite pet.

Have a look at these names if you are up for some gender-specific options:

  1. Wade
  2. Toby
  3. Harold
  4. Petrie
  5. Tyler – Pick this name for a pet macaw that features a very dominating personality.
  6. Troy
  7. Castor
  8. Arnold
  9. Steve
  10. Sunny – A feel-good name for a male macaw that adds sunshine to your life.
  11. Gizmo
  12. Sonny
  13. Buster
  14. Fiery – Use this moniker to address a very short-tempered pet macaw.
  15. Gabriel
  16. Hudson – Indeed a winning option for a pet with quite an adventurous demeanor.
  17. Ryan
  18. Roy – This is a Scottish name for a masculine macaw that translates into “king.”
  19. Pete
  20. Patrick
  21. Rocky – This name is meant for a powerful and mighty-looking pet macaw.
  22. Hermes
  23. George
  24. Joey
  25. Oliver
  26. Oscar
  27. Nigel
  28. Nev – Use this name for your flying friend in case you are a big fan of short names.
  29. Mike
  30. Max – This name makes for a great choice for a macaw that’s a cute max!
  31. Luke
  32. Liam
  33. Josh
  34. James – Channel your inner James Bond fanatic using this peppy name for your pet.
  35. Jack
  36. Hugo
  37. Harry – A simple, playful, and jovial title for a pet macaw that is undoubtedly a good boy.
  38. Harp
  39. Grayson
  40. Greg
  41. George – We think this moniker would be a really great fish for a snobbish parrot.
  42. Fredi
  43. Ethan
  44. Eli – In case you’re looking for a unique male name for your unique pet.
  45. David
  46. Chris
  47. Bruce
  48. Ben – This is a fun-loving name for a pet macaw that is always found in high spirits.
  49. Arthur


Scarlet Macaw Names

The sassy Scarlets are pets that brim with an enigmatic personality and energy. These birds are highly intelligent and turn out to be great escape artists. With their strikingly large size, they are easily the flashiest parrots ever.

A friendly word of advice here, scarlet macaws thrive in open spaces and large environments, so make sure that you never bound them in a cage, otherwise, they might indulge in self-mutilation if they are confined for too long!

Listed below are some of the best names around the block if you have recently got your hands on a brilliant scarlet macaw, so have a look:

  1. Vivid
  2. Colorful – A name that best describes the attribute that makes your macaw stand out from the crowd.
  3. Rupert
  4. Blush
  5. Berry
  6. Crescent
  7. Happy
  8. Goodly
  9. Spectrum
  10. Lovey Dovey
  11. Theodore
  12. Orlando – This name bears an Italian origin and translates into “From glorious land.”
  13. Picky
  14. Vibrant
  15. Tint
  16. Starburst
  17. Smarties – As we mentioned, your scarlet macaw might just be the most intelligent and witty creature you have ever met.
  18. Popsicle
  19. Pumpkin
  20. Skittles – Another colorful thing that we deeply love!
  21. Sherbert
  22. Radiant
  23. Rainbow – An extremely fitting endearment for a pet scarlet macaw that adds an entire spectrum of colors to your life!
  24. Murciano
  25. Jazzy
  26. Flashers – Because scarlet macaws are some of the flashiest birdies alive!
  27. Ego
  28. Crimson
  29. Cranberry
  30. Cola
  31. Chilly
  32. Cherry
  33. Brick
  34. Little Mac – Quite an ironic title that you can use on a large-sized pet macaw for a comic effect.
  35. Iridescent
  36. Glory
  37. Blathers
  38. Glitter
  39. Gelato – Yet another food-inspired title that would make a fabulous name.
  40. Frosty
  41. Dazzledum
  42. Afremov – Use this name for your pet scarlet macaw in case you are a sucker for unique titles.
  43. Reddy
  44. Basil
  45. Rouge
  46. Rudolf
  47. Disco


Hyacinth Macaw Names

As the name suggests, Hyacinth macaws are characterized by their strikingly beautiful cobalt-blue plumage and large bodies, two amazing attributes that persuade every onlooker to pause and gaze at these beauties.

The warm-yellow coloring around their eyes and at the base of their beaks forms a perpetual smile on their face! Despite their huge profile, these birds are quite gentle, and they gladly respond well whenever their pet parents endeavor to train them through positive reinforcement.

If there is one thing you must know about a Hyacinth Macaw, then it has to be its powerful beak, which it often uses as a robust tool.

So, this makes it important for you to refuse them the use of “mouthing” you from an early age itself. If you are in search of some of the greatest name options for your dearest macaw, then look no further than this list:

  1. Lapis – This name is inspired by the Lapiz Lazuli, an electric blue metamorphic rock.
  2. Sini
  3. Clamaray
  4. Viorel
  5. Oakley
  6. Linnaeus
  7. Marlais – A name that is culled from Welsh origin and translates into “blue color.”
  8. Royale
  9. Floaty – An easy-breezy moniker that you can pick for an easy-going pet macaw.
  10. Abigail
  11. Midnight
  12. Sapphire
  13. Moana
  14. Livia
  15. Drizzle
  16. Petunia
  17. Judi
  18. Bloo – A great name for a pet hyacinth macaw that is always poised and well-behaved.
  19. Sky
  20. Indigo
  21. Bay
  22. Lagoon – This Italian name translates into “pond,” or “lake.”
  23. Misty
  24. River
  25. Riviera
  26. Blueford
  27. Luna
  28. Oceane
  29. Azura – An eccentric name that you can use for a female macaw.
  30. Kai
  31. Teal
  32. Aqua
  33. Rocket
  34. Chad
  35. Frostflight
  36. Jaylin – This stunning Greek name translates into “calm,” so use this one for a pet that always exhibits a composed behavior.
  37. Livie
  38. Juggie
  39. Eclectic
  40. Serene


Unique Names For Pet Macaw

By now, it’s clear that macaws aren’t some ordinary flying species, but some of the most unique and distinctive parrots that bless us with their ebullient aura.

If you want to extend your name-finding expedition beyond the confines of the conventional endearments, then it’s best that you go for an extraordinary title that does all the talking!

Below, we have listed some of the most exceptional names for you to choose from, so buckle up your seatbelts and start exploring!

  1. Speckles
  2. Calypso – This is a feminine name that bears a Greek origin and translates into “She who hides.”
  3. Archimedes 
  4. Tookie 
  5. Bobo
  6. Houdini 
  7. Konga
  8. Jinzo 
  9. Gibbers 
  10. Roo 
  11. Couscous
  12. Prudence
  13. Elmo 
  14. Chaz
  15. Ethel 
  16. Hula 
  17. Chantey
  18. Chive
  19. Axel
  20. Speedy
  21. Jose
  22. Cosmo – This is an Italian name that embodies beauty, decency, and order.
  23. Hoppy
  24. Zane
  25. Ace 



So, this was all about over 300 cute and funny name recommendations for your pet macaw. We hope that our article has been of help along your journey to seek the most fitting endearment for your feathered friend, that resonates with it as much as it does to your family.

If you are still feeling stuck, then seeking inspiration by looking at your pet as it stupefies you with its lovable escapades might just do the trick.

Happy naming!

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