300+ Cute, Funny, and Famous Owl Names

Owl Names

Owls are indeed some of the most fascinating creatures, and there’s definitely more to them than Hedwig’s character in Harry Potter! These attentive birds are identified by their furtive nature, upright stance, binocular vision, and highly advanced hearing capabilities that make humans look like clowns!

Despite the pool of stellar attributes that an owl features, many people find them spooky. However, believe us, this is only partly true. From its wizardly operations to its association with Athena, this bird stretches its excellence beyond its negative connotation. And, if you have recently welcomed a pet owl at home, then get your skates on, because you’re about to unleash something exciting!

There’s no denying the fact that an owl is somewhat difficult to train, but its intelligence makes up for this downside. Moreover, keeping in mind its mysterious personality, the only thing more taxing than taming your owl is finding an ideal name for this bird.

Choosing the right title to call out your pet is important because it is a very prominent part of their identity, and also since it will help you develop a strong bond with them. So, you certainly want to get it right in the first go.

This is why, in today’s article, we are flooding you with some of the cutest and funniest names for your hooter! Each name is meticulously curated to fit the personality of not just your owl, but all the different kinds of owls you can possibly imagine. It’s finally time to give your feathered friend its identity, so let’s get going!


Cute Names For Owls

Well, you must have heard that owls are incredibly wise creatures, but it is time that you unearth all the cuteness they have to offer!

With their large eyes and minuscule beaks, owls look absolutely delightful to watch as they turn their heads to inquisitively catch a glimpse of you.

Often people mistake their eerieness and find these birds quite intimidating, and of course, unlike pet dogs, they probably won’t scream “snuggle with me,” but you strike a chord with them, you will start wondering how you ever lived in their absence in the first place!

So, below, we present to you some of the most endearing names that you can pick for the newest member at your home:

  1. Winky 
  2. Cocoa 
  3. Pixel 
  4. Oreo – Use this adorable name in case you own a white and brown-colored pet owl.
  5. Sugar Plum 
  6. Rainbow – Indeed a cute title for a pet bird that adds colors to your life.
  7. Mr. Cuddles – Well, only a few owls prefer being cuddled, but pick this name in case you happen to be one of the few lucky pet owners!
  8. Foozie
  9. Baby Boo – If you love being a proud parent to your pet birdie.
  10. Hooters
  11. B’Owl
  12. Chippy
  13. Dinky
  14. Swish – A delightful-sounding name that you can use for a female owl.
  15. Cupcake
  16. Mocha
  17. Plum
  18. Biggie – Use this name for a large-sized owl.
  19. Bobo
  20. Sugar Berry
  21. PipSqueak
  22. Spooky – Because there is an unexplainable kind of cuteness that accompanies your pet owl’s spooky behavior!
  23. Poof
  24. Lovey
  25. Ozzy
  26. Pearlie
  27. Weebles – A cute and funny name for owls, considering the teeny tiny feet they possess!
  28. Loudmouth
  29. Tic Tac
  30. Blinky – Have you ever seen your pet owl blink? Yes? No? Think about it!
  31. Lola
  32. Owwie
  33. Whoolie
  34. Twister – This charming name is inspired by an owl’s ability to twist its head up to 135 degrees.


Funny Names For Owls

No matter how serious your owl looks, you can crack it up a notch by choosing a funny name that whimsically contrasts with its poker face, thereby inducing bouts of laughter! Have a look at some of the most hilarious monikers that we have compiled below for you to pick from:

  1. Hootin’ – If all your owl does all day is hoot, hoot, and hoot! 
  2. Dr. Whoo
  3. Blinkerz 
  4. Hoooowt 
  5. Whoolio
  6. Owlf – Sweet, simple, and ever so comical!
  7. Lulu Bell 
  8. Owl Pacino – This is a punny name for your feathered friend, culled from the popular American filmmaker and actor.
  9. Ron Yet another Harry Potter reference!
  10. Chippowl 
  11. Owla 
  12. Simon C’Owl – If you think your pet owl has the X factor!
  13. Rowlph 
  14. Owletta
  15. OwLOL – Use this funny title for a pet owl that always leaves you laughing!
  16. Owl Is Well 
  17. Owlette
  18. Owlive 
  19. Agent Owl-Anouf – Pick this hilarious name for a pet birdie that adds dangerously mysterious, but funny.
  20. SpookOwl 
  21. Owlsome 
  22. Owliver 
  23. Meanie – Because they tend to be really mean if you do not pull off a good first impression, or if you trouble them.
  24. Zazzerz 
  25. Oldie 
  26. Dr. Whoot 
  27. Owlfonso 
  28. Tutti 
  29. Owlays 
  30. Hootcules 
  31. Owlbama – Use this punny moniker in case you bear a highly political side.
  32. Owlexander
  33. DJ Whootay 
  34. Blinkers 
  35. Peckers 
  36. Screechy
  37. Gowl Gadot – If your female pet owl acts no less than a badass superheroine, then it’s best that you seal the deal with this name!


Names For Snow Owls

Snowy owls make it among the topmost splendid-looking creatures among all birds. Although many birders believe that these walking balls of fur aren’t the easiest to handle as pets, yet their pearl-white plumage and golden eyes are enough to capture your attention in a split second.

An interesting fact to know about these owls is that they do not necessarily fit into the “nocturnal” or “diurnal” mold. Rather, it is the availability of their prey and their activity that governs their sleeping time!

If the snowy owl is the newest addition to your family, then check out some of the most ideal name options to choose from:

  1. Snowy – This name obviously had to make it to our list!
  2. Umbra
  3. Blizzard 
  4. Winter – Because these white beauties remind us of the winter chills.
  5. White Walker – Perhaps the most fitting Game of Thrones reference!
  6. Niveous 
  7. Alaska 
  8. Blizzy 
  9. Fluffers 
  10. Softie 
  11. Snowflake 
  12. Frostine 
  13. Icy 
  14. Gelato 
  15. Cotton Candy 
  16. Alba 
  17. Avalanche – An enigmatic name to keep for an adventurous pet owl.
  18. Hail 
  19. Sleety 
  20. Hedwig – This name is culled from Hedwig, Harry Potter’s beloved, white-colored owl.
  21. Snowpack 
  22. Blanket 
  23. Snowlike 
  24. Lillith 
  25. Pious 
  26. Pearla 
  27. Milky 
  28. Chalky
  29. Zephyr
  30. Zeus – This name translates into “shine,” or “sky,” and is great for a lustrous owl.
  31. Icelynn 
  32. Sugar 
  33. Quill 
  34. Azore – A dazzling name for a pure-white owl that translates into “Atlantic Ocean.”


Famous Names For Owls

Apart from the largely acclaimed Potter phenomenon, there are several other Owl-inspired characters that are responsible for the sudden surge of getting owls as pets. If you fit into this category, then here are a few name suggestions that are culled from the most popular owls out in the movie/TV universe. Have a look:

  1. Owlbin 
  2. Big Mama – Culled by an animated character from The Fox and The Hound, Disney’s 1981 feature film.
  3. Chandler 
  4. Owliver – Quite a quirky twist in case you like the name Oliver for your pet owl.
  5. Errol – This was the Weasleys’ pet owl in Harry Potter. This name translates into “nobleman.”
  6. Hoots – Use this name taken from The Muppets for an owl that’s a bit of a loudmouth.
  7. Mr. Know it Owl 
  8. Scowl 
  9. Scowl – In case your pet owl is a sarcastic little creature.
  10. Jon Snow 
  11. Soren 
  12. Woodsy Owl 
  13. Owl – Keep it simple with this name that’s culled from a character in Winnie the Pooh.
  14. Owlbear
  15. Owlboy
  16. Owl Jolson 
  17. Glimfeather 
  18. Archimedes
  19. Dexter
  20. Sia
  21. Kaepora Gaebora
  22. Hannibal 
  23. Hootdini 
  24. Hermes
  25. Brodwin 
  26. Mucklolli 
  27. Longclaw
  28. Rowlet – From the Pokemon series.
  29. Falcomon 
  30. Professor Owl 
  31. Doyle Owl 
  32. Ibid
  33. Sammy the Owl 
  34. Professor Hootsburgh – This adorable moniker for your pet owl is taken from Disney’s Junior animated show, Doc McStuffins. 
  35. Clockwerk 


Female Names For Owls

Typically, a female owl is much more aggressive and heavier than that of its male counterparts, but these attributes do not deprive these untethered souls of being charming as ever.

Additionally, these birds are characterized by a much higher pitch. Scroll through some of the most fashionable and feisty names that you can pick from, for your girly birdie!

  1. Thalassa 
  2. Helen
  3. Melanie 
  4. Marshmellow – This is an adorable name for an all-white pet owl.
  5. Stella 
  6. Angelica – Use this lovable moniker if your feathered friend is no less than an angel in your life.
  7. Jennifer 
  8. Agatha 
  9. Oprah 
  10. Faith
  11. Sasha 
  12. Althea
  13. Celeste 
  14. Winx
  15. Eve
  16. Luna 
  17. Mercy 
  18. Grace 
  19. Demi 
  20. Jane 
  21. Pheonix – Pick this name for a pet owl that bears a powerful and enigmatic personality.
  22. Arial – Use this title for a small-sized owl, as it means “of elfish nature.”
  23. Ace 
  24. Lyra 
  25. Delilah 
  26. Pixie 
  27. Abbie 
  28. Maggie 
  29. Esther 
  30. Monica 
  31. Winkerz 
  32. Candice 
  33. Jacqueline 
  34. Talia 
  35. Rosie 
  36. Zoe – This short and sweet name is clearly one of our favorites!
  37. Selene 
  38. Carina 
  39. Cennet – This name is pronounced as “Jennet.”
  40. London 


Male Names For Owls

While looking for a name, your owl’s gender is the first factor that you must take into account. Always make sure that you don’t commit the blunder of overlooking whether your pet is a boy or a girl.

Just so you know, a male owl is often distinguished from that of the female by its white throat, while hen owls bear a brown-toned one.

Check out some of the trendiest names for your beloved boy that we have compiled below for you:

  1. Powell 
  2. Elf 
  3. Odeus 
  4. Chester 
  5. Pip 
  6. Jef 
  7. Tommy 
  8. Erwin
  9. Duke – This name is synonymous with intelligence, timidity, and smartness.
  10. Bert 
  11. Ross 
  12. Gizmo 
  13. Max 
  14. Willie 
  15. Owlsen 
  16. Owlford 
  17. Screechie 
  18. Vex 
  19. Pietro 
  20. Vincent 
  21. Omega 
  22. Mark 
  23. Jackson 
  24. Samwell 
  25. John 
  26. Derek 
  27. Harry 
  28. Elvis 
  29. Romie 
  30. Frisky 
  31. Big Eye 
  32. Buddy – If your pet owl is undoubtedly the best friend you have ever had.
  33. Tom  
  34. Sparkle 
  35. Chippy 
  36. Prince – Use this name in case your bird likes to be treated like royalty!
  37. Skittles 
  38. Frutti 
  39. Louie 
  40. Redpuff 


Names For Barn Owls

Barn owls have inhabited barns, farms, and villages for over a hundred years now. These medium-sized creatures feature elongated legs that are scantily feathered down towards their grey-colored toes.

Another interesting fact about barn owls is that these birds can devour up to 1,000 mice per year, and are known to fully swallow their prey; even their bones!

Listed below are some of the best names, from which you can pick your favorite for your special barn owl. Have a look:

  1. Barney – Probably the most sought-after name for a barn owl.
  2. Barnyard 
  3. Banshee 
  4. Goldilocks 
  5. Dobby 
  6. Villager 
  7. Roarer 
  8. Mr. Screech 
  9. Churchowl 
  10. Whooter 
  11. Whoolie 
  12. Billy 
  13. Wiser
  14. Oolert
  15. Barnman 
  16. Ullet 
  17. Farm Owl 
  18. Barnerz 
  19. Hogoblin 
  20. Barbara 


Japanese Names For Owls

Japanese names are garnering popularity for a plethora of reasons. First, they are jotted down with Kanji characters, which can be read in a variety of distinctive ways. Second, these wonderful names are deeply rooted in the Japanese tradition and are an ideal option in case you are seeking a soothing title that’s pleasant to the ears. Listed below is a round-up of all the fabulous Japanese monikers that are sure to suit your pet owl’s identity! Have a look:

  1. Ai – This Japanese name translates into “love.” Use this for a pet owl that means the world to you.
  2. Ryo 
  3. Akemi 
  4. Hideki 
  5. Taiki 
  6. Ichika 
  7. Chiyo – Pick this name if you think your pet owl is an old soul.
  8. Hana 
  9. Masato 
  10. Aki 
  11. Mami – This Japanese name translates into “true beauty.”
  12. Tamotsu 
  13. Kiyo 
  14. Fukurou 
  15. Mayumi – Use this title for an owl that echoes elegance and grace.
  16. Rin 


Fantasy-Inspired Names For Owls

Picking the right fantasy name demands a whole lot of creativity and ingenuity. Leave all your troubles to us, because we have just the right options for you to choose from.

Each of the names mentioned below covers an array of fantasy titles that are meant for different owls with different kinds of personalities.

  1. Sirius 
  2. Zarek 
  3. Sarielle 
  4. Hadena 
  5. Marsh 
  6. Omexa 
  7. Jinx 
  8. Nightwing 
  9. Zeniya 
  10. Vixen 
  11. Darfin 
  12. Grandor 
  13. Ciradyl 
  14. Orym 
  15. Heptin 
  16. Eiki 
  17. Orwelle 
  18. Brilbelle 
  19. Krystelle 
  20. Zika 
  21. Solstice 
  22. Mystique 


Mythical Names For Owls

Instead of picking a conventional name, you can set your pet owl apart from the crowd by scrolling through the annals and picking a mythical name! Such titles come in handy when you are looking for something unique, yet extravagantly evergreen. Take a look:

  1. Noctua 
  2. Amor 
  3. Loki 
  4. Owl of Athena 
  5. Eros 
  6. Apollo 
  7. Blodeuwedd 
  8. Puca 
  9. Boxty 
  10. Nyx 
  11. Aura 
  12. Gyro 
  13. Orion 
  14. Midas 


Punny Names For Owls

Your pet owl might not greet you with the most welcoming smile ever, but who said you can’t have a little fun with them? Whether you want to get a laugh, or are looking for a title that would look hilarious against their grim-looking face, we have the punniest name options for you to choose from.

  1. Owlbus Dumbledore – Use this punny name in case you’re a big-time Harry Potter fanatic.
  2. Owlmione Granger – Pick this name for a witty pet owl. (Aren’t they all witty?) 
  3. Jimmy Talon 
  4. Eva Wingdale 
  5. Muhammad Owli 
  6. Ruby Rufous 
  7. Owdolf Hitler 
  8. And I Hoot 
  9. Fat Owlbert 
  10. Owlfred Hitchcock 
  11. HootCute 
  12. Andie MacOwl
  13. Duke Owlington – A snobbish name, because there are owls whose ego is larger than that of their tiny bodies!


Final Takeaways 

The hooter season is always on the rise, ranging from home decor to ornaments and even the motifs on your coat, and this makes an owl such a phenomenal pet to own!

Now that you are equipped with the best names across the owl town, we hope you are all set to pick the one that best describes your pet.

Always remember, owls are free spirits that are not meant to be tamed (they would be really haughty and judgemental as humans!), so choose a title wisely because once they get accustomed to it, then there’s no looking back.

Happy naming!