200 Cute and Funny Peacock Names

Peacock Names

Across the vast and diverse universe of the bird kingdom, the peacock species are beautiful beyond measure and belief. These birds belong to the Pavo genera and are largely popular for their sky-high charisma and instinctive magnetism.

Peacocks feature a gorgeous parade of vibrantly hued feathers and easily claim the position of the most fascinating birds ever introduced to mankind. They are known for their highly sociable demeanor, which means that welcoming them into your home would open the gateway to an affectionate and loving companionship in no time!

There is no denying the fact that all the peacock parents across the globe dearly love their birds. Indeed, catering to the needs and natural instincts of these birds is supremely rewarding, and once your feathered friends start loving your company, they simply flourish! After all, nothing beats the feeling of being a spectator while a brilliant flock browses through your backyard!

Another interesting fact to know about peacocks is that the life expectancy of these birds extends up to around 5 solid decades (It largely reduces to 20 years in the wild); a tenure that is enough to even outlive you as a pet owner! Since they are going to be around for a long time, it is best that you find a fitting name for the newest member in your family that exactly mirrors the starlet that they are.

So, in this article, we have assembled over 200 captivating name ideas, thereby offering you some of the greatest name options to choose from for your spectacular pet.

From funny monikers to the most adorable ones, we offer you an entire pool of prospects for you to pick the best jewel from our treasure! However, before you strike a chord with an endearment of your choice, make sure that you spare some time to observe your peacock because their lovable escapades might just inspire you with the idea of a unique name!


Cute Peacock Names

The beauty of a peacock captures the hearts of both, old and young people alike. If your excitement takes a peak whenever your eyes land on the captivating antics of your feathered friends, then we recommend that you pick a cute name that exactly mirrors the fascinating marvel they are in your life!

From the quirkiest food names to the most sought-after terms of endearment, we have just the right options for you to pick from! So, have a look:

  1. Jean Jacket
  2. Denim – An adorable name for a pet peacock, keeping in mind its electric blue plumage.
  3. Chambray 
  4. Velvet – Because your beloved pet echoes nothing but royalty!
  5. Suede 
  6. Bluemoon
  7. Blueberry – Another color-oriented moniker for your pet peacock.
  8. Tamara – Use this pleasant-sounding name for an elegant peahen.
  9. Diego 
  10. Felix 
  11. Muffin 
  12. Heartbeat – If your feathered friend is an indispensable part of your heart.
  13. Munchkin – Pick this name if you happen to be one of those pet parents who treat their birdies just like their own children.
  14. Baby – This is a fitting title for a baby peacock, which is also known as a peachick.
  15. Sage 
  16. Twinkly – Use this name for a special pet peacock that happily gleams with its high-spirited aura!
  17. Jupiter
  18. Sunshine – Because these marvelous creatures add sunshine to your lives!
  19. Jewel – Indeed, a gorgeous name with a subtle and feminine ring to it.
  20. Pita
  21. Kyla
  22. Buddy – Pick this name if your pet peacock is the best friend you have ever had.
  23. Cookie 
  24. Pickle – A cute and funny way to address your feathery friend using this name.
  25. Peaches 
  26. Star – Simply because that’s what they are!


Funny Peacock Names

Despite their supremely sophisticated anatomy, peacocks well-deservingly fit into the category of some of the most waggish creatures ever! So, if you are up for some fun, then choosing a funny name for your pet peacock might just do the trick for you!

Listed below are some really hysterical moniker recommendations for your feathered pal that will leave you cracking up with bouts of laughter, so have a look:

  1. Calypso 
  2. Pip – Quite an ironically funny name to use for a large-sized pet peacock.
  3. Zappy
  4. Snappers – Use this name for a pet peacock that bears a very fiery and aggressive behavior.
  5. Bougie – A title for a peacock that is badass, and you know it!
  6. Zappers 
  7. Pea
  8. Peecee 
  9. Picky 
  10. Mr. Flyer – Yes, your peacock can extend its avian capabilities to limited distances, considering it is more of a fleshy creature.
  11. Chipper
  12. Nibbles
  13. Angry Bird – A name that fits peacocks quite literally, because they often act aggressively, and are known to even prohibit the entry of new peahens across their territory!
  14. Chick Jagger 
  15. Sandwich 
  16. Weasley
  17. Sunny – A name that comically corresponds to your pet’s love for basking in and playing under the sun!
  18. Champagne – Use this name for a pet peacock that loves flaunting its crazy side.
  19. Prince
  20. Fluff
  21. Quill
  22. Banshee
  23. Cock 
  24. Mr. Pee – Quite an embarrassing and hilarious moniker to be used to address your peacock when you have visitors around!
  25. Noisy – A name that is culled from the boisterous personality of your beloved pet.
  26. Discoball – Aren’t the iridescent feathers of your pet peacock reminiscent of a blinding disco ball?


Female Peacock Names

Female peafowls are most commonly addressed as peahens, and despite the fact that they are not as brightly colored as their male counterparts, yet they never fail to amaze us with their pristine aura.

Their plumage is mostly brown-toned, and they bear bluish-green throats with cream-colored bellies. Interestingly, to compensate for their relatively less attractive profile, there is one great advantage that the females hold over male peacocks, and that is their flying capabilities.

Since peahens do not carry the voluminous and elongated tailpieces to weigh them down, they turn out to be much better flyers! Furthermore, they also weaponize their true-to-nature coloring to blend into their surroundings more soundly than that of the guys!

In essence, having a peahen as your companion means that you are in sheer luck, so scroll through our compilation of some of the best female names for your pet:

  1. Maya 
  2. Jessie 
  3. Grace 
  4. Susan 
  5. Angie – A cute and pleasant name for a friendly pet peahen that loves interacting with you.
  6. Natalia 
  7. Azure – Pick this name in case you are looking for an extraordinary endearment for your peahen.
  8. Eve
  9. Starlight – A fitting name for a peahen that seamlessly stands apart from the crowd.
  10. Yasmine
  11. Yolanda
  12. Rollie
  13. Bridget 
  14. Layla – Indeed a winning name for a pet peahen that boasts a feminine aura.
  15. Kimberly
  16. Kyle
  17. Sasha – This is a great name for a pet that charms everyone with a dash of spunk and finesse.
  18. Katherine
  19. Betty
  20. Candice – Use this name for a peahen that’s always in a happy and playful state of mind.
  21. Kelly
  22. Dimples
  23. Beauty – An awesome name to pick in case you want to go literal to define your pet peahen.
  24. Lucy
  25. Lexi 
  26. Margie
  27. Delphiniums – This name is derived from a stunning blue-hued flower that belongs to the Delphinium family.


Male Peacock Names

Male peafowls are extremely popular for their starkly extravagant plumage and shrieking calls. In fact, you will be thrilled to know that the appearance of their flashy tails varies every time you gaze at them from distinct angles!

If you are quite in awe of the way your pet peacock unfurls its feathers to parade a breathtaking fan of green and blue, then picking your favorite from our top contenders of male name options for your pet might just be the ticket for you! Have a look:

  1. Bret 
  2. Arnie – Pick this name for a pet peacock that is always on the go to have some fun!
  3. Timothy 
  4. Homer – A pinch of Greek mythology reference for your feathered friend.
  5. Abel – Use this endearment for a pet peacock with a rather silent demeanor, contrary to this species’ noisy antics.
  6. Pete 
  7. Gizmo 
  8. Peanut 
  9. Jasper 
  10. Loki
  11. Leo – A short and simple name for male peacocks, especially if you are not a fan of overly complicated titles.
  12. Josh 
  13. Jax 
  14. Augustine 
  15. Baxter – Quite a badass name to choose for a pet with a spunky personality.
  16. Hank 
  17. Winston 
  18. Handsome – A great name to pick if handsome is what you believe your beloved pet to be!
  19. Daniel 
  20. Asher
  21. Rainbow 
  22. Ayden
  23. Maximus 
  24. Oscar – This conventional dog name works like a charm on peacocks too!
  25. Percy 
  26. Harry
  27. Jefferson
  28. Archibald 
  29. Neil 


Cool Peacock Names

Here’s an interesting fact we bet you didn’t know of before—Have you ever wondered what makes your pet peacock’s feathers so remarkably radiant?

Researchers believe that their brilliant feathers reflect microscopic structures that mirror real-life crystals, and are known to reflect diverging wavelengths on the basis of how they are spaced.

This, in turn, results in luminous, fluorescent coloring on their feathers, making them glimmer like divas! A genius way of adding more glitz to your peacock’s aura is by offering it a cool identity.

Here are some of the coolest name options that you can choose from:

  1. Mel 
  2. Cinnamon 
  3. Sophia
  4. Keeka
  5. Amelia
  6. Emerald 
  7. Sapphire
  8. Forest 
  9. Comet 
  10. Bubba – Use this name for a pet peacock that is very dear to your heart.
  11. Gem 
  12. Apollo
  13. Nutmeg
  14. Nova
  15. Paisley
  16. Clarence 
  17. Krystle – This is a gorgeous endearment for a beautiful-looking pet parrot.
  18. Pablo – In case you want to take the Spanish route!
  19. Ruby
  20. Peawang
  21. Saphira
  22. Eragon 


Famous Peacock Names

In this section, we have compiled a few famous names that will adorn your pet’s identity even further, and do all the talking as your pet leaves an opulent impression on the onlookers!

From the most popular celebrity-inspired names to the monikers that feel like they were always meant to fit your peacock, we have some of the most sought-after options to help you choose the one. Have a look:

  1. Brad
  2. Joey
  3. Belle
  4. Drake
  5. Kanye
  6. Hunter
  7. Zazou
  8. Juliet
  9. MJ
  10. Nicki
  11. Keisha
  12. Justin
  13. Taylor
  14. Dwayne
  15. Margaret
  16. Leonardo
  17. Oprah
  18. Ellen
  19. Jennifer
  20. Tom


Cartoon Peacock Names

The moviedom and the cartoon universe proudly brim with some of the greatest-of-all-time titles that can become the perfect addition to your majestic pet peacock’s lives.

One common attribute between your feathered friend and each of these names is that both are prized for their distinctiveness and rarity! Scroll through some of the most amazing names from this list that we have handpicked just for you.

  1. Daffy – Although Daffy was originally a duck, we believe this name would fit your pet like second-skin!
  2. Zazu 
  3. Donald
  4. Mordecai – Quite an artistic name for your pet peacock.
  5. Blu 
  6. Peacock Claudius 
  7. Tweety – Use this name for a peacock or peachick that is incredibly adorable to have as a pet.
  8. Gogo 
  9. Plucky
  10. Miss Prissy – This is a fitting name for a pet peahen that acts a bit like a snob.
  11. Webby
  12. Pidgey
  13. Chilly Willy – An easy-breezy endearment for a pet that’s always up and grooving!
  14. Ludwig 
  15. Flit
  16. Big Bird – This name is inspired by an animated character from Sesame Street.
  17. Orville
  18. Tootsie
  19. Daisy
  20. Private
  21. Rico 
  22. Skipper


Unique Names For Pet Peacocks

If you’re certain that your pet peacock or peahen is anything but ordinary, and you’re seeking a unique name that documents the special creatures they are, then your search ends here!

Below, we have listed some of the most unheard-of and stunning endearments for your pet that are sure to blow your mind. Have a look:

  1. Rana – This name belongs to Arabic origin and translates into “eye-catching.” You can pick this name as an appreciation for the magnificent eye-patterned markings on your peacock’s tail.
  2. Cyrus 
  3. Sullivan
  4. Zeru 
  5. Thanh – An exceptional Thai endearment for your pet peacock that translates into “sky blue.”
  6. Cerulean
  7. Celestino 
  8. Caelum
  9. Talia
  10. Mora
  11. Livia
  12. Kailani
  13. Cyane
  14. Michigan
  15. Baltic
  16. Aster
  17. Anemone


White Peacock Names

If you are lucky enough to be a pet parent to a stunning-looking white peacock, then you already know what a treat it is to the eyes, and deserves special attention! Each of our name recommendations listed below will embellish their charisma and is absolutely perfect for your all-white flying companions, so take a look:

  1. White Walker – A comical twist to this Game of Thrones-inspired name for your peacock.
  2. Wizard – Because that’s exactly what they do, cast a spell on you with their magical spirit!
  3. Jasmine
  4. Gandalf
  5. Ermine
  6. Snowy
  7. Coconut
  8. Blizzard
  9. Pearla 
  10. Arctic 
  11. Angel 


Have You Found The One Yet?

Your feathered friends will enliven your home and life for a long time to come, so make sure that you take ample time to choose a name that they actually cherish.

We hope that our round-up of over 200 names for your peacock or peahen has helped you find the one that resonates with their personality. In case you are still juggling among your most favorite contenders and cannot make a decision yet, then get to know your pet and observe which name it best responds to!

Ultimately, it all boils down to picking an endearment that reflects your unmeasurable affection for your birdie. Happy naming!

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