200+ Beautiful Red Bird Names

Red Bird Names

If you are fluttering with excitement over the arrival of your red-colored pet bird, whether it’s a parrot, cockatiel, finch, or a different species—the next thing to do is pick a groundbreaking bird name that best describes your feathered friend.

Although it may seem like a simple task, there’s a science to finding the right name for your pet. You should always take ample time to get to know your newly arrived bird since it results in a name that fits its kind of breed, features, and personality rather than just a name that you randomly choose.

There’s no denying the fact that your bird can pique anyone’s curiosity with its ruby-hued body and the sweetest ways. Therefore, it deserves a name that does justice to the splendid little creature it is! Moreover, when you name your bird, you help form its identity for many years to come.

Today, the internet is oozing with options, making it incredibly daunting for you to decide on a name. So, we delved deep into our vast database to give you a detailed insight into the most prolific titles for your red bird and help you pick your favorite!

Read on for over 200 beautiful and evergreen bird names as we include the best recommendations for your feathery friend at your disposal!


Adorable Red Bird Names

Beautiful crimson-bodied cardinals or tiny red-breasted finches are mesmerizing to look at—therefore, it makes perfect sense to give your intriguing bird a name that reflects its delightful color. Below, you will find all the names that signify the meaning of “red,” in complexion, color, or temperament.

  1. Akako – A Japanese feminine name that translates into the color red.
  2. Alhambra – A rare name that means red. It emerges from a Spanish origin.
  3. Titian – Name your pet after this Roman-inspired moniker that translates into “red-haired.”
  4. Russel – A French-originated name, meaning “redhead.”
  5. Rumo – A fitting name for your chirpy bird.
  6. Rusty – A scintillating, outdoorsy name for your bird that translates to “bright red.”
  7. Rufus – A popular name among puppies but also does exceedingly well amidst red-colored birds.
  8. Rudyard – An authentic English name that denotes a red enclosure.
  9. Rowan – A cute name with a Scottish origin that means “redhead.”
  10. Roth – Give this distinctive German name to your pet bird with a blood-red profile.
  11. Roone – Another fascinating name for a red-haired bird.
  12. Rory – A typical Irish name that translates into “Red King.”
  13. Redmond – Carries the meaning you’re looking for. Additionally, it also means “wise protector.”
  14. Reed – Refer’s to a bird’s hair being red or ruddy.
  15. Radcliff – Comes from an English origin meaning “red cliff.”
  16. Flann – A cheerful Irish name that translates to “red-haired.”
  17. Flanagan – A variant of Flann, this English name means “red.”
  18. Derry – This name is synonymous with a red-colored oak tree.
  19. Adam – Name your bird after the Son of the Red Earth!
  20. Sienna – This name denotes a red-haired royalty from Italy.
  21. Scarlett – Symbolizes the color red, passion, and joy.
  22. Rosie – A Latin name that translates into “rose.”
  23. Amber – Name with a Persian origin appreciated for its beautiful color.
  24. Cherry – Pick this name for your dear bird as it colors your life with its cherry-like frame.
  25. Blaze – Translates into a red-haired warrior.
  26. Flame – An appropriate name for a bird with a fiery temperament.
  27. Keegan – Bears an Irish origin and relates to the color red.
  28. Maple – An adorable name for a red-colored bird that’s well-received due to its brilliant fall foliage.
  29. Ruby – This gemstone moniker arises from a Latin name that translates into “red.”
  30. Crimson – An impressive name for a female bird that means “deep red.”
  31. Carmine – An unconventional title for a vividly-red bird.
  32. Garnet – Named after a beautiful red-colored jewel.
  33. Ginger – Pick this foolproof name for your ginger-feathered friend.
  34. Kiera – This exquisite name is derived from Clara and denotes red color.
  35. Poppy – This flower carries a bold crimson color, making it an ideal name for brightly-colored birds.
  36. Phoenix – A Greek name that translates into “dark red.”


Popular Names For Red Birds

Whether you’re a Hollywood aficionado or a serial Netflix chiller, you can always select a name after someone you love watching on the screen.

Popular names are simply wonderful because they not only give your pet bird a unique edge but also make it a lot more fun than choosing a conventional name. They are also a great choice if you want to go for a name that echoes “fun” every time you call out to your bird.

Below, we have listed a range of some foolproof names that you may have seen before but sure will never get bored of!

  1. Charlie – Name your bird after Charlie Chaplin, the popular English comedian.
  2. Daffy – Warner Bros’ animated cartoon character.
  3. Kevin – Up’s famous movie character with no speaking lines, but a vibrant personality that stole hearts.
  4. Zazu – A Red-billed Hornbill from The Lion King.
  5. Iago – A sarcastic bird villain from Aladdin.
  6. Diaval – Maleficent’s snappy raven from the movie Maleficent.
  7. Scuttle – A cutesy and caring seagull starring in The Little Mermaid.
  8. Hedwig – Harry Potter’s loyalist owl from the Harry Potter series.
  9. Fred – You saw this parrot in Tonny Baretta, the old ABC series.
  10. Fawkes – The red-bodied parrot from the Harry Potter series.
  11. Poll – Andrew Jackson’s beloved pet bird. Speaks both, Spanish and English!
  12. Charlie – Winston Churchill’s treasured bird who nicknamed the Nazis and Hitler.
  13. Blu – A macaw from the 2011 movie, Rio.
  14. Short Tom – Captain Hook’s bird in Peter Pan.
  15. Skully – The tritagonist in Jake and the Neverland Pirate, a Disney Junior series.
  16. Toucan Sam – Kellogg’s Froot Loops cereal’s mascot in 1963.
  17. Donald – A Disney quaker that debuted in 1934.
  18. Tweety – From the Looney Tunes show.
  19. Big Bird – An anthropomorphic canary from Sesame Street, a children’s television show.
  20. Mr. Ping – A character from the Kung-fu Panda franchise.
  21. Archimedes (The Owl) – Merlin’s pet from Disney’s feature film, The Sword in the Stone.
  22. Mordecai – A red-eyed bird that first appeared in the Regular Show.
  23. Flit – A ruby-throated hummingbird seen in Disney’s 1995 movie, Pocahontas.
  24. Pidgeot – A flying Pokémon that debuted in Generation 1.
  25. Looney – A tech-nerd bird who was Billy Bob’s sidekick.
  26. Jonathan – The protagonist in Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach.
  27. Heckle – A black-colored bird from Heckle and Jeckle.
  28. Daisy – Donald Duck’s infamous love interest.
  29. Roly-Poly – Named after a Roald Dahl character.
  30. Opus – A penguin from Bloom County.
  31. Billina – A character in various Land of Oz novels by L. Frank Baum.
  32. Quoth – Titled after a raven character created by Terry Pratchett.
  33. Captain Flint – A parrot from Treasure Island.
  34. Lory – A character in Alice and Wonderland, a fiction novel by Lewis Caroll.
  35. Roy – A roosted from U.S. Acres.
  36. Shoe – A grumpy martin last seen in Shoe.
  37. Sheldon – Named after Sheldon Cooper’s character from The Big Bang Theory, a sought-after American sitcom.
  38. Henny Penny – Commonly known as Chicken Little across the United States. This chicken claims that the world is nearing an end.
  39. Ace – A parakeet in Powerbirds.
  40. Dab – From the Ice Age movies.
  41. Goodfeathers – A trio of birds starring in Animaniacs, an American musical TV series.
  42. Leafie – A titular personality of a South Korean drama film, Leafie, A Hen into the Wild.
  43. Chocobo – Seen in the Final Fantasy series.
  44. Birdie – A literal name for your pet from the McDonald commercials.
  45. Edie Von Keet – A popular parakeet that debuted in the Littlest Pet Shop: A World of Our Own.


Sophisticated Names For Red Birds

Birds are fascinating creatures and make wonderful pets globally. Their social, doting nature makes them every pet owner’s favorite. People love bringing them home because of the joyful vibe they bring about.

The fact that they symbolize beauty means that it’s best to pick a unique name with an exquisite meaning that befits your beautiful companions. Interestingly, we have gathered a plethora of sophisticated names for your red bird, so let’s get going!

  1. Kryptonite
  2. Cache
  3. Rummy
  4. Avalanche
  5. Martini
  6. Gibson
  7. Whisper
  8. Dewey
  9. Felix
  10. Diana
  11. Kyle
  12. Angela
  13. Caitlyn
  14. Delilah
  15. Timothy
  16. Zach
  17. Aria
  18. Lydia
  19. Melanie
  20. Weston
  21. Evans
  22. Charles
  23. Adeline
  24. Caleb
  25. Gemma
  26. Celine
  27. Isaiah
  28. Eden
  29. Tracey
  30. Eric
  31. Autumn
  32. Roman
  33. Jeremiah
  34. Santiago
  35. Bradley
  36. Lorenzo
  37. Trinity
  38. Harrison
  39. Eleanor
  40. Penelope
  41. Leah
  42. Briana
  43. Aubrey
  44. Daisy
  45. Melody
  46. Josephine
  47. Harmony
  48. Gabrielle
  49. Evelyn
  50. Deborah


Male Red Bird Names

Many pet owners like to associate their male birds with names that appear tough and masculine. If you belong in the same category and are looking for a heroic moniker, here are some great names to get you inspired and find the best name for your little guy!

  1. Stephen
  2. Brad
  3. Randy
  4. Robert
  5. Rajah
  6. Zac
  7. Toby
  8. Raider
  9. Gabriel
  10. Largo
  11. Ben
  12. Floyd
  13. Albert
  14. Paco
  15. Malcolm
  16. Milton
  17. Monster
  18. Billy
  19. Chad
  20. Andre
  21. Sullivan
  22. King
  23. Nigel
  24. Leo
  25. Rocky
  26. Thunder
  27. Rooster
  28. Titan
  29. Caesar
  30. Gunther
  31. Martian
  32. Beau
  33. Drake
  34. Joe
  35. Zayn
  36. Bart
  37. Connor
  38. Eliott
  39. Dash
  40. Gus
  41. Dexter
  42. Harley


Female Red Bird Names

In addition to their charm and spectacular appearance, female red-colored birds are also the perfect combination of sweet and sassy! Below, you can find plenty of names for your female raptor that’ll give it the perfect title and set it apart from the crowd.

  1. Angel
  2. Rebecca
  3. Rosa
  4. Juliet
  5. Amy
  6. Sophie
  7. Priscilla
  8. Esther
  9. Samantha
  10. Jenny
  11. Phoebe
  12. Vienna
  13. Lizzie
  14. Prudence
  15. Rihanna
  16. Ariana
  17. Katie
  18. Jewel
  19. Fern
  20. Petal
  21. Pandora
  22. Tasha
  23. Sydney
  24. Polly
  25. Louise
  26. Tara
  27. Roxy
  28. Anastasia
  29. Aurora
  30. Beatrice
  31. Cashew
  32. Blossom
  33. Diamond
  34. Elle
  35. Duchess
  36. Felicity
  37. Gigi
  38. Grace
  39. Isabelle
  40. January
  41. Jasmine
  42. Lolita
  43. Mabel
  44. Medusa
  45. Nicole
  46. Patricia
  47. Pixie


Conclusion: Red Bird Names

No matter what name you ultimately pick, remember that your feathered buddy will thank you for going miles to choose a truly special moniker for them. With their unparalleled disposition, pet birds become a part of your family as if they were there with you from the beginning.

So, by choosing the right name, you can not only feel the excitement powering through every time you call your pet out but also gift your red-colored bird a name that matches its uniqueness.

With so many beautiful names pecking your way, we hope you would thoroughly enjoy giving a fitting title to your bird. However, if you’re still confused, don’t fret! Naming your pet bird doesn’t carry any hard and fast rules to adhere to. Simply seek inspiration from your favorite celebrity, food, movie, or book, and that will do the trick!