200+ Adorable Seagull Names

Seagull Names

Gulls, colloquially known as Seagulls are proud members of the Laridae family and are deemed to be among some of the most intelligent bird species. You will be stunned to know that these creatures are capable of drinking both; freshwater as well as seawater.

Seagulls hold a special gland beside their eyes that excretes all the salt from their system. Despite the common belief that you must bring these boisterous birds home at your own risk, in reality, they actually make wonderful pets!

Although, you must brace yourselves for a deluge of challenges ahead because these creatures love flaunting their fierce persona. In fact, research reveals that some seagulls even force people to accept them as pets. This is indeed a fresh take on pet-parenting, isn’t it?

Seagulls are fairly medium to large-sized, and widely known for their conformity to different circumstances. Unlike other creatures, these birds bear a complex medium of communication, wherein they signal others of their own kind through unique body movements and calls. Since these opportunistic scavengers are always on the lookout for food, you might occasionally find them swooping in to snatch your snacks.

If you have just welcomed a seagull to your family, you must be in search of the right name to call it by. Luckily, in this article, we have shortlisted over 200 stellar title suggestions for the newest addition to your home, so that you don’t have to address your special bird using its conventional name! But before we get started, always remember that finding the right moniker for your bird doesn’t necessarily have to be an arduous, long-standing task, but it should echo with their persona.

Moreover, we’d like to share certain tips for naming your pet.

  • First, always try to choose a name that’s easy to remember, otherwise your bird might face challenges recalling its name.
  • Second, make sure that you take some time to observe your Gull’s habits and interests to give it the right identity.
  • Third, if you’re experiencing a creative slowdown, you can refer to your bird’s physical attributes and tweak them to curate an endearment.

And lastly, don’t forget to enjoy this name-finding journey! The entire world is yours to seek inspiration from, be it movies, celebrities, fictional characters, and even flowers. We hope that you’re ready to unleash the magic, so let us scroll through some of the greatest-of-all-time pet names for your seagull.


Cute Names For Seagulls

Hands down, seagulls are the most ubiquitous creatures wading on the shore beside the heavenly sea. These caring and super-attentive birds are adept at capturing the eye of the onlooker with their mesmerizing antics. And, don’t even get us started with their ivory, black, and grey profiles.

No matter what color they are, they literally dazzle against the sparkling sun rays. If you happen to own a pet seagull, then you are a first-hand witness to all the cuteness that they gladly throw around.

So, below, we have listed some of the most adorable name options that are sure to fit your gorgeous Gull like a glove! Have a look:

  1. Aqua – Because seagulls are creatures of the sea!
  2. Prickles
  3. Spring 
  4. Fly Baby – Because these wonderful creatures are expert fliers.
  5. Munchkin 
  6. Sue
  7. Gail 
  8. Ivory – A cute name that is inspired by your pet gull’s majestic profile.
  9. Pickle 
  10. Apricot – Indeed a wholesome name to use for a pet seagull.
  11. Sasha 
  12. Cupcake – This is an amazing name to pick for an adorable-looking seagull.
  13. Josh 
  14. Maddie 
  15. Peachy 
  16. Quirky – In case you love it when your pet seagull acts its crazy and unique self.
  17. Katie
  18. Puddle 
  19. Vanilla –  A heartwarming title to use for a pet seagull with an innocent demeanor.
  20. Bill 
  21. Ariel – Another pleasant sea-inspired endearment for your lovable pet.
  22. Spade
  23. Blueberry – A moniker that’s great as both, a name and a fruit!
  24. Giggles – In case your seagull never fails to crack you up with its whimsical escapades.
  25. Abby
  26. Lucky – Use this title in case you think your pet seagull is your lucky charm!
  27. Ian 
  28. Pippy 
  29. Nibbles 
  30. Jerry 
  31. Mr. Soars 
  32. Foodie – As we mentioned, your pet seagull won’t mind stealing your snacks from you.
  33. Ivy
  34. Tiny – Pick this name for a seagull that bears an adorably tiny body.
  35. Sleepy 
  36. Pebble
  37. Trickster – A funny and cute name for a pet seagull that loves pulling pranks on you.
  38. Hawk-Eye – A name that is inspired by the excellent vision that seagulls boast.
  39. Nimble 


Funny Names For Seagulls

Apart from being extremely fun to watch these steadily clever kleptomaniacs, there is an entire ocean of attributes that seagulls flaunt to leave us spellbound.

Did you know that these relentless creatures stomp their feet to emulate the sound of the rainfall so that they can trick earthworms to rush out of the land?

With their whim and deft humor, giving a funny name to your pet seems like the right thing to do! A chuckle-worthy title is sure to create joyous moments between you and your favorite birdie, and also help you induce bouts of giggles every time you call them out.

Feel free to find your humor in food names, your pet’s demeanor, or just a random word that you can tweak into a comical moniker! Here are a few suggestions that you can seek inspiration from:

  1. Klepto – Quite an obvious title for your pet, considering these creatures don’t mind going the extra mile for a nice meal!
  2. Snickers
  3. Big Birdie – Use this funny name in case you happen to own a large-sized pet gull.
  4. Grumpy – Because your otherwise cheery birdie might sometimes throw some tantrums!
  5. Troublemaker
  6. Noisy – By now, you know that your pet is one hell of a noisy bird. But, hang in there! You might just learn to enjoy the calls of your gull, just like many pet owners do!
  7. Fly
  8. Gully – This endearment carries such a hysterical tone to it.
  9. Ms. Loud – Or if you can’t stand your pet’s noise, go with this name to call it!
  10. Bully – Yes, probably only when they are hangry (Angry and Hungry!).
  11. Hungers
  12. See Gull – A punny name that’s inspired by a seagull’s precise vision.
  13. The Godfeather
  14. Winger
  15. JoJo
  16. CeCe
  17. Doodle
  18. Angry Bird
  19. Gromet
  20. Scruffy
  21. Ringo
  22. Popcorn
  23. Goof
  24. Rascal
  25. Wingman – Pick this name if your dearest pet is the most loyal guy on your team!
  26. Cloudy
  27. Clatter
  28. Chatterbox
  29. Tater Tot
  30. Peppers
  31. Kissy – A comical name for a seagull that doesn’t mind sneaking a few kisses from you!
  32. Fairy
  33. Bubbles
  34. Cheeky
  35. Prankster
  36. Dancey Pants
  37. Jolly
  38. Devious
  39. Tequilla
  40. Mr. Gluttons


Silly Names For Seagulls

There is no denying the fact that seagulls lead the pack when it comes to their intelligence and wit, and it is also true that they are anything but ordinary!

You will be amazed to know that many birders have observed these creatures dropping living oyster shells on the ground so that cars would drive over them and help them break the shell for a scrumptious act of gluttony later on!

Needless to say, your pet gull must channel its inner craziness in its own unique way, which is why a silly title for it might just be the ticket! Below, we have listed some of the wackiest monikers that you’ll thoroughly enjoy scrolling through, so take a look:

  1. Nessie 
  2. Claw – Because gulls weaponize their sharp-ended claws to catch their prey. In essence, these birdies will do anything for food!
  3. Zippy 
  4. Chipperz 
  5. Pretzel – A silly and funny name for a pet seagull that acts as a bit of a klutz.
  6. Unpheasant
  7. See You Gull 
  8. Rex – What’s wrong with giving your tough pal a dinosaur-inspired name?
  9. Yakky 
  10. Dull Gull 
  11. Pipsqueak 
  12. Rambo 
  13. Nutty – Pick this title for a pet bird that often acts as a nutjob.
  14. Jibbernut
  15. Potts 
  16. Drunkard – A subtle jibe at your gull’s ability to drink both, freshwater and saltwater.
  17. Webbie 
  18. Scuttles 
  19. Chickpea – Indeed a ninny endearment for a chickpea-sized pet seagull.
  20. Nincompoop 
  21. Gullfriend – A punny name for a female seagull that means the world to you.
  22. Chappy 
  23. Huewy 
  24. Sir Chirps A Lot – This seems like an excellent way to call out your noisy bird.
  25. Rainbow
  26. Winger – An adorably silly name for your feathered friend.
  27. Buttons 
  28. Gullerz 
  29. Lord Of The Wings 
  30. Birdbox – A popular 2018 Sandra Bullock starer film titled by the same name.
  31. Birdbrain 
  32. Tik-Tok 
  33. Birdie Nerdie – Pick this moniker for a pet seagull that is nothing short of a dork.
  34. Bubba 
  35. Tiki 
  36. Gull-O-Phile 
  37. Silly Billy – We absolutely love this eccentric twist to the rhyming name!
  38. Speedy
  39. Strutter
  40. Pappagallo 
  41. Yodel 
  42. Ninja – A fitting name for a sneaky little seagull.


Famous Names For Seagulls

With their unique appearance and excellent skillset, seagulls are no less than celebrities of the bird kingdom. In fact, these birds have even continued to maintain a commendable reputation on the silver screen and a plethora of animated cartoon series.

A great way of turning the spotlight onto your beloved pet is to give it an unforgettable name that stands the test of time, popularity, and appeal.

Whether you want to name your gull after a famous celeb or pick one inspired by a character from your favorite novel, there are an array of name suggestions waiting for you to explore. Check them out:

  1. Crazy Eddie – Pick this children’s TV show, Talespin-inspired moniker for a pet seagull that acts ridiculously crazy at times.
  2. Kehaar – This is a pleasant-sounding title for a pet seagull that’s taken from Watership Down, a 1978 British adventure-drama movie.
  3. Brad Pitt
  4. Ms. Gully – Use this absolute delight of endearment to gracefully call out an elegant-looking seagull.
  5. Michael Gullson
  6. Robin
  7. Blanche – Indeed an exquisite seagull name for a female that’s taken from Birds of a Feather.
  8. Scuttle – Perhaps the most widely used seagull name that’s culled from the popular animated series, The Little Mermaid, wherein Scuttle plays Ariel’s buddy.
  9. Scarlett
  10. Manou – This title is inspired by Birds of a Feather, a German animated adventure film. Interestingly, the character is actually a swift birdie that’s raised by gulls and believes to be one of their kind.
  11. Kyle – Spongebob Squarepants fanatics, where you at?
  12. Steven Seagull
  13. Butterfly – Pick this gorgeous title for a pet seagull that you beautifully see flying high up in the sky.
  14. Sir Gull – Simply because your wonderful birdie deserves to be addressed with respect!
  15. Andy
  16. Wilbur – This name is derived from The Rescuers Down Under, Walt Disney’s American animated adventure movie.
  17. Orville
  18. Aoogah – Tweety’s friend in the Baby Looney Tunes Show.
  19. Gerald 
  20. Loon 
  21. Farley – This awesome name for your pet seagull is taken from Sofia the First, an adorable animated children’s television series.
  22. Fisher – Quite a famous name that is taken from Ducktales for your flying friend.
  23. Dustie 
  24. Puff 
  25. Jonathan Livingston Seagull – A title inspired by Richard Bach’s popular novella titled by the same name.
  26. Yves – Yet another name for a male pet gull that’s culled from the animated film, Birds of a Feather. 
  27. Drake 
  28. Paulie
  29. Whitey – A name culled from The Whale Who Wanted To Sing At The Met, Disney’s animated short story, where Whitey plays the friend of the Whale.
  30. Nico 
  31. Garvey Gull – This name is inspired by the notorious orphaned seagull in the Donald Duck comics that befriends Dewey and Huey.
  32. Rio 
  33. Blu 
  34. AlGull Einstein 


Boy Seagull Names

If you’re wondering how to tell a male seagull apart from that of its female counterpart, know that it is extremely difficult to distinguish between the two, unless you are an experienced birder. This is because, both the genders are subtly different, with the male gull bearing a more vibrant and brighter plumage.

Furthermore, oftentimes, male gulls are much larger in size and even boast a stronger bill. If you have recently welcomed a male seagull into your life, then you must be in search of a fitting name to call it. Below, we have listed some of the nicest endearments for your delightful birdie, so have a look:

  1. Rocky – In case you want to offer a dash of spunk to your pet gull.
  2. Xavier 
  3. John 
  4. Desmond 
  5. Kai 
  6. Willy 
  7. Gull-I-Ble – A punny wordplay on the word “gullible.” Use this name for a male gull that’s highly credulous in nature.
  8. Miles 
  9. Barney 
  10. Dudley
  11. Olaf – Pick this Frozen-inspired name for a stunning pearly-white seagull.
  12. Steven 
  13. Dunkirk 
  14. Chester 
  15. Hugh 
  16. Brave – No denying the fact that these creatures are absolute Bravehearts.
  17. Lance
  18. Felix 
  19. Duke 
  20. Gilbert
  21. Harry 
  22. Ralph 
  23. Henry
  24. Usher 
  25. Brandy 
  26. Sunny – We love this one for the warm, feel-good connotation associated with it!
  27. Brady 
  28. Wills
  29. Joe 
  30. Mack 
  31. Karl 
  32. Sky – Because that’s where these marvelous flyers belong!
  33. Alex 
  34. Jaden 
  35. Zade 


Girl Seagull Names

We’ve already mulled over the fact that a male gull and a “SheGull” are not exactly distinguishable to the human eye. However, you can identify females by their behavior, as they are known to constantly move their beaks and produce uninterrupted squawking noises.

If your dearest gull is actually a girl, then she probably deserves a bewitching endearment to call her by. Here are some of the greatest female names you can choose from for your pet:

  1. Eve
  2. Peony 
  3. Crystal – We love this title for the air of exoticism attached to it.
  4. Lyla 
  5. Beauty – In case your birdie looks so captivating, so you just want to make it obvious!
  6. Carly
  7. Farlen 
  8. Ruth 
  9. Fiona 
  10. Faze
  11. Trish 
  12. Ava 
  13. Claudia 
  14. Amelia 
  15. Seasho – Because eyeing at a seagull on the seashore is a sheer delight.
  16. Indigo 
  17. Silver 
  18. Rouge 
  19. Samantha 
  20. Minx 


Have You Found The One Yet?

So, this was all about our comprehensive list of over 200 awesome names for your pet seagull. These lofty creatures have forever been associated with the oceanic views of the holiday season. However, thanks to their excellent adaptability, they have made their way further inland into our urban settings, and also our hearts!

Finding the right name can sure be quite challenging, but we hope that our round-up has armed you with some of the best titles for your gull.

Ultimately, it all boils down to picking a name that gets both—you and your seagull rollicking! If you are still feeling stuck, then begin by narrowing down the list of your favorite contenders at hand, and then pick the one that your birdie best responds to whenever you call it out!

Happy naming!


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