Starling Symbolism and Meaning (Totem, Spirits, and Omens)

Starling symbolism and spiritual meaning

Popular in the East as a “mynah,” the starlings are stocky birds that have a reputation of being quite notorious at times. But what do these birds represent in the world of symbolism? Let’s find out.

Starlings are symbolic of communication, of your relationship with your fellow members, and your standing in society. They also symbolize unity; often seen flocking together, these birds have learned that we are always stronger together than alone.

Have you been dreaming of starlings frequently these days? Or are you simply curious about how these birds are perceived in spiritualism? This article holds the answers to all your starling-related doubts and queries. Keep reading to learn all about their symbolism.


Starling symbolism

Before we begin to talk about starling symbolism, let’s ask you this: how much do you know about these little birds? If you have no answer to that, don’t worry; we’ve got you.

Starlings are a group of medium-sized passerine birds that are endemic to Asia, Africa, and Europe. These birds usually have a dark plumage with a glossy sheen covering, with the African species being the glossiest.

Despite their nativity, starlings are found in almost every part of the world today, including Australia, North America, and New Zealand. In these countries, they are considered to be invasive species.

Like most other passerines, the starlings also have an omnivorous (primarily insectivorous) diet. They’re particularly fond of eating fermenting fruits. There are over 25 different species of starlings in the world. In the Asian subcontinent, these birds are referred to as “mynahs.”

As far as starling symbolism is concerned, these birdies are first and foremost symbolic of communication. Did you know that some people believe these birds are better at talking than even the parrots? Yes, well, it isn’t entirely wrong.

Starlings are the kinds of birds that you will never find to be completely silent. They’re either chattering among themselves, whistling their songs, or making warbling noises all the time. Many pet owners have also claimed them to be loud and noisy.

These birds are equally good mimics, the European Starlings more so than any other starling species. They can imitate a variety of birds in addition to some animals as well.

Symbolically, they stand for the idea that talking can solve about 80% of the problems in the world (if not all).

Starlings are also symbolic of unity; these birds have recognized that there’s strength in standing together and are, therefore, seldom seen alone.

From them, you can learn how trivial adjustments are a small price to pay for your family. We’re our strongest selves when we stand together with our family and our loved ones.

Many would consider these birds to symbolize lack of consideration as well. It is because these birds also have a vicious side to their personality. While they’re protective of their own, you cannot expect the same level of consideration from them when it comes to other species.

Having the advantage of number (as they travel in large flocks), these birds often encroach on other birds’ nests, throw them out, break their eggs, and even kill their fledglings. Their disregard for the belongings as well as the feelings of others is important symbolism.


What does it mean to dream of Starlings?

When a starling comes to you in your dream, it is often the harbinger of good news. However, not all starling dreams can have the same meaning, can they?

The subtle details of a dream can have a vast difference in its interpretation. In this section, we’ll look at some common starling dreams and explore their meanings and interpretations.

To dream of a flying starling is symbolic of growth and prosperity. If you’re in a difficult phase of life, this dream is an indication that you’ll get over it soon.

And if an opportunity for change presents itself to you in the near future, don’t hesitate to take it. Whether it’s a new job or relocation, it will change your life for the better.

Was the starling you dreamt of perched on your roof? Well, this dream is not about you but about someone you’re quite close with; a lover or a best friend.

If you’ve been worried about a certain person’s career, health, or well-being, this dream is a sign that their troubles will soon end.

However, if the starling was perched on your window, it depicts that a foreign trip is in your cards.

Maybe you’ve been waiting to go to a country for studies, work, or even pleasure. All those plans that always got canceled last minute are going to pan out soon. Keep your bags ready!

But what if the starling in your dream was trying to get inside your house? You have no reason to worry, for this dream, too, has a positive interpretation.

It is indicative of the arrival of someone new in your life, someone whose personality and attributes are going click with yours in an instant.

If this person doesn’t end up being your love interest, they’re certainly going to be your friends for life.

If, in your dream, you see a flock of starlings gathered together, it is a sign that you’re taking a wrong approach at work, which is resulting in failure time and again.

While you might think you’re capable of completing the project/deadline/presentation all by yourself, that’s not really true. Getting more hands on the deck is the way to go here, and the sooner you accept it, the better.

Starlings are often kept as house pets due to their tamable and easy-going personality. Therefore, to dream of them in a cage is not that unusual.

Such a dream indicates that there’s something you need to do that you’ve been procrastinating for a long time. But if you delay it any further, you might end up paying for it dearly. We’d recommend it to get to it right away.

Did you spot a starling’s nest in your dream? Such a dream is more of a warning, asking you to maintain a safe distance from the people who make too many promises.

These people are often the ones that have no intention of keeping their promises. And if you rely on them, you’re going to end up miserable. It is, therefore, always better to be self-reliant.

To dream of yourself feeding a starling has a powerful interpretation. It is symbolic of your victory over your rivals or competitors. If you see such a dream, it means that you’ll soon find a way to stay ahead of them; a shortcut to your final destination.

Dreaming of catching a starling has a happy symbolism. It indicates that very soon, you’re going to be a part of a gathering for someone’s birthday or anniversary.

In that event, you’ll see relatives that you haven’t seen in a long time. Together, you all will have a fun and joyous time.

If, in your dream, you see an injured starling, it is symbolic of your sensitivity. Your dream indicates that you might be a little too sensitive, because of which the people around you walk on eggshells to avoid hurting you.

And while it might seem doable for them for now, it will eventually be too taxing. If you want to avoid that from happening, you should stop taking everything too personally.

If you see yourself killing a starling in your dream, don’t worry. Your dream has a positive interpretation and indicates your freedom from the things and people that were weighing you down in life.

However, to dream of someone else killing a starling is suggestive of an argument or a quarrel with someone in the near future, be it a colleague or a friend. Losing your calm under such circumstances will do you no good.


Starling symbolism in different cultures and mythologies

While the starlings do have a strong symbolism, these birds do not find a significant representation in most cultures and mythologies in the world. However, we’ve dug up quite deep for you, and here’s all we found:

The story of Branwen and her pet starling

The story of Branwen belongs to the second part of the Mabinogi Stories, which are divided into four branches. These stories are one of the oldest prose stories of Britain and have originated in Wales.

The story begins with the marriage of Matholwch and Branwen, the sister of Bran, King of Britain. Matholwch, the King of Ireland, had asked for Branwen’s hand in marriage, to which King Bran had agreed, blessing their holy matrimony.

However, as soon as she reaches Ireland, Branwen is ill-treated by Matholwch, who condemns her to the kitchens. With no one to listen to her, poor Branwen takes a starling as a pet and trains it to talk.

Once the training is over, Branwen dictates the story of her torture to the bird and sends it all the way to Britain, to her brother. As Bran receives the starling’s message, he leaves for Ireland immediately, battles Matholwch, and rescues his little sister.

While Bran might appear to rescue Branwen in the story, it is actually the talking starling that is the true savior here.

In the Asian culture

As we’ve already mentioned earlier, the starlings are more commonly referred to as “mynah” in the Asian subcontinent.

In many parts of Asia, the mynahs are considered to be symbolic of undying love, which might be a little ironic. It is because these birds are not known to mate for life; in fact, they’re seldom monogamous, with polygamy being a common practice among their community.

Additionally, the Asians also attach a superstition to the mynah sightings. If someone spots a single mynah, it’s a sign of ill-fortune. On the other hand, two mynahs are symbolic of good luck, and seeing them can make your day.


Starling symbolism: as Mozart’s beloved pet

Most of us known Mozart as a brilliant music composer of the 18th century. But did you also know that this genius was a lover of birds? Throughout his life, Mozart had kept many pet birds (usually canaries), and a starling was one of them.

This starling stayed with Mozart for a long time, almost three years, and was very close to his heart. Mozart was so attached to it that, when the bird died, he buried it respectfully in his garden.

He had also organized a funeral ceremony for the starling and had composed a poem for the departed bird. Although the poem was originally written in German, it was later translated into English by Robert Spaethling.

From the poem, it is easy to gather not only that Mozart was deeply attached to birds but also that he had a special connection with his starling. The death of the bird made him mourn as one mourns the death of another human.


Starling totem

The starling totem will enter your life when you’re going through a crisis and are having trouble expressing yourself to others.

Their totem understands how it can be difficult to open up to others about your insecurities and fears. However, they are here to teach you to consider your loved ones as your strength and not your weakness.

While trusting others can be difficult, not trusting anyone is even more so. When you allow your loved ones (family and friends) into your heart, you start to feel less vulnerable. And as you might already know, sharing can double your joys and half your sorrows.

Starling totem can also approach you when you feel like you don’t fit in anywhere. Their totem asks you: “before you claim to be a misfit, have you ever tried to fit in?”.

Sometimes, the reason behind our inability to fit in arises from our own fears; fear of being disliked, fear of being ignored, and so on. Therefore, whether you want to fit in anywhere or not, you must try to get over your fears.

Lastly, the starling totem will come to you when there’s someone in your life who belittles you at every step.

However, because you’ve known them for too long, you’re not comfortable with cutting all ties with them.
While these things might seem tricky on the surface, they’re really not. If you can see the bigger picture, you’ll learn how your hesitation is helping neither them nor you.

It would be better for both of you to accept the fact that you’re better off without each other. After all, living in denial has never done anyone any good.


Starling spirit animal

If you’re the kind who finds it incredibly easy to be vocal about everything, the spirit of the starlings is watching over you.

Guided by the conversationalist starling spirit, these people are absolutely okay with always striking a conversation and are quite satisfied to see others following their lead.

They’re charming, funny, and extremely friendly; people of any age group, be it a child or an elderly, will feel right at home with them once they start talking.

Such people are also very optimistic. They’re the ones that can find a silver lining in even the darkest of clouds (metaphorically speaking). In their friend circle, people often think of them as a ray of sunshine.

The best attribute of such people is their confidence. They’re so confident from within that they can make the best of an impossible situation. It is their confident, optimistic personality that draws others to them.

Do you have a starling-spirited person in your workplace? If you do, you’ll notice that while they might not be the best at their work, they’re often the favorite of many.

This includes even your boss, who praises them from time to time for boosting the morale of the team.

Despite all these incredible qualities, these people lack one thing: patience. Although we wouldn’t call them short-tempered, they have a pretty defined limit. And if someone crossed it, they shouldn’t expect forgiveness.

While merry and easy-going, the starling-spirited people also have a low tolerance for things that might offend them. They’re also quick to cut people off their lives; if you’re someone they find difficult to deal with, they’ll sever all ties with you without any remorse.

Between their friends and family, the starling-spirited people are the warmest and most amiable ones. They’re generous, indulging, and caring.

These are the kind of people who worry about every family member and always make time to find out what’s going on in everybody’s lives. For them, family always comes first.

As far as their romantic interests are concerned, these people prefer to plan their settlement a little late in life, probably in their late 30s. In their prime years, they’re more into casual dating than serious relationships.

Routine is mundane and boring to them; they seek thrill in their dating life. Meeting new people, going out on exquisite dates, these are the kind of things they’re after.

These people are not much for soulmates either; instead of looking for their “other half,” they look for people with similar personalities and interests. Most importantly, their ideal life partners must also respect their individual space and boundaries.



In this article, we have learned that although starlings do not find adequate representation in the cultural world, these birds are truly remarkable when it comes to communication. They also have incredible family values and are very protective of their own.

There is plenty that you can learn from their totem and spirit animal. But the best thing they can teach you is that if you can express yourself properly, you will how much love and acceptance there is around you.

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