Swallow Bird Symbolism and Meaning (Totem, Spirit, and Omens)

Swallow Bird Symbolism and Meaning

The swallow is a type of bird that can be found worldwide. They usually build their nests in holes in buildings or on the ground, and they can be seen flying around in large flocks. The swallow is also known for being very friendly and social, making it a popular symbol of good luck and happiness. This article will discuss the symbolism and spiritual meaning behind this beautiful bird!

Swallows are easy-going and cheerful birds with a free spirit that enjoys wandering the sky. They symbolize peace, cheerfulness, and wanderlust. Because they’re skilled fliers, their spirit is also symbolic of focus and concentration. Dreaming of them can have various interpretations, but good fortune and new connections are the most common ones.

In this article, we will explore what the spirit of swallows can symbolize in the world of spiritualism as well as in different cultures and mythologies of the world. Furthermore, we’ll also learn about the essence of their totem and spirit animal.


Swallow bird symbolism

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With their tiny size and tendency to soar high in the sky, swallows are not the kind of birds to evoke people’s curiosity. But when you take a deeper look into their psyche, you will notice how there’s much more to them than meets the eye.

In this section, we will discuss elaborately the major symbols their spirit stands for:

The symbolism of wanderlust

If you’re familiar with the swallows, you must already know that these birds have a primarily aerial lifestyle. It means that they spend most of their lives flying and have also adapted to aerial feeding to accommodate this lifestyle.

In fact, the legs of the swallows have also evolved to be weak and fragile because they’re used so rarely. The lifestyle of swallows suggests that their spirits have a tendency to wander the world and explore everything that’s present under the sun.

You can learn from their spirit how exhilarating and refreshing it would be to explore this vast world we live in. For these reasons, swallows are also known to be the protector spirit of sailors and travelers.

The symbolism of communication

If you’ve ever had the opportunity to examine a group of swallows closely, you will notice how these birds are always twittering about, which is their way of chattering. The swallow spirit believes in the strength of communication.

According to them, there’s no conflict in the world that cannot be solved by talking about it sensibly. And because of it, these birds always have an honest, transparent relationship with their community. You’d rarely notice them fighting with one another.

If these little birdies can be open and sensitive about their thoughts and feelings, why can’t we do it?

The symbolism of cheerfulness

Another remarkable quality of swallows is that these birds have a cheerful attitude that is infectious. They don’t believe in sulking around, even when they’re worried. Instead, they tend to greet every problem with a smile on their face.

Their spirit teaches us an important lesson; it tells us that while problems are a part of our lives, we should never let them pull us down.

The symbolism of focus and concentration

While cardinals and sparrows are all often seen colliding with windows at night, have you ever noticed how such accidents never happen with the swallows? Well, this is because these birds are highly focused and always make calculated moves.

They stand for focus and concentration and believe that when you pay full attention to the task at hand, you will decrease the possibility of any mistake considerably.


What does it mean to dream of swallows?

Swallows are tiny birdies with a highly aerial lifestyle, which makes their sightings all the more difficult for the common people. Therefore, if you dream of these birds, there’s a possibility that your dream could have a deeper meaning, a personal message, or a warning that you’re overlooking.

Do you want to learn the hidden meaning of your swallow dream? Check out these common swallow dreams and their possible interpretations, and you might find what you’re looking for.

If you see a flying swallow in your dream, it has a positive interpretation in your waking life. Such a dream is symbolic of a pleasant visit in the near future.

Perhaps an old friend is going to be in town after years and wants to hang out, or a close relative is planning to take a trip to your place. Whatever it is, it is going to make you very happy.

A dream where a swallow flies into your house has a somewhat similar meaning. Differing from the last dream only slightly, this dream is a sign that you are going to meet someone new.

You’ll be able to connect with this person very deeply in a very limited time. If this person belongs to the other gender, you might even consider marrying them.

To dream of a swallow in its nest is symbolic of a present. If you’ve had this dream recently, it indicates that very soon, you are going to receive a present from someone close. This present is something you’ve been planning to buy for a long time, so it will cheer you up considerably.

And if you dream of a swallow building its nest, it’s a positive sign for your professional life. It indicates that in the coming weeks, you will achieve news that can turn your career around for the better.

But if you dream of yourself breaking the swallow’s nest, it has a negative sign. Such a dream indicates that something negative in your life is making you depressed. And under the influence of this depression, you will behave in a destructive manner.

Take this dream as a warning not to let your inner feelings control your actions, or you might suffer from severe consequences.

On the other hand, dreaming of someone else breaking the swallow’s nest indicates that someone you care about deeply is going to be in a foul mood in the coming weeks. And no matter how hard you try to cheer them up, it will not help them. Therefore, it’s best to let them cope with their troubles on their own.

Did you dream of a flock of swallows? Such a dream is symbolic of abundance and prosperity, either in your life or the life of a loved one. In any case, it will give you plenty of reasons to celebrate.

Dreaming of feeding a swallow has a negative interpretation for you. It’s a sign that you’re putting in a lot of effort to please someone who doesn’t even deserve it. Instead of wasting your efforts in the wrong place, you should invest them in yourself.

To dream of someone else feeding a swallow has a negative meaning for you as well. Such a dream foretells a stupid argument you’re about to get into with a stubborn person.

It’s clear that this person will never listen to you, no matter whether you’re correct or incorrect. Therefore, in everyone’s best interest, you should simply hold your tongue around them.

Did you see yourself catching or holding a swallow in your dream? Such a dream brings with it a warning for you, telling you to be more thoughtful around those you love. While they care for you deeply, you mustn’t forget that they’re also real persons with feelings. Hurting them is ultimately going to push them away, no matter whether it’s intentional or not.

Dreaming of a swallow inside a cage is symbolic of your foul mood. It indicates that something that has been going on in your personal life is affecting all the other aspects of your life. You must maintain your calm amidst these difficult times.

If a wounded swallow comes to your dream, it foretells that in the near future, you will turn to someone you trust for advice about your private life. This can turn out to be a huge mistake and can damage your personal relationships even further. Therefore, you should try to keep your personal problems between you and your partner.


The significance of the swallow bird in different cultures and mythologies

While swallows might not be as powerful as eagles or graceful as swans, these birds have their own significance in several cultures and mythologies of the world. Let’s dig deeper and learn more about how they’re perceived in the following cultures:

In Christianity

In the Bible, you can find swallows in several tales. One of these tales is located in the garden of Gethsemane. In the story, when a crowd of men entered the garden to look for Christ and take him away, it was a brave swallow who attempted to protect Christ by guiding them astray.

In yet another story, the swallows were filled with sympathy and compassion for Christ, who was hung on the cross with his crown of thorns. They couldn’t help themselves from trying to remove all the nails and thorns and were also singing a soft song to console Christ in the process.

In conclusion, all references to swallows in the Bible suggest that these birds were the embodiment of all the noble virtues for the Christians.

In Greek mythology

The ancient Greeks associated the swallows with beauty and love. It is because these birds were considered to be symbolic of Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of love. Some Greek tales also mention how Aphrodite would transform herself into a swallow and fly down to the land of humans.

In Roman mythology

The Romans saw swallows in a very different light than the Greeks, which is odd since both these mythologies have a lot of similarities.

According to the Romans, these little birds were considered to be the embodiment of the children who had lost their lives during childbirth. Therefore, the swallow’s spirit was the totem of a mother’s sorrow.

In the Native American culture

The Native American culture holds most birds in high regard. But unfortunately, swallows aren’t one of them. These little birdies do not find an elaborate in their culture, but there are some mentions of them in certain tribes. Let’s take a look at these mentions.

As a general rule, the Native Americans view all tiny birds as a symbol of humility and industriousness; swallows represent the same virtues to these people.

In the southwestern tribes, particularly the Zunis, these birds are also associated with rain. Moreover, within the Hopi tribe, there’s an individual swallow clan named “Pavakyayngyam.”

In the Chinese culture

In Chinese culture, the swallows are associated with several positive interpretations.

First and foremost, these birds are known to represent the strength, grace, and dignity of the feminine.

Additionally, they’re also symbolic of the tenderness and generosity that comes with the maternal spirit. The Chinese women are said to adore these little birdies.

Because the swallows enter China right before the onset of the spring season, they are regarded as the harbingers of color, abundance, and happiness. If you’re interested in Feng Shui, you’ll learn that the swallows are used to represent fidelity and fertility.

The Chinese people have also associated the swallow’s nest with a superstition. It tells that if a swallow has made a nest on your property, it’s a sign of all the good fortune that’s going to come your way in the future.

Similarly, destroying or removing a swallow’s nest from your property is frowned upon in their culture. It is considered an ill deed and brings misery to the perpetrator.

In the European culture

In most parts of Eastern Europe, it is believed that swallows were the birds that delivered fire to humans from the Gods. In the process of bringing fire down from the sky, they also burnt their tails mistakenly, rendering them short tails forever. This legend is also believed in some parts of Asia.

The Europeans also believe the superstition that a nest of a swallow on their building can protect it from calamities involving fire or lighting, for their spirits have mastered the art of controlling these elements.


Swallow bird totem

The swallow totem will come to you when you’re tired of your life. Nothing you do seems to make you truly happy, and you can’t connect to any single person. You might be thinking, “why is all this happening to me?”

Well, the central problem of your life is that you’re not aware of your inner self. You have never tried to identify with yourself and are confused about what you want in life.

Under the guidance of the swallow totem, you will learn how important it is to be self-aware. You will also realize that once you take the time to learn about yourself, you will truly explore the potential of what you can achieve in life.

The totem of swallow will bring to you waves of renewed joy and happiness, where you will reconnect with friends and family and celebrate together.

Alternatively, their totem will also remind you to be gentler with yourself. All your life, you’ve been pushing yourself unnecessarily because you thought you needed to be better.

Their totem is here to tell you that you were wrong. You don’t need to be better because you already are perfect. All you need to do is learn to accept and love yourself.


Swallow bird spirit animal

Are you someone who is driven by one central goal all their life and will not give it up for anything? The spirit of swallows is watching over you.

Swallow-spirited people are the ones who have an abundance of focus and determination, so much so that those around them feel encouraged by simply being around them.

They are instinctive decision-makers. Because of their ability to judge any person or situation justly, the people around them often consult them or take their suggestions before doing something important. For these qualities, the swallow-spirited people always enjoy a certain respect and authority in society.

Even if you know these people remotely, you will feel compelled to listen to them and value their opinions; such is the prowess of their spirit.

Another major personality trait of these people is living in the moment. These people always tend to focus more on the present than the past. This doesn’t make them compulsive, no. Instead, it drives them to focus on the things that matter rather than giving in to their emotions.

You will never find the swallow-spirited people to carry around the baggage of their past relationships. They’re of the mindset that what’s out of sight should no longer be a concern of one’s mind.

In their friend circle, these people are a ray of sunshine. They’re the ones who always tell their friends about new, progressive things and love to push them to do better in their lives. Once you start hanging out with them, you will find their company to be irresistible.

As a life partner, these people are equally pleasant. Being with them would mean having an endless source of support, loyalty, and adoration. When they fall in love, they fall hard and tend to keep all the promises they make. If you’re kind to plan your “happily ever after” with a man, they should be your first choice.


Swallow bird tattoo: meanings and interpretation

In the world of ink and tattoos, every bird has its own significance. Their tattoos are like little souvenirs that can help you draw from the characteristic traits of their spirit. Are you wondering what qualities you could draw from the spirit of the swallows?

First and foremost, the swallows are symbolic of adventure and wanderlust. These birds are not the kind you’d often find perched on a tree branch or the top of your house, no.

They feel truly at peace with themselves only when they’re airborne. If you can relate to this incomprehensible passion for wandering the world, you’ll be at home with their tattoos on your body.

Alternatively, their tattoos are also believed to help the tattoo-bearer in improving their concentration skill. For their minuscule size, these birds are surprisingly fast and evasive, a quality that helps them in their survival in the wild.

Their tattoo will always remind you that in order to achieve extraordinary heights in life, you will have to work equally hard.



Most of us think of swallows as tiny, short-tailed birds that are rarely spotted perched on a tree. But there’s more to them than meets the eye. They’re fast, agile, sharp-minded, and have a surprisingly high capacity for focus and concentration.

In the world of symbolism, these birds are respected for their communication skills, cheerfulness and easy-going quality, and wanderlust. If the spirit of these birds guides you, you’ll excel at decision-making, will never be stuck in the past, and will always be well-respected for your determination and focus in life.

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