200+ Cute & Funny Woodpecker Names

Woodpecker Names

With their stark red triangular crest, vibrantly-colored feathers, and an elongated tongue, woodpeckers are truly nature’s marvel. Although many birders believe that they are not the friendliest birds out there, the other school of thought claims that these birds are adorable to keep as pets, and we believe it!

Whether it is the summer breeze or the chilly winter blow, you can hear these treetop clarinetists drumming to create melodies and leaving you in awe. The attribute that sets a woodpecker apart from other species is the resistance of its beak that almost reminds us of a jackhammer.

Despite all the arduous pecking, this bird manages to escape a head injury or a headache! This is because the bills of a woodpecker help allocate the shock across its sturdy skull. Moreover, the tongue of this bird is around three times its total length. Fascinating, isn’t it?

If you have just welcomed a woodpecker as a new pet, or planning to get one, you must be in search of a fitting name for this terrific bird. This is why, in this article, we have lined up over 200 cute and funny titles for you to pick from.

However, before browsing through our list, make sure that you take out some time to analyze the characteristics, personality, and traits of your new pet birdie. This is because it’s a given that you will be living with your woodpecker for a long time to come, so it’s best that you wisely select a name that fits them like a glove!

Meanwhile, we have brainstormed some amazing monikers to get you inspired, and this list might just carry the name you’ve been yearning to find for your pet. So, have a look:


Cute Woodpecker Names

With all their quirks and the sass they throw around, woodpeckers are undoubtedly some of the most charming creatures ever. Seldom do they create any trouble, but seem like they are always up and running for some delightful mischief! Listed below are some extremely endearing names that will perfectly describe your sweet little bird, so take a look:

  1. Woody
  2. Woo – Because that’s what these majestic creatures are great at!
  3. Percussionist – If you love humming to the tune of your pet woodpecker’s melodies.
  4. Sweetie 
  5. Pecky – When all your woodpecker wants to do is peck, peck, and peck!
  6. Pipsqueak 
  7. Read Head – Quite literally! All adult woodpeckers are identified by their red-colored heads.
  8. Rodeo 
  9. Pebble – A delightful name for your teeny tiny pet woodpecker.
  10. Peep 
  11. Snuggles 
  12. Taco 
  13. Baby 
  14. Pickle 
  15. Drum-A-Drum 
  16. Cookie 
  17. Pikachu 
  18. Jelly 
  19. Buddy 
  20. Marvel – We like to call woodpeckers, nature’s marvel.
  21. Keeko 
  22. Pudding 
  23. Woodie the Goodie 
  24. Feathers
  25. Doodles 
  26. Button – In case your pet woodpecker is cute as a button!
  27. Reddy 
  28. Big Red 
  29. Yoddie 
  30. Jell-O
  31. Singer 
  32. Peck 
  33. Waffles 
  34. Drummer 
  35. Wood Hood 
  36. Chirpy 
  37. Coco 
  38. Doo Da 
  39. Ting Tang 
  40. Tidy – Use this name if you happen to own a white-headed woodpecker. These creatures are known to deftly grasp the pinecones to steer clear of the gooey pinesap.
  41. Pretty Boy 
  42. Woodie Peck 


Funny Woodpecker Names

People love documenting their funny sides by transforming themselves into comical cats or dogs through Snapchat filters—but do you know what’s effortlessly funnier? A woodpecker with no filter!

Your friendship with your pet bird is sure to bring a warm smile (and giggles) to your face. Scroll down below to have a look at some of the most whimsical names for your pet woodpecker:

  1. Dollar – Because your pet woodpecker is worth every penny.
  2. Pepper 
  3. Woody Doody 
  4. Woodoo 
  5. Dumpling
  6. I’m-Peck-Able – A funny and quirky name for an adorable pet woodpecker.
  7. RedBed
  8. Yoda 
  9. Kokopo 
  10. Woody-Two-Shoes – In case you are a sucker for punny names for your birdie!
  11. Nougat
  12. Cheese – Food names always appear whimsical!
  13. Basil 
  14. Saggy 
  15. Dum-Dum 
  16. Wood-You-Not? 
  17. Peck-a-boo 
  18. Pepsi 
  19. WoodPie 
  20. Gadget
  21. Momo 
  22. Noodle 
  23. TeePee – Pick this comical name for a tiny-sized pet woodpecker.
  24. K-Drama – Use this name in case your pet bird loves to catch all the attention!
  25. Euro 
  26. Brownie – Quite a relevant and hysterical name for a brown-colored woodpecker.
  27. Wood-Dude 
  28. Sheriff Woody – This name is culled by the hilarious animated character in Disney’s Toy Story.
  29. Crunchy 
  30. Bootilicious 
  31. TaterTot 
  32. Ton-Gua-Ling – Because your pet woodpecker bears a very long tongue!
  33. Baldie 
  34. PixiBae – This is a punny wordplay on the Picidae bird family, which is home to all kinds of woodpeckers.
  35. Xygo 
  36. Dudley 
  37. Drud-La-Lum 
  38. Dawg – When your pet bird is your go-to buddy to chill with.


Cool Woodpecker Names

There is an unexplainable appeal that tags along with a stylish bird name. If your pet woodpecker steals the show with its spunk and is rebel enough to dance to its own tune, then it deserves an equally cool title.

This is why we have scrolled through the annals of antiquity and listed some of the greatest sassy names for your birdie that brim with sheer savagery! Take a look:

  1. Boris 
  2. Jacquemus 
  3. Colt
  4. Audie 
  5. Wilbur 
  6. Luke – Skywalker. Enough said!
  7. Ignatius
  8. Men in Black – Use this name in case you own a pair of two woodpeckers!
  9. Percy Jackson 
  10. Pheonix 
  11. Cerise 
  12. Tommy Shelby – Honestly, there’s nothing more exciting than Tommy Shelby from the Peaky Blinders.
  13. Hugh 
  14. Kobe 
  15. Logan – This name is inspired by the real name of Wolverine.
  16. Cleo
  17. Leo 
  18. Comet
  19. Sage 
  20. Zale – This is an epic name for a mighty woodpecker that bears the meaning “sea of strength.”
  21. Magnus 
  22. Hercules 
  23. Satan 
  24. Ryder 
  25. Mr. Spunk 
  26. Bertha – A unique Germanic name for a female woodpecker that translates into “bright,” and “famous.”
  27. Blaze 
  28. Titan 
  29. Sun – Indeed a powerful way to address a powerful woodpecker.
  30. Ruth 
  31. Magic 
  32. Agnes
  33. Errol 
  34. Orion – Translates into “hunter,” or “son of fire,” and is popularly known for the Orion’s Belt constellation.
  35. Dawn
  36. Enzy
  37. Violet 
  38. Scarlet – This eccentric name is inspired by your woodpecker’s red-colored head.
  39. Waverly 
  40. Rex
  41. Aziz – This terrific name translates into “all-powerful.”
  42. Gucci 
  43. Gibson 
  44. Bjorn – This name for your pet woodpecker is pronounced as “B-yorn.”
  45. Darwin 
  46. Marvel – We can literally hear the word “badass” every time this title comes around.
  47. Legend 
  48. Lenn 
  49. Voldemort – Culled from Tom Riddle’s sobriquet in the Harry Potter series.
  50. Ida 
  51. Hedwig 
  52. Amethyst 
  53. Batman and Robin – Use these peppy names for a pair of woodpeckers.
  54. Nemo – Nemo was the cutest, wasn’t he?
  55. Mr. Peckery 
  56. Speedy 


Pet Woodpecker Names

Many people love keeping woodpeckers as pets, and if you are one of them, then you have a whole lot of fun and charm to unleash with your feathered friends! Below, we have listed some of the sweetest titles for your newly brought pet that we love, and you will too. So, without any further ago, let’s get going:

  1. Pit Pet
  2. Bill – This name seems like such an appropriate title to give!
  3. Chug 
  4. WoodPeck 
  5. Whopper 
  6. Snoopy 
  7. Romeo – In case you want to let your endless love affair with your dearest pet out!
  8. Lurky 
  9. Sweet Cheeks 
  10. Mr. (Your Surname) – This is a personalized name for your pet, in case you want it to feel like a part of your family!
  11. Ms. (Your Surname) – Feel free to add your surname, and use this name to address a female woodpecker.
  12. Broda 
  13. Snappy – Use this for a pet woodpecker that takes no time to get all fired up!
  14. Bud 
  15. Sissy Missy 
  16. Macho 
  17. Hairy Harry – In case your little birdie is blessed with a beautiful set of feathers.
  18. JoJo 
  19. Echo 
  20. Homie – An ideal name for a friend that sticks by your side no matter what.
  21. Delight
  22. Green Bean – Pick this name if you happen to own a green-colored woodpecker.
  23. Peck-a-Neck 
  24. PlumCheek 
  25. Cello – This is a musical instrument-inspired name for a pet woodpecker that’s a born performer!
  26. Clucky 
  27. Nutty – Because that’s what your little birdie loves to eat the most.
  28. Woop 
  29. Sticky Licky 
  30. Peg 
  31. Whip – A cute and funny name for a pet that means the world to you.
  32. Bestie 
  33. Gal Pal 
  34. Heartbeat – Pick this adorable name for a pet that you simply cannot live without.
  35. Chickie 
  36. Drizzle 
  37. Drumma – If your birdie always gets you in the groove!
  38. Dud 


Woody Woodpecker Names

It’s no surprise that woodpeckers bear an intriguing name, but did you know why they are called “woodpeckers” in the first place? Well, these birds get their name from the way they forage for their food.

They use their strong beaks to drill through the tree trunks and carve out holes in the wood. Below, we have listed some of the most awesome names that revere your pet woodpecker in the most lovable manner. Have a look:

  1. Wood-You-Peck? 
  2. Woody Allen – This name is derived from the popular American film director, Woody Allen.
  3. Feel-Wood 
  4. Peckers 
  5. DrillBit 
  6. Gimlet 
  7. Striker – Because your pet woodpecker always hits the right spot!
  8. Pokey 
  9. W’Peck 
  10. Lilly 
  11. Kory 
  12. Jen 
  13. Jane 
  14. Alexis 
  15. Whoppie – If your feathered friend gets you excited every time it’s around!
  16. Billy 
  17. Flashy – This title is inspired by the bright plumage of your woodpecker.
  18. Grippy 
  19. Ruff
  20. Chatterbox 
  21. WoodFie 
  22. Woodler 
  23. Peck-It-All 
  24. PeakPeck – Fun fact: Woodpeckers can effortlessly peck as high as 8,000 to 12,000 pecks every day, which makes it around 20 times each second!
  25. Nimble 
  26. Knackers 
  27. Goldie 
  28. Boogie 
  29. Henry 
  30. Sterling 
  31. Roy 
  32. Moss 
  33. Woodstock 


“Peck” Your Favorite Name Today!

So, this was all about some of the cutest and funniest names for your pet woodpecker. Indeed, your little birdie isn’t just great at pecking through the tree trunk, but also making its way to your heart!

With its notorious, yet adorable antics and mesmerizing plumage, this bird seamlessly levels up to the list of the most unique creatures on the planet. So, its unique personality makes it all the more imperative for you to choose a name that almost feels like it was curated just for your pet!

We hope that our roundup has equipped you with the best titles around the block, and now it is up to you to pick the best jewel from our treasure! Remember, in the end, it all boils down to selecting a name that you and your feathery pal can connect with.

Happy naming!

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