250+ Awesome Names For Pet Crow

Crow Names

Crows are intelligent creatures that spread their undying wisdom across the bird universe. These large creatures belong to the Corvus genus of the Corvidae family and are admired for their unquestionable communication skills. However, as intriguing as these birds seem, know that you cannot raise them as pets. Want to know why?

To begin with, holding a crow in captivity is illegal under the Migratory Bird Act in many countries, and might land you in jail! Moreover, crows can be quite an irksome addition to your backyard, wickedly making a mess out of your plants or crops.

In fact, they are social animals and love foraging in groups, so your efforts to restrain a crow might compel it to act aggressively. Also, because crows are scavengers, challenging them might not be such a great idea, considering their dexterity, tenacity, and intellect. So, it’s best to adore them from a safe distance.

Although you and your favorite crow cannot live under the same roof, you can still find a fitting moniker for the one that frequently visits your porch. After all, using the right names are the best way to create an everlasting bond with someone you hold dear to your heart. While picking a fitting title for your crow might not change much about its persona, it will definitely alter the way you look at it.

There is a deluge of factors to look for while searching for a name. For starters, always consider how your chosen endearment will affect how others perceive your pet because people often tend to misjudge a pet’s demeanor or a personality on the basis of the name they are addressed by. Also, in case you are facing creative slackening, don’t hesitate to seek inspiration from the world around you—celebrities, food names, mythical creatures, historical figures, and more!

If the name-finding process seems daunting to you, leave it on us because, in this article, we have compiled a list of over 250 awesome names that will fit your feathered friend like a glove!


Male Crow Names

Essentially, male crows are characterized by their slightly larger bodies in contrast to their female counterparts. Once you strike a chord with your all-black friend, you will be fully drawn to its escapades.

Apart from being one ridiculously smart bird, the crow is also known for its strangely fascinating activities, such as hoarding lustrous objects, arranging funerals for its departed loved ones, and interestingly so, being adept at recognizing humans just by gazing at their faces, so never hold a grudge against it!

If you are looking for a suitable name for your boy, then your search ends here because we have listed some of the greatest-of-all-time titles for you to shortlist from. Have a look:

  1. Richie – A short and sweet name for your crow, that you can also use as a short form for Richard.
  2. Sam
  3. John
  4. Karl
  5. Dalton
  6. Phantom
  7. Baxter
  8. Jim – A The Office-inspired name that we absolutely love for a crow.
  9. James
  10. Eddie
  11. Macho – Because some crows would make really manly humans!
  12. Ford
  13. David
  14. Chester
  15. Hunk – In case the crow you are searching names for is a powerful and mighty bird.
  16. Jarvis
  17. Xander
  18. Zaden
  19. Edward
  20. Zuzu – A silly-sounding and sweet title for a pet crow that you love for all its quirks!
  21. Fred
  22. Georgy
  23. Clarke
  24. Gerald
  25. Drake
  26. Ronnie
  27. Achilles – A rough and tough-sounding name for a crow that’s inspired by Greek mythology.
  28. Rob
  29. Cole
  30. Walter
  31. Ronald
  32. Bob – Use this name in case your friend loves to indulge in some playful mischief.
  33. Mercury
  34. Sylvester
  35. Jorah
  36. Barney – A cute endearment for a crow that means the world to you.
  37. Oscar
  38. Stanley
  39. Lark
  40. Duke – This royal name is ideal for a pet crow that’s meant to be treated like royalty!
  41. Sonny
  42. Justin
  43. Alfred
  44. Zen – Pick this short and simple moniker for a pet that’s always in zen mode.
  45. Oden
  46. Adam
  47. Andie
  48. Paul
  49. Pip – A feel-good name for a young crow that’s too tiny in size.
  50. Ken
  51. Jones
  52. Terry
  53. Angel – Associate your beloved crow with happiness and love, contradictory to the popular belief that it’s linked to death and bad omen.
  54. Earl
  55. Philip
  56. Sunny – In case your pet’s cheerful personality instantly lifts your spirits.
  57. Michael
  58. Charlie – This seems like such an ideal title for a crow.
  59. Draco – A Harry Potter-inspired title for a crow that seems to bear devilish instincts.
  60. Anthony
  61. Riley
  62. Aldo – This Old German and Italian name translates into “elder,” or “old one.” Use this one for an aged, wise crow.
  63. Leo
  64. Casper – A name that spawns from the Old Testament, and translates into “treasurer.”
  65. Augustus
  66. Brad
  67. Jasper – This name is culled from a semi-precious stone that is reddish in color.


Female Crow Names

As a pet owner or an animal aficionado, the worst thing you can do to your crow is choose an incorrectly gendered name. Although it is very difficult to tell a female crow (also known as a crone) apart from a male, it is known that crones bear a relatively smaller profile.

These birds, when fully mature, act submissively in front of their dominant counterparts. Another determining factor while identifying a crone is her high-pitched shriek that sounds like a “Caw!”

Below, we have listed some of the best names for your female crow, so have a look:

  1. Dahlia – Use this name for a unique crow that is as mesmerizing and beautiful as a black dahlia.
  2. Lune
  3. Lizzie
  4. Fantasia – This is an appropriate name for a crow that you keep fantasizing to meet!
  5. Lavender
  6. Milady
  7. Lily – Indeed a gentle and pleasant-sounding title for an elegant female crow.
  8. Katniss
  9. Jade
  10. Kat
  11. Luna – Because we have a penchant for endearments that are associated with a moon.
  12. Juliet
  13. Julie
  14. Kim
  15. Camilla – Pick this moniker for a crow that you think would make a very sassy woman if she were a human.
  16. Kyle
  17. Portia
  18. Magna
  19. Maggie – A simple and sweet name that would be a great short form for the name Margaret.
  20. Esther
  21. Jacqueline
  22. Alexis
  23. Jade
  24. Gabbie – This is a loving title for a high-spirited crone that means the world to you.
  25. Diamond
  26. Ruby
  27. Grey
  28. Iris
  29. Yennefer – A true-to-life name that’s culled from the popular novel, Witcher.
  30. Honey
  31. Hazel
  32. Zoe – Quite a popular name with a spunky edge to it.
  33. Gabbie
  34. Pixie
  35. Violet – There’s something unexplainably enigmatic about this name that’s perfect for a mysteriously beautiful crone.
  36. Amanda
  37. Trixy – We love this moniker because of how cool and carefree it sounds.
  38. Samantha
  39. Talia – Indeed an exotic title for a unique female crow.
  40. Alaska
  41. Skye – Use this name for a crow that looks just majestic as it soars high up in the sky.
  42. Faith
  43. Eve
  44. Sally – Because some names are so classic, they don’t have an expiry date to them!
  45. Starlight
  46. Queenie – This is a fitting name for a pet crow that never fails to flaunt her royal demeanor.
  47. Ariel
  48. Precious – An adorable endearment for a crow that is too precious to you.
  49. Diamond
  50. Rose – Because flower-inspired titles are always the real winners!
  51. Pandora – A crow so good, you almost want to put her in a box!
  52. Destiny
  53. Crystal
  54. Natalya – We love this name because of its supremely exotic tone.
  55. Delilah
  56. Madam – Pick this title for a bossy crow who never fails to act like it!
  57. Chloe


Cute Crow Names

Despite crows’ intimidating ways, there is something appealing about these all-black beauties. Maybe it is their abstract reasoning, their undeniable wit, or the fact that they socialize with others from their family really well.

We’re not sure. But, what we’re sure of is that picking a cute name for your crow is always a good idea, which is why we have compiled some of the most endearing titles that you can choose from. You can also use one of these names for a grim-looking crow to add a comical and ironic effect! Here are the options:

  1. Heaven – This is not such a bad name, considering crows fly high up in the sky!
  2. Roo – This Old English name translates into “lover of life.”
  3. Hula
  4. Couscous – Well, you can never go wrong with food-inspired names.
  5. Bobo
  6. Meg
  7. Bertie
  8. Tori – This adorable name bears a Latin origin and translates into “bird.”
  9. Pipsqueak
  10. Crowy
  11. Butters
  12. Pebble – A moniker that we think fits all the types of birds.
  13. Kernel
  14. Wacky
  15. Shiny – An appropriate title based on the fact that crows share a special affinity with all things shiny!
  16. Dimsum
  17. Oreo
  18. Beaky
  19. Grumpy – A sweet name that you can pick for a crow with a crabby personality.
  20. Paco
  21. Crowley
  22. Darko
  23. Oatmeal
  24. Cookie
  25. Honey – A sugary-sweet endearment that’s sure to melt your heart in an instant.
  26. Flappers
  27. Cutie – Because that’s what your favorite bird is.
  28. Nutmeg
  29. Shadowy
  30. Black Beauty – Use this delightful name for a stunningly captivating pet crow.
  31. Cuppa
  32. Einstein – Pick this cute and funny name for a crow that acts a bit like a know-it-all.
  33. Caw-Caw
  34. Baby – Because we all love being self-proclaimed parents to the birds/animals we love the most.
  35. Mr. Crr
  36. Cass
  37. Skittles
  38. Apricot
  39. Teeny
  40. Inky – Capture your crow’s alluring jet-black profile by giving it this lovable title.
  41. Darky
  42. Sugarplum
  43. Canuck
  44. Munchkin
  45. Tiny Knight – Quite an endearing name that would look super ironic and fun for a huge-sized pet crow.
  46. Flap-Flap
  47. Maple
  48. Loa – We are simply in awe of this Icelandish name for your crow!
  49. Eggie
  50. Smarty
  51. Oldie



Funny Crow Names

Your beloved crow might not be the funniest bird around the block, but we are sure it won’t mind letting you have a minute of a humorous chuckle whenever you lovingly call its name out!

Again, even though a comical title might not completely resonate with your bird’s personality, it still looks pretty delightful and hilarious. Gear up to explore some of the funniest monikers that we have listed below for your crow:

  1. Scarecrow – A punny name inspired by the popular, aged decoy, that’s positioned to chase away animals from farms. You can use this one for a crow that’s a little scary-looking.
  2. Klutz
  3. Destroyer – Because your crow holds a bad reputation for being a troublemaker.
  4. Feather Man
  5. Dumbnuts
  6. McFury – Pick this moniker for a crow that bears a very short temper.
  7. Nuttie
  8. Vel-Crow – Because we are suckers for punny names.
  9. Snobby
  10. Nightwing – This whimsical title only makes sense because your crow bears an all-black body.
  11. Triskster
  12. Genius
  13. Wingman – Use this funny moniker for a crow that’s been there with you through it all.
  14. Duh
  15. Watchman
  16. Cawkers – Pick this name for a crow that just doesn’t stop cawing!
  17. Picky
  18. Crooster – The hilarious blend of rooster and crow for a bird that loves troubling you.
  19. Mr. Quill
  20. Crow-Bro
  21. Jon Crow – A great name to choose in case you are a big-time Game of Thrones fan.
  22. Sharpie
  23. Microw – We love this funny moniker for a teeny tiny pet crow.
  24. Feather Fawcett
  25. Paula’s Choice
  26. Macrow – Offer a little dose of pun by keeping this name for a large-sized crow.
  27. Monster Inc.
  28. Cawk
  29. Mr. Hoarder – A name that’s inspired by a crow’s tendency to preserve food in caches.
  30. Crow-baby
  31. Talon – This title is culled from a crow’s sharp talons which help it grabs almost everything.
  32. Wing Crosby
  33. Russel Crow – Yet another punny name that’s culled from the popular filmmaker, actor, and musician, Russel Crowe.
  34. Cheepers
  35. Flappers
  36. Chandler Wing  – Could this name be any funnier?
  37. Kippers
  38. Gunkers
  39. Crow – Keep it funnily simple by calling out a crow with what it exactly is!
  40. Marty McFly
  41. Miss Crowers
  42. Captain McSolo – Because your feathered friend is a solitary creature.
  43. Mr. Muscle
  44. Flyin’ Solo
  45. Fuzzy Crow
  46. Dimwit – Quite an ironically humorous name for a crow, considering they are some of the most intelligent creatures alive.
  47. Evil Eye
  48. Darth Vader – In case you want to use a fictional name that best describes your crow’s all-black appearance.


Badass Names For Crows

With their dazzling and domineering personality, it would be safe to laud crows with the “Most Badass Birds Ever” title! Did you know that even though crows hold quite a bad rap, these alluring creatures are gifted with unextinguishable wit, to such an extent that it almost seems scary!

If you are looking for a name that mirrors how fiery your bird is, your search ends here! Below, we have listed some of the most spunky titles for not just a single crow friend, but an entire “murder” of crows (Yes, that’s what a group of these birds is known as). Here are our recommendations:

  1. Natasha
  2. Night
  3. Boris
  4. Zeus – A cool name for a handsome-looking crow.
  5. Cila
  6. Zev
  7. Alwyn
  8. Lucifer – Quite a badass title for your rabble-rouser.
  9. Shade
  10. Thorn
  11. Amael
  12. Night
  13. Clawer
  14. Ruth
  15. Kafka
  16. Black Widow – Use this Marvel Studios’ Black Widow-inspired name for a fearless crone.
  17. Lance
  18. Ryder
  19. Abyss
  20. Zeke – This Hebrew name translates into “God Strengthens.”
  21. Skull Crusher
  22. Dragon
  23. Mad Bird
  24. Bullet
  25. Striker
  26. Klaus
  27. Avenger – In case you look at your crow as a mighty warrior.
  28. Claw
  29. Bandit


Let’s Get Cawing!

Crows might sure be commonly inhabited throughout your backyard or locality, but there is nothing common about these unique charmers. We hope that our comprehensive round-up of over 250 awesome names for your pal has set you up with the best options to pick from. Don’t be baffled by the menagerie of suggestions around you.

Just analyze their habits and demeanor, follow your intuition, and let your chosen endearment be a perpetual part of your crow’s identity.

Oh, and remember, never take these ferocious crows for an enemy, and mind your attitude around them. You don’t want to pull a scuffle with them, because if you do, they won’t mind attacking you—neither will their friends!

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