200+ Cute and Funny White Bird Names

White Bird Names

Brightly-hued birds may have been treasured since time immemorial, but the color white continues to rule across the bird universe. White-colored birds are one of Mother Nature’s most exquisite creations. They are utterly graceful, elegant, and dazzle in their pearly white plumage. Naming a newly brought pet bird is probably one of the most pleasant duties of a pet parent. But, in hindsight, it can be pretty challenging.

Also, the name you choose for your feathered friend will stay with it for several years to come. So, we have compiled an encyclopedic list of over 200 of the most adorable name suggestions that’ll help you get started on the right track of choosing the most fitting name for your bird. White as snow and precious as a pearl, we’ll get you covered with the greatest white bird names.

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Popular Names For White Birds

Fictional birds are amazing with their unbelievable voices, behaviors, and plumage. Nonetheless, birds are the first in line when it comes to curating fictional characters, and television series, authors, and films do a great job in bringing these to life!

For instance, since its debut in 1934, the character of Donald Duck with its pure white profile has made a wonderful impression in our lives.

This tells that human imagination, myths, and legends are truly impeccable and are a massive part of our culture. So, the more we researched about them, we discovered a wide range of the most legendary, popular names for white birds. Have a look:

  1. Owl – From Winnie The Pooh
  2. Ace – A yellow parakeet in Powerbirds
  3. Dab – From the Ice Age movies
  4. Diablo – Maleficent’s raven in Disney’s Sleeping Beauty
  5. Clara Cluck – A sought-after animated character in several Disney cartoons
  6. Gogo Dodo – Named after a character in the Tiny Toon Adventures
  7. Harvey Beaks – Titled after a show with the same name
  8. Jeckle and Heckle – A pair of magpies from Terrytoons
  9. Iago – Named after a parrot in the Aladdin series
  10. Mr. Ping – Named after a Chinese bird from the animated Kung Fu Panda
  11. Peep – A curious bird from Peep and the Big Wide World
  12. Polly – A coprotagonist in Powerbirds
  13. Scuttle – titled after a seagull in The Little Mermaid
  14. Tweety – A popular canary in the Baby Looney Tunes show
  15. Willy – The protagonist in Willy the Sparrow
  16. Woody Woodpecker – From the Walter Lantz cartoons
  17. Zazu – A character from The Lion King
  18. Alcor – A crow in the anime series, Little Witch Academia
  19. Carly – The United States’ Cardinal songbird for National Arbor Day
  20. Rosita – The first bird seen in the Tropicana advertisement in the UK
  21. Dolores – The second bird seen in the Tropicana advertisement in the UK
  22. Marguerita – The third bird seen in the Tropicana advertisement in the UK
  23. Paulie – Titled after a movie with the same name
  24. Mordechai – Richie Tenenmaum’s pet falcon in The Royal Tenenbaums
  25. Gill – A pelican from the movie Finding Nemo
  26. Louie – The protagonist from The Trumpet of the Swan
  27. Pigwidgeon – From the Harry Potter series
  28. Abalardo – A large parrot in Plaza Sesamo
  29. Archimedes – An owl in Disney’s The Sword in the Stone
  30. Booker – Named after a chick from Garfield and Friends
  31. Camilla – Gonzo’s famous partner on The Muppet Show
  32. Jose Carioca – A bird in various Disney cartoons
  33. Matthew – Named after a raven in the Sandman series
  34. Panchito – Titled after a rooster in The Three Caballeros
  35. Sonny – An animated spokes-bird for the USA’s Froot Puffs cereal
  36. Yoyo – From Neil Gaiman’s Books of Magic
  37. Bumpty – From Super Mario 2: Yoshi’s Island
  38. Griffin – Named after a legendary creature from Greek mythology. with the wings and head of an eagle, and the body of a lion
  39. Ziz – A large bird whose wings are said to block out the sun
  40. Sirin – A Russian mythology creature with the upper body of a beautiful woman and the remaining of a bird.

These were some of the most recognizable bird names on our list. Undoubtedly, as artists continue to seek inspiration in these feathery creatures, more of these names will become a part of your home!


Whimsical Names For White Birds

From chicks that mimic hilarious phrases to the ones that dance and groove to songs, birds can be pretty playful as pets.

Your funny, white-colored pet deserves a chuckle-worthy name that will bring a smile to your face every time you call it out loud. No matter what species your bird is, there is a spine-tickling moniker for every creature on the ground and in the sky!

So, look for a cozy perch and start exploring and pecking your way through our wide list of the most whimsical names for your pet bird:

  1. Kissy
  2. Paddy
  3. Romeo
  4. Bubbles
  5. Flossie
  6. Donut
  7. Ringo
  8. Rascal
  9. Goofy
  10. Scruffy
  11. Domino
  12. Dinky
  13. Jojo
  14. Zippy
  15. Rumble
  16. Darth Vader
  17. Bellachic
  18. Cookie
  19. Pepperoni
  20. Snoopy
  21. Honey
  22. Spongy
  23. Pots
  24. Taco
  25. Boogie
  26. Shadow
  27. Beanie
  28. Hawkward
  29. Chirpskate
  30. Pecking
  31. Godfeather
  32. Silly
  33. Firequacker
  34. Beak-a-poo
  35. Winger
  36. Jelly
  37. Sunny
  38. Doodle
  39. Cola
  40. Frodo
  41. Angel
  42. Banjo
  43. Captain
  44. Rainbow
  45. Yanky
  46. Flappy
  47. Queenie
  48. Ladybird
  49. Sparky
  50. Whistle
  51. Scooter
  52. Mittens
  53. Chandler Wing
  54. McFluffy
  55. Quackie Chan


White Bird Names Inspired From Their White Color

Looking for a creative name that best describes your white pet bird? Pick something that reiterates its milky-white frame! White-colored birds are admired by pet owners and birders for their majestic aura. Being recognized for the unique body is an advantage among these social species, and they steal the show with their unparalleled charisma!

If you are proud parents to a beautiful white bird and are completely mesmerized by how it looks every time it flutters, it’s best to pick a name that resonates with its charm. Here are a few you can get inspired from:

  1. Crystal
  2. Pearl
  3. Nimbus
  4. Cloudy
  5. Shimmer
  6. Star
  7. Sirius
  8. Milky
  9. Ghost
  10. Dazzle
  11. Sugar
  12. Comet
  13. Pluto
  14. Alaska
  15. Popcorn
  16. Aspen
  17. Creampuff
  18. Whiteout
  19. Ivory
  20. Mushroom
  21. Sprite
  22. Maybelle
  23. Blizzard
  24. Cottontail
  25. Chilly
  26. Sparkle
  27. Tictac
  28. Creamer
  29. Galaxy
  30. Cooper
  31. Frosty
  32. Coconut
  33. Chowder
  34. Marshmallow
  35. Ice
  36. Finn
  37. Vanilla
  38. Blanco
  39. Tofu
  40. Orion
  41. Icy
  42. Gloria
  43. Buttermilk
  44. Snowball
  45. Fairy
  46. Moonshine
  47. Alba
  48. Snow
  49. Jasmine
  50. Snowflake
  51. Elsa
  52. Olaf
  53. Snowy
  54. Creamcheese
  55. Ski
  56. Chalky
  57. Daisy
  58. Arctic
  59. Avalanche
  60. Charmin
  61. Cotton
  62. Dandelion
  63. Duke
  64. Igloo
  65. Ivory
  66. Oats
  67. Opal
  68. Polar
  69. Quartz
  70. Powder
  71. Snowdrop
  72. Ranch


Male White Bird Names

Bringing a unique bird home calls for getting it a unique name. Listed below is a roundup of all the best-picked names that pet owners choose for their male birds. You’re guaranteed to smile each time you call out your bird’s moniker if you select something from this list. So, let’s get going!

  1. Alejandro – A savvy, Latin name never goes out of style!
  2. Batman – This iconic superhero is essentially black, but naming your pet after Batman would sure be a treat.
  3. Beaker – Choose a playful name around your bird’s “beak.”
  4. Big Bill – Great for a white-colored duck with a large bill.
  5. Billy – Another fitting alternative when you want to have fun with your bird’s “bill.”
  6. Buddy – For a bird who is a great companion.
  7. Casper – To name your white bird after this friendly ghost would be the cutest thing ever!
  8. Casanova – Keep this one for a white dove.
  9. Duke – When you want to highlight the royalty of your feathered friend.
  10. Einstein – Create a legacy and name your smart bird after the smartest scientist ever.
  11. Godzilla – A scary name for your tiny bird that would crack you up every time you say it.
  12. Handsome – For all the good-looking white birds out there.
  13. Hootie – If your bird loves to make some noise.
  14. James Bond – Pick a name that echoes charm, sophistication, and suave.
  15. King – A royal name will set your bird apart from the crowd.
  16. Lightning – Great for a sparkling, white-colored bird who is fast.
  17. Matey – This kind of greeting would make a lovely name for your cheerful bird.
  18. Rambo – A powerful, but a silly looking name for a goofy bird.
  19. Romeo – Choose this lovebird name for your darling pet.
  20. Sammy – A classic bird name that can never go wrong.
  21. Santiago – An exotic Latin name never ceases to impress!
  22. Tennyson – Name your bird after a popular writer.
  23. Tiny – Use this moniker to name a large bird for a comedic effect.
  24. Tabasco – A peppery name for your bird.
  25. Wingman – A pun-intended name for a bird that accompanies you wherever you go.


Female White Bird Names

Female birds ride the energy of their own unique spirit. They make amazing pets, develop a strong connection with you, and make you wonder how you ever lived without them!

While some pet owners simply choose a normal name for their bird and get over with the responsibility, others make a well-informed decision and don’t rest until they find “the one.”

If you find yourself belonging to the latter category, here is a list of the most popular female names for your white bird that’ll definitely get you a step closer to finding the ideal title for your pet.

  1. Belle – An all-time favorite princess’ name.
  2. Birdie – Literal names are somewhat funny.
  3. Cleopatra – Name your white-feathered pet after an Egyptian royalty.
  4. Crystal – Gem names are amazing for birds.
  5. Delilah – This ancient Hebrew woman is a popular choice for a female bird’s name.
  6. Diamond – For a bird that shines bright like a diamond.
  7. Agate – Try out this gemstone’s name to match your pet bird’s beauty.
  8. Faith – Simple, yet significant!
  9. Noodles – If your bird has an elongated, slender body.
  10. Gem – This name effortlessly captures the splendor of your bird.
  11. Juliet – A classic bird name if you’re a literati.
  12. Lily – Just as lovely for your white bird.
  13. Queen – Let your bird mark her territory with this royal name.
  14. Peck – An expression of what your bird likes to do best.
  15. Rihanna – Nothing better than an iconic singer as the namesake.
  16. Roxy – A name that carries an indescribable edge to it.
  17. Snuggles – Pick this for an affectionate bird and snuggle your way through!
  18. Yakky – Choose this name if your bird is a non-stop talker.
  19. Whistler – For a bird who sings like nobody’s watching.
  20. Snappy – Give this name to a bird with an attitude.
  21. Ruffles – Another name for potato chips that also describes your bird’s feathers.
  22. Precious – A literal name for your precious friend.


Conclusion: Cute and Funny White Bird Names

Just like us humans, birds come in different kinds of quirky personalities. As bird owners, you can seize the essence of your bird’s disposition just by choosing the right name. However, always remember to call your favorite name out loud before you settle on it. Also, prefer keeping it short (two syllables long is an ideal choice) so you don’t end up puzzling your bird!

We understand that finding the perfect moniker for your white-colored bird can be an overwhelming job—it’ll stay with it all its life. But with our A-list to choose from, we hope you’ve found the name for your beloved bird that happily hops around your home!