300+ Cool Names For Your Pet Raven

Raven Names

You must have witnessed the mysterious, bold raven in a plethora of legends and literary works through the ages, and despite the fact that these birds have often been associated with bad omen, they are much more multifaceted than they seem to be!

Ravens are extremely intelligent creatures and are known to even strategize their hunt in pairs. While one raven endeavors to lure the bird away from its nest, the other rushes in to hog on the hatchlings or the eggs.

These birds are excellent entertainers, all thanks to their advanced repertoire of over a hundred vocalizations. In fact, their deep voices allow them to even mimic human speech and imitate several other bird sounds! All in all, underneath their veil of solemnity, ravens tend to be pretty playful creatures.

They love being the acrobats of the sky, and are adept at turning somersaults, gliding upside down, and surfing updrafts.

With all that they have to offer, who wouldn’t love to bring a pet raven home? Their macabre beauty sits well with their spirited antics, making them quite intriguing companions to be around.

Moreover, another great thing to know about ravens is that once they get to know you completely, they will develop a strong bond with you. If you have recently welcomed a raven to your family, then you must be in search of an appropriate name to call it with!

This is why, in this article, we have compiled over 300 stunning titles, each of which is sure to fit your flying friend like a glove! So, without any further ado, let’s get started.


Cool Raven Names

Horror movies often portray these birds as purely sinister creatures, but, in our opinion, ravens are some of the coolest bird species you will know of!

Did you know that young ravens even play fun, catch games by throwing sticks in the air and swiftly swooping in to catch them before they hit the land? Fascinating, isn’t it?

Below, we have brainstormed some of the peppiest monikers that you can choose from, for your bird, so have a look:

  1. Zuzu 
  2. Zeus 
  3. Xena – Quite a cool and unique name in our opinion.
  4. Tallulah – In case you are looking for a title for your raven that does all the talking.
  5. Starlight
  6. Zeal 
  7. Santiago 
  8. Buddy – Use this name for a pet raven that has been your best friend through it all.
  9. Sundae 
  10. Rave 
  11. Sam 
  12. Romeo – Indeed a fitting name for a pet raven that’s a bit of a flirt.
  13. Rainbow – We love this endearment for a lively raven that (despite its ironically black plumage), adds colors to your life!
  14. Rodeo 
  15. Ace 
  16. Pilot – Because essentially, ravens love somersaulting in the sky!
  17. Paco 
  18. Oscar – Well, your beloved pet is no less than a prestigious award!
  19. Nev
  20. Mojo 
  21. Maggie 
  22. Chiller – We love this name for a pet raven that loves to do some chilling.
  23. Leo 
  24. Leila
  25. Jupiter
  26. Diva – Use this name for a dazzling raven that gleams with confidence.
  27. Jacques 
  28. Indigo 
  29. Victor – This is a powerful title for a pet raven with a compelling demeanor.
  30. Harper
  31. Eliza
  32. Pixie
  33. Crimson
  34. Billie – A feel-good moniker for a very well-mannered pet raven.
  35. Charmer 
  36. Baxter
  37. Aldo 


Famous Raven Names

If you think your dearest pet is not just another ordinary bird, then choosing a popular name for it might just be the ticket for you!

From the most sought-after animated cartoon character inspired-titles to the greatest-of-all-times celebrity names, we have curated the perfect list for you to pick from.

So, brace yourselves for a whole lot of fun and get going:

  1. Nigel – This name is taken from the popular character in the movie, Finding Nemo.
  2. Diablo 
  3. Justin 
  4. Bella 
  5. Becky – A catchy title for a female pet raven that loves being her playful self.
  6. The Rock 
  7. Diana 
  8. Harry
  9. Tweety 
  10. Donald 
  11. Messi
  12. Daisy – Pick this Looney Tunes-inspired endearment for a bird that carries an elegant and gentle disposition.
  13. Jewel 
  14. Brad 
  15. That’s So Raven 
  16. Leonardo 
  17. Hedwig – How could we miss the popular Harry Potter owl? Talk about popular names for pets, and how!
  18. Tweety
  19. Zazu 
  20. Iago
  21. Ellen 
  22. Dwayne
  23. Katy
  24. Ariana 
  25. Kim 
  26. Will 
  27. Daffy – Yet another stellar name from the Looney Tunes series for your pet raven.
  28. Woodstock 
  29. Rio 
  30. Oprah
  31. Christiano 
  32. Jennifer 
  33. Tom 
  34. Scarlett 


Female Raven Names

It’s always a good idea to get rolling with a girl pet that can enliven your day in an instant! Generally, both, male and female ravens look identical in terms of appearance.

However, in some cases, female ravens tend to be a little tinier than their male counterparts. Here are some of the best names for female ravens that are sure to mirror their eccentric personalities. Take a look:

  1. Bella 
  2. Zoe – This is a playful name for a raven that’s always spreading smiles around.
  3. Sunny
  4. Sky – Because ravens are nothing short of aerialists!
  5. Luna 
  6. Ava 
  7. Nancy 
  8. Ruth – A spunky name that’s meant for a pet raven that loves to throw some sass.
  9. Birdie – What better a name than this one to address your bird with something that best describes it!
  10. Coco
  11. Cleo 
  12. Miss R
  13. Sapphire – A fancy name for a pet raven that’s full of suave.
  14. Sissy – Pick this title for a female raven that is your ultimate companion.
  15. Ravenna – This is an Italian endearment that translates into “raven the bird.”
  16. Swift
  17. Merla – A name that bears an Old English origin and translates into “blackbird.”
  18. Esther 
  19. Umbridge 
  20. Penny 
  21. Jen 
  22. Ginny 
  23. Pheobe 
  24. Jane 
  25. Roxanne 
  26. Jill 
  27. Anastasia 
  28. Prune 
  29. Bonnie 
  30. Rebecca 
  31. Noir 
  32. Athena 
  33. Lily 
  34. Hayley 


Male Raven Names

When it comes to naming a pet, you need a title that perfectly resonates with them.

Whether your raven is a masculine creature that’s powered by vigor, a guy-next-door type of bird that loves being the jester of the club, or a wacky pet that intends to indulge in all things crazy, we have got you covered with an array of names for different needs!

Run through the following options and pick your favorite one for your flying friend right away:

  1. Roy 
  2. Malcolm 
  3. Hercules – Use this name for a male raven with a dynamic personality.
  4. Fay – This is an awesome Irish title that translates into “raven.”
  5. Corvin 
  6. Batman 
  7. Karl 
  8. Casper
  9. Mitch
  10. Cam 
  11. Russel 
  12. Milo – A wonderful name to go for, in case you want to keep it short and sweet!
  13. Louis 
  14. Pixel 
  15. Longinus 
  16. Ray 
  17. Barry 
  18. Joey 
  19. Rancho 
  20. Gilbert 
  21. Silvester 
  22. Agnes
  23. Alfie
  24. Bob
  25. Branley – This endearment bears an English origin and translates into “raven meadow.”
  26. Crawford 
  27. Griffin 
  28. Sterling
  29. Charlie
  30. Rocky 
  31. Jack 
  32. Darcy – Quite a charming name for your handsome little raven!
  33. Rufus
  34. Spike 


Mythical Raven Names

If you are seeking inspiration for your pet raven’s name, why not scroll through antiquity and extend your options towards some brilliant mythical names? From stupefying titles of Greek heroes to gods and goddesses, each name on our list parades unique meanings, and are sure to echo with your bird’s personality.

Pro tip: Pick your favorite name wisely, for you never know, some might end up being a self-fulfilling prophecy! Here are our recommendations:

  1. Valiant – A name that is synonymous with boldness and heroism.
  2. Thor – This is quite a popular Old Norse name of the God of lightning.
  3. Odin 
  4. Loki – A sought-after title for all the Marvel fans out there!
  5. Freyja 
  6. Asgard 
  7. Titan 
  8. Sphinx 
  9. Leviathan – This title is culled from the Biblical sea monster that’s synonymous with evil and chaos.
  10. Ladon 
  11. Hydra
  12. Goliath 
  13. Colossus 
  14. Zephyr – This name is taken from the God of the gentle, warm West Wind.
  15. Sirius 
  16. Pontus
  17. Midas
  18. Helios
  19. Eros
  20. Ares 
  21. Selene – A beautiful title, inspired by the Goddess of the moon.
  22. Penelope
  23. Nyx
  24. Nemesis
  25. Leto 
  26. Echo 
  27. Daphne 
  28. Circe 
  29. Odysseus 
  30. Niles
  31. Clio 
  32. Xander
  33. Demi
  34. Erebus – Erebus was a primordial deity, the god of shadow and darkness.


Cute Raven Names

Regal, shiny, and intelligent; what’s not to love and admire about ravens? If there’s one thing that we adore about these creatures, then it has to be their cosmopolitan nonvocal signals that they weaponize to communicate with others of their own kind!

Ofttimes, ravens point their beaks to show certain objects, which is fairly identical to the way we use our fingers. Other than primates, they are some of the very few species to have indicated such naturally occurring gestures!

If you are on the lookout for a loving name for the wonderful raven in your life, then scroll through the range of recommendations that we have lined up for you:

  1. Cindy
  2. Kelly
  3. Canuck 
  4. Heckle
  5. Baby – The perfect name for pet owners who treat their pets just like their own children!
  6. Little Knight – In case you wish to address them using their athletic disposition.
  7. Flap Flap 
  8. Shadowy – A cute and catchy title for a dark-toned pet raven.
  9. Billy
  10. Cassie
  11. Teeny
  12. Darky
  13. Munchkin – This moniker might sure be an oldie, but it’s indeed a goodie!
  14. Peaches 
  15. Blackie
  16. Huggin – An endearing name for a pet raven that can be quite nosy at times.
  17. Joy 
  18. Milady – Because these charmers deserve all your respect!
  19. Royal 
  20. Tiki – In case you have a penchant for short and sweet names just as much as we do!
  21. Kao 
  22. Tootsie 
  23. Zinger 
  24. Lover 
  25. Roo – This wonderful name for your pet bears an Old English origin and translates into “lover of life.”
  26. Gizbo 
  27. Hula 
  28. Bubbles 
  29. Smiley
  30. Couscous
  31. Dimsum 
  32. Bobo
  33. Apple 
  34. Stargaze 
  35. Maisie 
  36. Maggie 
  37. Vix 


Funny Raven Names

A rather rare, yet funny bird behavior imbibed by ravens is their tendency to play around with different types of objects, ranging from rocks and pinecones to even sticks and golf balls.

In fact, these whimsical creatures often throw a jibe at other species of animals and joke around in their own ways! In essence, your pet raven is indeed going to crack you up with its lovable escapades.

Below, we have sampled some giggle-inducing monikers for you to choose from, so read on:

  1. Feichin 
  2. Roo 
  3. Jinzo 
  4. Chive
  5. Chante 
  6. Ravin’ – A name with a hysterical streak that you can use for a pet raven that keeps gibbering.
  7. Angry Bird 
  8. Nightwing – This is an appropriate title, considering your pet’s dark profile.
  9. Jelly Bean 
  10. Giggles 
  11. Pansy 
  12. Mc Coy
  13. Chatterbox
  14. Clicker
  15. Lemon 
  16. Dancer 
  17. Somersaulter 
  18. Clawy 
  19. Lurky
  20. Speedy
  21. Eggo
  22. Pancake 
  23. Sparkle 
  24. Dusty 
  25. Puffles 
  26. Doodle 
  27. Confetti 
  28. Snuggle 
  29. Mr. Muscle 
  30. Billy 
  31. Vodka
  32. Flaky 
  33. Muggles 



White Raven Names

White ravens are among some of the rarest bird species in existence, so being a pet parent to one means you’re in luck! They owe their white plumage to the absence of a pigment called melanin in their bodies.

These gorgeous creatures are characterized by their vibrant, black-colored eyes, and are even known to be much larger and wiser than their dark counterparts.

Below, we have compiled some of the most awesome names to address your endearing pet. Here are the options:

  1. Storm – A gorgeous name for a pet raven with a husky nature.
  2. Chalky
  3. Shiro 
  4. Pluto 
  5. Diamond
  6. Milky – Quite a descriptive endearment for an all-white raven.
  7. Constance
  8. Yeti 
  9. Elsa – This name is inspired by the main character in Frozen, a Disney animated movie.
  10. Winter
  11. Mittens
  12. Dream 
  13. Angel 
  14. Snow 
  15. Fluffy – Pick this name for a pet raven that you absolutely love canoodling with!
  16. Puff
  17. Spooky – This is a comical title for a raven that loves to intimidate others around.
  18. Fairy
  19. Snowball
  20. Buttermilk
  21. Flaky
  22. Blanche
  23. Icy
  24. Tofu
  25. Finn 
  26. Marshmallow
  27. Chowder
  28. Frosty
  29. Creamer
  30. Cottontail 
  31. Blizzard
  32. Ivory
  33. Sugar
  34. Milky Way 
  35. Sirius 


Unique Raven Names

With their deep voice, playful attitude, and unmatchable wit, it’s a given that ravens are some of the most unique birds on the planet. So, they deserve a name that does justice to the extraordinary creatures that they are!

This is why we have shortlisted some of the most remarkable names to call the special bird in your life. Have a look:

  1. Camden
  2. Tori 
  3. Ermine
  4. Binx 
  5. Kaya
  6. Gideon 
  7. Flopsy
  8. Eleanor
  9. Prissy
  10. Dandelion
  11. Blanco
  12. Anjo 
  13. Nova
  14. Finn
  15. Matilda
  16. Artemis
  17. Edelweiss
  18. Lex
  19. Puro
  20. Nala
  21. Pepe
  22. Tripp 
  23. Watson 


Final Takeaways

So, this was all about over 300 stellar name recommendations for your pet raven. Picking up a suitable moniker for your feathered friend becomes a child’s play when you’re armed with an A-list at hand!

We hope that our round-up has taken you a step closer to the perfect title, or at least inspired you to curate one of your own. If you are still feeling stuck, then a great idea would be to consider your top contenders and try them out with your raven to check which one fits the best.

Happy naming!

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