300+ Adorable Names For Your Pet Parrot

Parrot Names

It is no surprise that parrots seamlessly fit into the category of some of the world’s most favorite pets ever! Well, the credit goes to their intelligence, comical instincts, and entertaining persona. These highly social butterflies are hypersensitive and bear a unique identity, that they lovingly flaunt through their fun-filled escapades.

They make the perfect best friends, and unlike many other pets, even play tricks with you almost as if they are your human companions! However, as smart and quick-witted as they are, parrots are quite misunderstood due to their wayward attitude. Ultimately, these birds just want to have their share of freedom!

You might be familiar with a cat nibbling your or a dog sloppily licking you with its tongue to show affection and enthusiasm, but wait until a pet parrot shows up.

An interesting way to know whether your parrot is happy in your presence is whenever its tail flares up and its chest raises. But, if you want anything close to a domesticated pet, let us warn you that parrots are not meant to be docile.

So, if you are a new pet parent, it’s crucial that you teach your bird acceptable behavior. Otherwise, they might pose some unanticipated challenges, basically give you the heebie-jeebies!

With all their glory, these avian creatures make extremely rewarding pets to the ideal owners. No wonder why their captivating plumage, acrobatic frolics, and whimsical personalities are almost impossible to resist!

Thanks to their distinctive personality, parrots do not really follow the one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to finding the right name for these birds. This makes your name-finding expedition an incredibly daunting task. But now that you are here, you can put all your worries to rest because, in this article, we have handpicked some of the most endearing names that you can pick from for your feathered friend!

Pro Tip: Before scrolling through our list, make sure that you spare some time to analyze your birdie’s habits and preferences. This is because their identity will be a major part of your interaction with them.

Moreover, over time, parrots develop a very wholehearted bond with their name, and even with the owners, whom they might interestingly, even outlive in some cases! So, remember to be sure of your final choice before acquainting them with their name.


Cute Parrot Names

There is no denying the fact that parrots are insanely adorable pets. Imagine how cool it would be to talk to a bird that understands what you say, chortles with you, and leaves you smitten with its antics!

On top of that, these birds not only leave you in awe of their vocal capabilities and fervor but also with their bewitching appearance and squishy feathers that barely tickle. If you are in search of a heartwarming title that will perfectly describe your cute pet, then look no further than this list:

  1. Pepper
  2. Sugar
  3. Baby Boo 
  4. Babie
  5. KoJo 
  6. Tia 
  7. Polly
  8. Rampo 
  9. Sweet Pea – This is an ideal name in case you own a green-colored parrot.
  10. Pixie 
  11. Cookie 
  12. Plum 
  13. Apricot – Fruit-inspired names will always sound as delightful as ever!
  14. Kiki 
  15. Bud – A loving name that you can use for a pet that’s also your truest friend.
  16. Tiki 
  17. Flower – A pet birdie so gentle, you got to call it by this name!
  18. Angel 
  19. Skittles 
  20. Sunshine – If you love your parrot enough to call it the sunshine of your life!
  21. Rainbow 
  22. Sparkle – Because some parrots are so iconic that they dazzle all day long!
  23. Sunny 
  24. Poe 
  25. Coffee – If there are two things you cannot live without; your daily dose of caffeine, and your feathered friend!
  26. Clovey 
  27. Pee Pee 
  28. Lilo 
  29. Rio – This name is culled from the popular 3D animated film that’s titled by the same name.
  30. Rico
  31. Mini – Use this adorable moniker for a very tiny pet parrot.


Famous Parrot Names

As great as getting your thinking caps on and paving way for your creative instincts to curate a name seems, there is absolutely nothing wrong in taking a conventional detour and choosing an evergreen staple that is sure to complement your pet parrot!

Below, we have listed some of the most popular name options for you to pick from. While some of these have been passed down by various parrot owners for generations, other names are inspired by some of the most famous celebrities. Feel free to add your personal preference! Have a look:

  1. Peach – Because your pet bird is as cute as a peach!
  2. Peaches 
  3. Max 
  4. Chloe 
  5. Pollie 
  6. Mango 
  7. Charlie 
  8. CoCo 
  9. CeCe
  10. Tikki 
  11. Angelina – Who wouldn’t love to have an Angelina Jolie at their home?
  12. Keanu 
  13. Tesla 
  14. Harrison 
  15. Shakespeare 
  16. Justin 
  17. Demi 
  18. Brad – In case your parrot is too handsome to be a bird!
  19. Sean
  20. Scarlet
  21. Peppa – Use this sought-after title for your pet parrot in case you have some Peppa-Pig fanatic toddlers in the house.
  22. Sammy 
  23. Lucky 
  24. Elvis – A parrot so small, you could almost fit them in your palm!
  25. Pippa 
  26. Pozo 
  27. Ruffles 
  28. Kendall – Kardashian/Jenner fans, where you at?
  29. Adele – This singer/songwriter-inspired name is ideal for a bird that loves to chirp mellifluously.
  30. Ryan


Female Parrot Names

While the male parrots are much flashier in appearance, females are colorful and exuberant on the inside. As you pick a name for your female pet parrot, you can either go all feminine or all feisty, depending upon the kind of personality your birdie bears.

However, sometimes, it is also fun to keep a moniker for your pet that is the complete opposite of what they are! Listed below are some of the most awesome name suggestions for you to pick from for your feathered friend, so take a look:

  1. Muriel 
  2. Florida 
  3. Angelica – Use this name for an angel-like pet parrot.
  4. Fauna 
  5. Girly – A self-explanatory name for a very elegant-looking pet parrot that echoes feminity.
  6. Grace
  7. Herbie 
  8. Celeste
  9. Iris 
  10. Stella 
  11. Jade 
  12. Emerald 
  13. Opal 
  14. Kimberly 
  15. Daenerys – A fierce, Game of Throne-inspired name that is culled from the character of Danaerys Targaryen.
  16. Hermoine – In case your pet parrot seems to perfectly exemplify the word ‘Smarty-pants!’
  17. Naruto 
  18. Belle 
  19. Rose 
  20. Tasha – We love this name for the spunky and sassy ring to it!
  21. Leia 
  22. Katniss 
  23. Buffie 
  24. Rosie 
  25. Jasmine 
  26. Pearl – A beautiful name for a pet parrot that is beyond precious.
  27. Zara 
  28. Ivy 
  29. Kyle 
  30. Portia 
  31. Lana 
  32. Jane 


Male Parrot Names

Your male parrot will stand out from every other bird you have ever known with its cheeky and lovable personality. Although these mischievous boys are largely admired for their vibrant and colorful appearance, know that there is much more to them than just a pretty face!

They are delinquent, adventurous, macho, and can even grasp onto their snack with their feet as they earnestly nibble it! If you are looking for an eccentric name that best describes your newly brought buddy, then scroll through some of the best male name options that we have listed below for you:

  1. Beaky 
  2. Marvel – Because your pet parrot is truly nature’s marvel!
  3. Jax
  4. Hulk
  5. Jolly 
  6. Super Man – If your male parrot always comes to the rescue whenever you’re feeling blue!
  7. Peter
  8. Joey – This is such a happy-go-lucky name for your bundle of joy!
  9. Wyatt
  10. Jason 
  11. Harley 
  12. Iago 
  13. Dudley 
  14. Richie 
  15. Flyer – Because this is exactly what they love to do; soar high up in the sky.
  16. Finn 
  17. Alex 
  18. Ron 
  19. George 
  20. Orville – This can be the perfect moniker to call out a serious-looking parrot.
  21. Mr. Big – This Sex and the City-inspired name certainly works for a large-sized pet parrot.
  22. Scott
  23. Nemo 
  24. Randy 
  25. Chuck 
  26. Nate 
  27. Jacy 
  28. Ozzie 
  29. Barney 
  30. Bernie
  31. Augustus – In case you want to add a touch of distinctiveness to your pet’s name.
  32. King – If your pet parrot contests seeing himself as anyone but a king!
  33. Cory
  34. Luke 
  35. Mojo 
  36. Pilot – This is another stylish name for your stupendous flier!
  37. Marvin 


Cool Parrot Names

With all their quirks, parrots stand at the forefront of the coolest pet birds we have ever known. As we mentioned, these feathery fliers are lauded for being able to smartly mimic human speech, but did you know that they can even do basic mathematics, like subtract, add, and also understand what “Zero” means?

In fact, some scientists also believe that a parrot’s logic is identical to that of a 4-year-old’s. If this is not cool, then we don’t know what is! Are you looking for some equally flattering name ideas for your beloved? Search no more, as we have compiled some of the coolest titles to choose from:

  1. Puffin 
  2. Leafy
  3. Muffin 
  4. Loki 
  5. Thor 
  6. Enigma 
  7. Magic – Yes, because they are magic!
  8. Reiner 
  9. Jasper 
  10. Rhea 
  11. Dolci 
  12. Sol 
  13. Zeke
  14. Wobbles – This name is inspired by the way your pet parrot treads on the perch.
  15. Petrie 
  16. Zorro – There is nothing like naming your pet after an exotic hero!
  17. Paulie 
  18. Cocktail – A punny name that you can pick in case you happen to own a Cockatiel!
  19. Amber
  20. Pretzel 
  21. Poppy
  22. Hooks
  23. Manny
  24. Electra
  25. Apollo
  26. Orion
  27. Maximus 
  28. Spock 
  29. Rufus 
  30. Perry
  31. Petey – Ending this list with the most classic endearment to call out your pet parrot.



Disney-Inspired Names For Parrots

It’s true that the Disney fever is one obsession that never goes away for both, old and young people alike!

Are you looking for a famous Disney or cartoon character-inspired name for your pet parrot, or want to give your birdie a title from an all-time favorite movie?

Well, your search ends here because listed below are some of the most stellar bird monikers that will take your name game to a whole another level. Have a look:

  1. Paulie 
  2. Sweetpea
  3. Pudgy
  4. Boss 
  5. Jose Carioca 
  6. Wise Old Parrot – Use this name for a pet parrot that is an oldie, but a goldie!
  7. Iago – We’re sure you remember Aladdin’s popular Scarlet Macaw!
  8. Einstein 
  9. Snowball
  10. Polynesia 
  11. Jewel
  12. Mark Beats 
  13. Duncan 
  14. Salty the Parrot 
  15. Parroting Pedro  
  16. Blue – This name is inspired by the famous Macaw from the animated film, Rio. 


Blue Parrot Names

Although a green-colored parrot dominates all the other parrot species across the globe, a blue-hued parrot is what rules our hearts. Birds from these species feature blue feathers that expand towards a broad spectrum of chalky, light blues to intense indigos.

Some of the most admired pets include the Hyacinth Macaw, the Budgerigar, and the Blue-crowned Conure. If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on these marvelous creatures, then you probably need to find a title that does justice to their beauty. Here are some of the best options that you can choose from:

  1. Midnight
  2. Cobalt
  3. Sapphire 
  4. Misty
  5. Jet
  6. Bloo 
  7. Rain 
  8. Star
  9. Bluestar 
  10. Abigal 
  11. Frosty
  12. Shining Feather
  13. Coolblue
  14. Indigo 
  15. Serene 
  16. Blueberry
  17. River
  18. Azure
  19. Teal 
  20. Kai
  21. Oceane
  22. Aqua
  23. Water Wing 
  24. Betty Blue
  25. Blueberry
  26. Sapphire
  27. Midnight
  28. Dawn 
  29. Luna
  30. Saphira
  31. Raz 
  32. Skyline
  33. Skye
  34. Drizzle
  35. Jay
  36. Ciara
  37. Saxe


Green Parrot Names

The vivid plumage of a green-colored parrot and its zestful enamor is what sets it apart from other species. These vibrantly-hued birds make it to the list of some of the most commonly owned pets, and when their feathers are mixed with another eye-catching color, they look mesmerizing beyond measure.

If your feathered friend is an alluring Green Queen (or King), then take a look at some of the most creative green parrot names ideas to call out your buddy:

  1. Pea
  2. Avocado 
  3. Pistachio 
  4. Maizey
  5. Sage
  6. Oakley
  7. Marvin 
  8. Hulk – Use this name for a pet who is always ready for some action!
  9. Basil
  10. Green Bean 
  11. Rosemary
  12. Beanstalk
  13. Emerald
  14. Aloe
  15. Olive – We bet this name would look spectacular on a playful pet parrot.
  16. Sprout 
  17. Gumby
  18. Evergreen
  19. Tinker Bell
  20. Kiwi
  21. Barney
  22. Fern
  23. Leafy
  24. Minty
  25. Jungle 
  26. Kale 
  27. Yoda 
  28. Pickles 
  29. Amazon


Yellow Parrot Names

Yellow is the color of happiness and joy, and welcoming a yellow-toned parrot at your home seems like an added cherry on top! While naming a yellow pet, the first option that might tumble down your head is “Sunny,” but believe us, that’s where our list begins because there are many more moniker ideas that will leave you spellbound. Here are a few to get you started:

  1. Lemon – In case your pet parrot is adored for its zesty personality.
  2. Butterscotch 
  3. Marigold – A gentle name that would perfectly suit an innocent pet parrot.
  4. Daffodil
  5. Sunflower – Because your feathered friend beautifully gleams under the summer sky!
  6. Peony
  7. Blondie 
  8. Goldilocks
  9. Lemony
  10. Mellow
  11. Honey
  12. Penny
  13. Sunkissed
  14. Bumblebee
  15. Smiley 
  16. Flame – We love this name for the fierce and powerful ring to it.
  17. Saffron 
  18. Popcorn
  19. Happy 
  20. Amber
  21. Corny
  22. Ginger
  23. Dandelion 
  24. Maize
  25. Nacho 
  26. Tawny
  27. Daffy


Names For African Grey Parrots

The African Grey Parrot is adept at imitating people and always attuned to others’ emotions, and these qualities make it a very charming companion.

Don’t confuse it for a titter-tatter, because this bird is much more than just a talker. It is admired for its extravagant intellectual capacity, hence, it bags “The Einstein of the World” title, and understandably so!

If you own one of these attractive creatures and are searching for a fitting name to call them by, then listed below are some of the best options that you are sure to love!

  1. Mercury
  2. Bentley
  3. Saturn
  4. Gramps
  5. Admiral 
  6. Shadow 
  7. Fawn 
  8. Nickel 
  9. Thunder
  10. Lead 
  11. Gunpowder
  12. Slate
  13. Willow
  14. Graphite
  15. Pearly
  16. Smokey 
  17. Sooty 
  18. Chrome
  19. Shimmer
  20. Rocky
  21. Winter
  22. Heather-Feather
  23. Ash 
  24. Stormy


Japanese Names For Parrot

If you think you have found the perfect title for your feathered friend, then wait until you have a look at our compilation of Japanese names. Are you wondering why we think a Japanese moniker will be a great fit?

This is because Japanese people absolutely love their pets, so much that some animal lovers even prefer raising them over kids! Moreover, the adorable ring to these names is another reason why you need a Japanese title for your loving birdie.

Here are a few options that you can seek inspiration from:

  1. Yoshima 
  2. Kaha
  3. Asuna
  4. Tao 
  5. Riho
  6. Mei 
  7. Keiko 
  8. Maki 
  9. Tae
  10. Yui 
  11. Aya 
  12. Ran 
  13. Shinji 
  14. Yukio 
  15. Takara 


Indian Parrot Names

Whether you are an Indian pet parent who wants to pay homage to their heritage or are just an admirer of this richly vibrant country and looking to celebrate your favorite festival or cuisine by giving an Indian name to your pet, the array of options for you are endless!

Below is an all-comprehensive list that incorporates some of the most favorite Indian parrot names, so have a look:

  1. Tara
  2. Raja 
  3. Pakora – Why not name your feathered friend after a scrumptious fritter!
  4. Tota 
  5. Falgun 
  6. Tiya 
  7. Abhi
  8. Kuhoo 
  9. Dakshi 
  10. Bolly 
  11. Arjun 
  12. Akash 
  13. Panchi 
  14. Ami
  15. Laali – Use this one for a red-colored pet parrot.


Names Are For Keeps

They say names are the sweetest and the most imperative sound across all languages. This couldn’t be any truer, because the one that you pick will offer a perpetual identity to the newest addition to your family.

Now that you are equipped with some of the most adorable name options for your pet parrot, it is time to finally get your creative juices flowing and choose a moniker that they resonate with.

While narrowing down your options, always remember that the average lifespan of these creatures ranges from 20 to 30 years, so give them a title that is worth its weight in gold.

Once you have your best-loved contenders at hand, see how your parrot responds to each. If they squawk in excitement, then you’ve clearly found the winner. Good luck!


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